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  1. im lurk hopping between here and A Crowned Clown lols im quite surprised the thread here isn’t moving as fast as it should have been! i mean, this is a dark fantasy kdrama which isnt common shouldn’t it attract lot of people?? i can’t get off the Oh Jak Doo image whenever i see JSH in the stripey suit haha and that Versace coat is screaming out loud flaunting the wealth! i dun quite understand why whenever the instant camera flashed n snapped a polaroid his eyes will go blank and got a split second of headache.. the Room of Wishes.. reminds me of Harry Potter room of wants..
  2. hi all, sorry to join late... i started the drama some time back but stopped after the ep where Ha Seon returned to the palace on his own will to seek power to revenge for his sister... then i came back again on ep10 to find out that the real emperor is dead... i've just finished ep11 and have a quick question, was the plot to slowly poison So Woon exposed? or is she still being slowly poisoned? i dun really want to see everything ends with her dying and Ha Seon heartbroken..
  3. hi all came across this drama clip and thought i’ll come back to soompi and check it out before i start watching .. am still on Where Stars Land but thought i should keep another drama rolling as well haha
  4. @kangminjae is being very kind and generous for SA scene haha i think @Wotad @icyphoenix and most of us would want to see less of SA... probably like Yoo Eun confronting SA with the tae hee and the other senior (who is trying to hit on KS) and then a flashback of how SA was being mistreated when she was younger? a scene of her being physically abused by the grandma would be good this should take no more than 10mins of the screen time haha (sidetrack: i found many korean family dramas... the moms like to hit their daughter/daughter in law very hard on the shoulder.. looks painful!) @icyphoenix the "if i was the last person on earth" meme is hilarious back to CEW... i was browsing through insta vids and found this other 2015 drama: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/To_Be_Continued he looks cute just like here as KS
  5. perhaps they should extend the drama to 20 ep? i dunno.. personally im not exactly that satisfied in dramas where there are too many loose ends left dangling there.. i mean we all know how the ending for the OTP will be, no doubt. but how about the rest? 1. poor tae hee, she was all devoted to that whats-his-name sunbae 2. yoo eun suspecting SA’s lies about grandparents n parents etc but not confronting her (maybe it will appear too nosy?) 3. woo jin after closing down berlin 4. KH and also what will eventually happen to their parents? get back together? KS and KH to stay with their mom? 5. SA and what makes her to grown up rotten (i know this part most people wun want to bother esp it would mean more SA on screen lol)
  6. @stuartjmz my epic mistake hahaha definitely giving Jo Woo Ri the credits for making SA a massive success in garnering so many SA haters.. like right after the first few eps
  7. thanks @icyphoenixfor the eng subs haha i can't stop laughing over the way the colleague was being referred to in the translation "MR co-worker that f jerk" reading the translation.. that guy is indeed a _____ ok i decided not to put the swear word here. words that flow out of their mouths are just downright trashy! perfect pair up with SA...
  8. thanks @kangminjae for the promo clip! and... WHAT IS THIS... SA JOINED THEM IN THE DESIGNER WORKPLACE??? i super feel like slapping her.. and her arrogant look.. jo woori is a very promising actress, she made me v angry in her role.. LOLx and... what's with her feeding the kitten with a grin?? is she going to poison the poor thing?? hahaha even if she is being kind i would still think of her as having a vicious agenda poor MR, she looked so hurt......... friday is 2 days from now... and +1 day for the eng subs... argh.
  9. thanks @shunnie for the BTS vid CEO Na is so pretty!! she was trying to poke CEW's cheek when he dozed off hahaha wished there was subs cos i dunno what they were chatting and laughing.. all of them have very good rapport acting together too! and, did CEW accidentally drop ISH?
  10. hmm.. could it be that KH ran away from home so now they are trying to find her? it was really heartbreaking for KH to suddenly realize her hatred for her mom was mostly caused by her dad faking the truth (after she screamed those nasty things to her mom).. and she is going to be sent off to US... too much to handle for a teenager especially for one from an affluent family background.
  11. oh my, i din know CEW acted in The Best Hits... i noticed the drama cos of Lee Se Young (haha i super duper like her Buja role in A Korean Odyssey!) but that drama was on my to-watch list which i haven't started on from the insta clip, i prefer CEW in KS hairstyle haha.. i like boyish image much more than the gel look! i'm VERY looking forward to this! harsh reality hurts (for MR) but if you have kind and understanding soulmates (like HJ and KS), it's much more enduring and comforting
  12. KS.. please push off SA.. hopefully she slips and falls on the wet grounds too! and a passing car splashes more water all over her!!!!! MR already felt tiny at the previous ep when they went for dinner aft the movie.. she went to the washroom and later overheard 2 women commenting how handsome KS and wondering if his gf is a supermodel or something.. so i guess she feels KS is far too good looking for her to match the high standards.. though in reality, most of the time the handsome guys marry some average looking girls and vice versa.. but there is no such thing as average looking in kdramas
  13. im going to carry a small umbrella and shelter KS when he is there so depressed in the rain.. like a knight in shiny armour!! i will glow and shine for him hahahahaha (please dun hit me chingus lol)
  14. @Wotad i did watch a korean movie on that topic.. its called Two Weddings and A Funeral.. haha @turtle0217 i guess behind every successful kdrama is one mega annoying character that will anger us so much and love the main couple even more hahaha
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