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  1. Now a hello to everybody After all the richard simmons (this will probably turn into a Richard Simmons but you can guess what I wrote) that's been going on recently and the malicious rumors and attacks JY had and has to deal with I was happy when jiaersubs posted that they had subbed Ep 12 of LGOMB. It was so heart-warming to see JY smile, laugh and just being happy. This is a (I first wrote short but then I realized it's rather long) recap on the episode so in case you haven't watched it yet here are the links and I'll put in under a spoiler. Let's stay by his side, go through these hard times together and support him so he can soon be the happy, showing his tiger teeth smiling and funny JY we all love so much again
  2. Wow, I couldn't agree more with you! You captured it perfectly Thank you for joining us again I'm so proud of how far he's come. When watching the vid I had to think of the bathtub-rose photo shooting ZZ and JY had during Addicted era. I remember how the photographer said that when ZZ touched his collar it looked too artificial (well some of ZZs nervousness was probably also due to the position they were sitting in in this really small bathtub ). Now it's totally different. In a recent interview (sorry, can't remember which one) he said that in private pictures he usually looks rather dorky () but in professional photo shootings it's like acting for him, he can impersonate different roles. I think that coins it quite well. Still I feel like there's always some of his own personality in there. That's one of the reasons why I like him so much and why deep down there's ZY in my heart. I get why many people love him because of his cuteness. But for me it's because there's so much else besides this cuteness. If there was just the cute and clumsy ZZ he wouldn't growl in his songs and get that many tattoos right? It''s amazing to see all these different sides of him and I think that's one of the reasons why JY loves him. Haha this got a bit out of hand here Sorry for the ranting ZY confession That's so great you could see his pictures! @artemis73, @tuzicr and me have been trying hard to find ZZ pictures at Superdry in Europe but until now we weren't lucky I went to four different stores and even showed them a pic of ZZ (I wanted to buy the hoodie he was wearing) but they didn't recognize him. I was close to saying "this is you global ambassador/spokesperson/whatever how the hell can you not recognize him?!" but I didn't want to leave a bad impression of his fans They probably already thought I'm pretty crazy In the end I left empty handed because they didn't even have the hoodie Talking about this? (Sorry, don't know who to credit)
  3. Hello dear and welcome to the forum! You’re approach to GHs and BLYs story and the YZ fandom is very unique. I never thought someone would bring up Camus here It’s interesting to try to see the fandom from an outsiders perspective. For a bystander who doesn’t know about JYs and ZZs relationship and their story it really must be very impressive when they can one day talk about it. But I’m afraid we still have to wait long for this to happen or it might not even happen at all to this extent. Still, as you said, our actions or not in vain as Sisyphus’ are. Not only because they’re done out of love but because we can slowly see that things are changing Many only fans actually know about JY and ZZ but they choose not to believe in it and the poisonous ones even attack CPF because they believe we’re ruining their reputation. For them the realisation would be bittersweet I guess. I hope they love each of them enough to be happy for them instead of stopping to support them I usually use spoilers for pictures and videos I post and some longer and detailed rants that might not be interesting for everybody. Just do it as you see fit. When quoting someone else please remove pictures and videos because otherwise it takes forever for the page to load and eats up all our mobile data (happened to me in the beginning ).
  4. Update on the Orange Sky Project: First of all sorry it took us so long to give you the next update on the status of the project. Due to restrictions in China, we had difficulties sharing the photos with Ivy as they are large in size in total. We ended up sending her the pictures in several mails with rather large attachments Unfortunately Ivy can’t spend as much time as she wants on the project right now. So we decided to split up the work further and we will continue supporting her during the next steps of the project. Luckily another international fan is going to help us so we can share the workload The pictures will be published in a photo album that only JY will receive and simultaneously on an Instagram account for the project that everybody can see. We’re now working on the design of the album, overall we have more than 200 pictures. Ivy knows a frontline fan who often visits JY at work/on his filming sites and agreed to give him the album. Right now catching him is not easy because he just finished filming in Urumqi and to personally meet him at public events/airports is very difficult. We’re still trying to get everything ready until 20 October (ZZ’s birthday, we wanted it to be a special date) but it might not work out. Next occasion could be 6 November, threes years after they met for the first time, or JY’s birthday on 30 November. We’re sorry that finishing the project is taking longer than expected but you can be sure that we will not drop it and continue working on it
  5. Wonderful news: Lovely Things uploaded the last part of the Thai BTS! It first continues with the bed scene rehearsal and ZZ not really succeeding (or trying hard enough) to resist JY and shows us a full round of kisses in the car scene (ZZ doing the exact opposite of resisting ) A little late but nevertheless @tuzicr, @artemis73 and me did a short interpretation on the 5ML post from 29 August (before Global Chinese Music Chart Awards) and made a recap on the last SIU episode on ig so we know what to expect for ZZ on Sunday
  6. Lovely Things uploaded the next part of the Thai BTS! Discovered by @artemis73 and @tuzicr immediately This time we see the slightly awkward photoshoot with JY and ZZ in the alley (JY: I'm supposed to be the man. ZZ: Then am I the girl??) and the first part of the infamous bed scene rehearsals with ticklish and heart warming laughing ZZ Next part will be updated next week AND eng subs for the "legendary" (quoting LT here) Thailand FM will be the next project. Plus (this is like christmas for cpf) LT considers allowing requests for subbing I'm so grateful there's still people out there subbing BTS for us No further spoilers from my side. Enjoy!
