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  1. Hahaha oh no, I totally forgot about that one! Godness how could they do this to him! But I think we can agree that both of them wear it with grace. JY can even make jokes about it: Cr me When watching Ep05 (yeah I'm quite behind on this) there where so many moments where I literally burst into laughter. Jackson showing his supreme advertising skills by ironically saying he needs to work and earn money to buy this weird milk powder for the kids He's like "gotta earn 'em mula to buy you guys some nice richard simmons" hahaha I really start to like him just because of his sense of humor Cr me On top of it dong dong gege being really humble about their working conditions. Honestly I think it was really hard making flower gege wear this bear costume for more than 12 hours.... Cr me Nighty night!
  2. Hi guys! A Chinese CPF on the YZ supertopic on Weibo had the idea to start little project for JY and I wanted to share this with you Recently JY seems to be mysteriously fascinated by orange skies and has posted two pics on his ig account. Cr jingyuhuangjingy Since he’s the captain of our ship we know this is a reference to ZZs song 橙色天空 in English Orange Sky (pls ignore the girl in the vid) Cr 台灣索尼音樂 Sony Music Taiwan Her idea is now to collect pictures of orange skies from all over the world and show them to JY. She also had the idea of adding some words you’d like to say to him, your location and your Weibo ID/nickname/whatever name you choose. Cr Ivy_dream_house Trans @tuzicr I asked her if we could participate as international fans and we agreed that I could share her post on Soompi and other social media platforms. Since she’s in China it’s more difficult for her to access these sites. So this is the point where you guys come in: I think her idea is beautiful, something we can really contribute to as international fans and show our support to JY If you want to participate you can send your pic of an orange sky to us ( @artemis73 @tuzicr and me: teamyzint@gmail.com) and we’ll forward it to her. If you’re not sure about how to add your lines, location etc. on the pic we can help you with it. There’s no “deadline” yet since we all have to kinda wait for orange skies Right now the idea is to share the pics on Weibo as well as on ig. If you have any ideas on that we’re happy for suggestions It would be amazing if a lot of fans were to take part in this!
  3. He's thinking "Why haven't you granted Weibo access to your photos yet! These beautiful pictures need to be saved for eternity!" (or the lifespan of my phone) But trust me, it's a whole different story now Still waiting dear... I know I'm a little late to comment on this but I wanted to mention that we really have to give @tuzicr credit for this because she put all of these hints together at like 3am in the morning while having a cold. Thank you so much When reading it again I had to think of how beautiful it is if the person you love writes and sings songs to you. Pouring all his or her feelings into the lyrics and the music. I listened to ZZs "confession" song from his concert in Bangkok again (vid in the spoiler if you want to do the same) and it is just so touching. I think I can imagine how JY must have felt when he heard it. He is really lucky to have ZZ but I think he knows this Cr 宇宙糖果屋
  4. Yaaay I finally found some time for soompi again! (no, @crystalclear18 luckily didn't kill me for the ZY pic ) Most important things first: A&F confirmed that JY is their Chinese brand ambassador! If the weibo translation is correct he's even the first one! Another big step in his career I think there'll be a limited edition on July 24 on taobao. We'll watch out for it Honestly I hope they don't make him strip half naked like those other A&F models. That's just like "showing off meat". He's better than that Cr Abercrombie  I gladly will, Ms @tuzicr! Once upon a time on a sunny and bright day I went out to hunt for ZZ pics. In good spirits I reached the first store. But what awaited me there? Only big sales poster! No ZZ in sight. I was devastated. Shop assistants were asking if they could help me but there was nothing to be done. But not all hope is yet lost! Rest assured, I will continue my quest for ZZ superdry pics when the sales period is over Cr me (The only pic I could find with ppl on it ) Similar to that yellow shirt mentioned before. It's 50% off, guess why... Cr me
  5. You know my order(s)! When talking about oldies... Here's some (eye) candy for the ZY shippers among us @crystalclear18 pls don't kill me. I'm too young to die! Cr on pic ... and for all of us (sorry for the download sign, took a screenshot and couldn't find it anymore later ) Cr on pic Also we can now enjoy Ep05 of Let Go Of My Baby with Eng Subs. I'm forever grateful to Jackson's subbing team So cr jiaersubs Last but definitely not least, JY graces us with his incredible dancing skills again in Ep06. But beware before clicking on the spoiler, it might seriously affect your delulu! Cr on gif Ep06 of Let Go Of My Baby (without Subs). JYs full performance starts at 1:22:30.
  6. ZZ updated his schedule on Weibo. Looking handsome as usual JY is filming in Guangzhou atm. Cr on pic Cr 许魏洲工作室 Edit: First pic might be bz. Hopefully not poisonous cause I liked the pic Edit 2: @crystalclear18 I just saw that you posted it on ig as well. Sorry, I could have quoted you instead
  7. ZZ was chatting with ppl on his supertopic on Weibo today. Apparently he's already practicing for the dancing show. I really like his answers, quite funny! He must have been in a good mood Unfortunately JY wasn't online at the same time (according to super fan app). cr pics Smile~Timmy cr trans doeeyedbb In the last pic ZZ used a style of writing JY used previously on his own supertopic cr 瑜若有洲_金碧辉煌
  8. Wonder who that was. Must have an eye for these kind of things I will! I think we got two or three stores here. I'll make a tour around the city and check them as soon as I find the time for it. Hunting for ZZ pics This is going to be freakin awesome! I'll be expecting some of this: Cr Lovely Things Thank you!! @tuzicr and me ended up calling him flower gege So maybe there was just a little skinship because of certain name similarities
  9. Yeah I saw it later as well. Ooops He's a cutie (can't find his name either). But he couldn't carry JY anyways. That mischievous smirk! I think he's actually trying to bite him Saw some gifs of the new episode where JY is running away from the kids because they're biting him (I can't find it anymore either Looks like I got to the point where I have to start saving stuff like this lol). Thanks again Do you think he's in the promotion in Europe as well? I could check the stores here. Just to have more pics of him. Reason enough. And probably the closest I can get to him for some time haha
  10. @lucy372839 I feel you. I'm hoping for the same. But maybe we don’t have to get too worried about the sudden release of those bts. Sure, it connects them with Addicted and the ban again but that's always been the case. Besides it doesn't show anything new about their relationship. It's actually way more innocent than some of the other bts. The timing and release right after Paris is strange but we don't have enough background information at the moment. There's a discussion going on the YZ supertopic about why it has been released exactly now. Let's wait and see
  11. A turtleneck always comes in handy when trying to hide love bites I think @crystalclear18 explained that some fans on weibo are putting up flags on the YZ supertonic saying they'll do something (I recollect your example was loosing weight? lol) if YZ do this or that. Seems like some bet on ZZ wearing a turtleneck. @crystalclear18 please correct me if I'm wrong
  12. Aaah I missed it But I'm satisfied with bronze and it shows how many international fans support him I don't know if I want ZZ to be known as the first/best/whatever Asian heartthrob anyways hahaha Though @artemis73 can probably confirm that he does have quite an impact on your heart when you see him in person