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  1. good episode. SENA first time being realy sad and scared because of GY EMILIE is realy crasy. so now we knew that jh is in danger because something bad he did in usa. that's why he became rich in just 6years. he is ready to die so what about his son . he just give his live for revenge and married a crasy women for that. something is wrong with him .
  2. Leila Essalih

    [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Ever Night 将夜

    thank's ; so where i can find it by english; please?
  3. Leila Essalih

    [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Ever Night 将夜

    can'i find novel with frensh subtitle?
  4. YES ; finaly / her daughter don't want her too. but i'm still afraid what she will do for revenge.
  5. this drama is so good.; ican't wait for next episodes
  6. IT seems sena will be free and treathen her fake father with enregistrement
  7. ouff ouff . i think ;i stop seeing this drama to last episodes. it's hard to see the evil witch can win every time.
  8. @fansdrama; More of that; we will see another crisis jalousy of creezy emilie
  9. Hello chingu . poor KY will be kidnapped in monday's episode.
  10. today's episode is the start of the drama with crazy Emilie