  7. I actually developed a theory during ZZ’s training for SIU that he might have a new tattoo. He already has the koi fish and lotus flower on his right shoulder but now you can also see something on his left shoulder that might even go up to his neck. (I really don't know who to credit here. The screenshot with the ugly drawing was done by me but I've honestly now idea where I got the other pic from. @tuzicr, @artemis73 might have been you?) In connection with the last 5ML post with the lyrics that included some hint at inking (translation from Chinese Oracle says it's rather inking than stabbing) it might be true. Cr. 5MilesLove_瑜洲双人图博 So maybe that blurred out spot on ZZ’s neck what not for hiding a hickey but a tattoo? What are your thoughts on this? I’ll continue my quest in the future (please ZZ, wear more thin white shirts!) @tuzicr, @artemis73 and me have been talking about whether there might have been some change concerning ZZ appearing in/promoting movies and on tv which might also be related to those „coincidences“ happening more often. Before, many of ZZ’s filming projects have been delayed because of reasons we don’t know. But suddenly you can see him everywhere on tv: Give me five in May, even Happy Camp (July) which was like a no-go before, Shake It Up which also started filming in July and where there was even some promotion for Love Evolution and his Time CD shown. It also feels like all his recent projects are aired or heavily promoted at once: Love Evolution which was delayed first from April to June and then finally released in August, Rookies which was filmed in 2017 and where we got first information about premiere in April published now posters in August and Girlfriend drama also already finished filming before anything else was out (but we don’t know the exact airing date yet). So our working theory at the moment is that there was some decision made about ZZ being „green lighted“ in entertainment business probably in March/April 2018. He now seems to be „allowed“ to appear on tv, having movies he participated in aired and promoted and so on. We’re not sure yet if we think that it was n decision from above but it’s unlikely that there’s someone in the entertainment business who has enough power (or courage) to decide this on his/her own. Plus ZZ just recently became this winter olympics ambassador and this is for sure a government related project. It’s all speculations until now but I think it’s worth to keep it in mind and see how it goes. What do you guys think of it? I’m curious
  8. Though I'm a little late I wanted to add some things I noticed when watching the episode. Most are actually YZ related so I think that justifies posting them here (all screenshots done by me) First you can see Dong Dong shamelessly approaching JY and asking him to take care of his children while he's out earning the money. Who does he think he is? Of course JY declined the offer. I was so happy to see JY and Jerry getting close That's a real hug you can see there! I'm wondering if Jerry will talk to ZZ about JY in Shake It Up (if they actually meet - they're in different groups). Maybe we'll see those sandals back on ZZ's feet? In the shaolin temple our three geges where asked if they know the meaning of a lotus flower. Both Dong Dong and Nannan had no clue but JY knew it quite precisely. Maybe because a certain someone has a lotus flower and a koi fish tattooed on his right shoulder? Continuing the teamyzint-posting-on-livestreams-with-JY story from above, on 12 August there was a live chat on tencent with the cast of LGOMG. JY's turn was at 8pm. Cr 黄景瑜工作室 @tuzicr, @artemis73 and me had already given up on participating because it seemed like it was only for VIP members. Luckily our own personal Healer @artemis73 (I'm referring to this series, highly recommended) managed to hack in and squeezed in our important message right at the end Cr @artemis73 Have good day and night everybody!
