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  1. Hi guys, I just wanted to make a confession. I have been suffering from major withdrawal symptoms ever since My Ahjussi came to an end. Just to divert my attention, I started watching a promo of Miss Hammurabi. It was a subway scene...and my silly heart kept waiting for PDH and JA to turn up in some corner...
  2. Hi Soompiers, this drama has absolutely compelled me to comment, wrecking havoc with my heart, as it has been. I can go on and on as to how beautiful this story is, and how very realistic, but I first want to tell you what kind of ending would make me happy and why. I too, like a lot of you here, am a solid shipper and a happy ending for JA and DH would be ideal. But, I think we might be moving towards an open ending. This can be a possible ending scenario: DH, I think is on the verge of an epiphany, regarding his feelings for JA. His marriage, the less said about it, the better. I think DH and YH will end the marriage. As for JA, I think, even with the chairman eager to offer her a permanent position at the company, it would be a bad idea for JA to accept and go back to it. Rumors and curiosity, not to mention the complete lack of respect her co-workers would have for her, would make it impossible to work at Saman, making things difficult for DH also. I realized along with DH and JA, there was another person that needed a good bit of healing, and that was JH. If DH places JA under JH's care, JA would not only get a roof over her head and a place to work, but JA's companionship would help JH draw out into this world. JH hasn't moved on from the monk, and her toast about good memories at the bar only means that the gang would be able to mention Sang Won's name freely, it doesn't mean that she has banished the monk from her memories or her heart. God knows, she is not ready yet for another relationship. She needs time for her bruised heart to heal. JA and JH both need to forget their past and move on, their companionship might just act as the balm. DH and JA, though very much in love, also need time to figure out for sure that this is the thing for them. DH has been in a failed marriage and JA has never had a 'relationship' ever. I think they need to spend more time with each other in order to be sure of one another. Then, there is the mother. I think she is quite astute and may have slready seen the signs of failed marriage in case of DH and YH, but she may not be very eager to sign off on DH-JA relationship just yet, on account of JA being very young. If JA works at the bar, the mother can gradually discover the real JA and might come to like her after all. Till then, DH and JA can continue conversing with their eyes with a crowd milling around them at the bar, DH will have something to look forward to at the end of each day, and he will also be secure in the knowledge that JA is in good hands. JA too, would get to see her ahjussi everyday and hope that her feelings are reciprocated with equal fervour and passion.