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  1. Wow, it is not cheap. The fan meetings were organised way before Jung Hae In become extremely famous ie before something in the rain. Wonder how much will it be in the future. Now I can roughly guess how much the tickets for KPoP concerts that my 2 daughters bought. They are not only attending the one in my country but they even went to Korea to watch the concerts. The latest concert they are going to watch, will be in Thailand coz they are not available on the date the concert is held in my country. Oh yes, 2nd season please.
  2. True that. There are also old and new dramas that I like very much but Something In The Rain will always be the No. 1. By the way, if you interested to sing to both Rachael Yamagata songs, Something In The Rain and La La La were already uploaded on Smule app. Something In The Rain also come with melody guide.
  3. oops sorry for giving a wrong info. I love Stand By Your Man and Save The Last Dance For Me so much that I often sang them in Smule app. Actually I still can't get over Something In The Rain.
  4. My very 1st post though I have been reading this thread for more than 2 weeks. I still could not handle situation where JH and JA met for the 1st time after 3 yrs. I cried whenever I watched the highlight shown on YT. I was angry with JA for dating a new guy coz the breakup was not shown. But the highlights of ep 16 had somehow clarified that the breakup was initiated by JH and during the 3 yrs period JH did date though each date didn't last more than 3 months. So it wasn't JA fault to date a new guy. I only watched the higlights on YT and haven't watched both ep 15 and 16 yet but I am happy coz eventually it was a happy ending though many find it unsatisfactory. I still think that this is the best Korean drama I have ever seen. Though the happy ending part was short, it is better than Faith, where the 2 leads just stared at each other doing nothing. Although I wanted a long passionate kisses, but lot of pecks on the lip were enough to show the love too. When I watched other Korean drama they did not even peck when they were alone and I find that was strange coz Ahjumma like me still pecks with my husband whenever we are alone and those actors had passionate kisses in earlier episodes. The reason was because they do the kissing scenes for acting purposes only. In this drama, JHI and SYJ did it like they were not acting. But I still fell like it was one sided. It was always SYJ asking for a pecks though JHI and director prefer a passionate kisses.JHI prefer holding her waist (which I think more romantic) but she prefer headlock. During the red carpet, JHI waited for SYJ to walk together instead of planning to come together. JHI was jealous just to see pictures ofJA and exboyfriend. The pictures were not even real, but he felt sad just to see them. These shows that JHI really like SYJ but not vice versa . Was it because she didn't like the idea of having a younger boyfriend. That was how I felt when I was single. SYJ had passionate kisses with LMH and steamy scene with BYJ but why couldn't she do it with JHI. Probably she knew there was nothing between LMH and BYJ but JHI seems like showing his real feeling for her. I really really hope they will end up together and marry each other in real life. Now I feel lost coz the drama has ended. Used to anticipate the next episodes during weekends. My weekends will never be the same.