  9. Next update for the Orange Sky Project: We wanted to thank everybody again for participating in the project Without you and your hard work it would not be possible to create this beautiful gift for JY We’re sending him our love and support from 24 countries! We’ve finished editing the pictures and adding your messages, nicknames and locations. We'll now forward them to Ivy, the Chinese CPF who had the idea to start this project. The plan is to print them and make a real photobook out of them. We’ll also publish them on Instagram and Weibo. Since we can all only work on the project in our free time it might take some time until you can see the first results. So please bear with us
  10. I'd love for it to be real as well. I have to admit the fan who did it has some skills I like to imagine it's similar when they're really face timing @yuzhoubaby I just found the vids again the fanmade face timing is made of. They're both live streams from 2016. ZZ Cr Eunfung pak Trans gashupingo JY Cr Fluke Girl
  11. After yesterday's 5MilesLove post (see spoiler) our YZ study group with its members @artemis73, @tuzicr and me came together to interpret it. This time much facilitated by being in the same time zone As always we don't claim this is the "right" understanding of the post. Just some thoughts we collected. If anyone got other ideas please tell us Cr 5MilesLove_瑜洲双人图博 The lyrics quoted in the caption refer to the song "This Love" by Brett Blondell. (don't know who to credit - Brett? ) So the first big question was: What is the storm? Clues were found in the tags added to the 5ML post, #许魏洲快乐大本营# for XWZhappycamp and #许魏洲爱情进化论# for XWZevolutionoflove. Happy Camp as a storm and obstacle to overcome because ZZ's and JY's first episode wasn't aired but ZZ could now participate in it. Same goes for EOOL - the airing of EOOL has been prolonged several times but we'll now be able to see it on 2 August. Also an obstacle to overcome since JY and ZZ are now acting in bigger shows and films which leaves the impression that the ban is getting "weaker" (this point is very much open for discussion). No matter the obstacles, ZZ and JY will face them together and their love will always prevail. Nothing will stand in their way to pursue their dreams. When discussing it further we realized there are actually also storms to overcome for the fans (This part of the interpretation is more for the fun of it). We already saw JY in Love Knot and now we have to brace ourselves again for seeing ZZ acting in a drama with a girl. For us it felt like it's harder to see JY with a girl because even when he’s acting there’s still a part of himself in the character. ZZ can distance himself more from the role he's playing. In general it’s probably quite contrary with them both: With JY it’s harder to watch but there’s no real probability of a shipping of the CP because he’s really (and honestly) distant in the bts. With ZZ is easier to watch because he’s more “professional” but a shipping by other fans is more likely because he’s more open and friendly. In the end our French poet @artemis73 found the nicest words to describe it all: "No matter what are the rumors and the doubts (of people), when you find your true love, the only one who is the other half of you, you can go through everything. Everyone can doubt sometimes. It is normal. So if you doubt about YZ for a moment, remember that they are One. So if someone asks me if I am sure, as long as I have no proof of the contrary, for me they are one. One is nothing without the other. YZ is a whole. They can keep their love for themselves. I don't need a public kiss or anything else. As long as they are together." See you for the next episode of "Ideas on how to interpret 5MilesLove posts" Last, no orange sky but an (almost) orange moon. In the spoiler is a picture I took yesterday evening of the very small red moon you could see during lunar eclipse in Europe, Africa and and West India It looks like a pixel error but I assure you it's the moon Cr me
  12. Continuing the ZZ-at-his-EOOL-press-conferences-shoe-story, this time from today's (26 July) conference at Hangzhou with shoes I definitely do not dig (neither @tuzicr). The only plausible explanation to me is that it's couple stuff with JY's Indian costume from LGOMB... Cr on pic
  13. Update concerning the Orange Sky Project: A big thank you to all the fans who already sent us their pictures of an orange sky and their messages for JY! We're so happy that we received so many pictures We were really showered with love for JY Together with Ivy we decided to set the deadline for international fans to 2 August when ZZ‘s EOOL is airing. So if you still want to participate you can send us your picture, message and nickname until then (teamyzint@gmail.com). We're looking forward to each of your pictures
  14. Welcome to our soompi sanctuary from my side as well Thank you for sharing your story, I think we can all relate to how much Addicted, ZZ and JY affected our lives I've never been part of a fandom before either but YZ is really special. And it's real. I instantly loved the spirit of the CPF community, everyone's all in for ZZ and JY. We'll always stay by their sides Are you part of the ZY cult? I often joke about it myself @lovehaiyin Thank you for your encouraging words Some of us (including myself) haven't been part of the fandom for long but I hope what matters most is that we put all our hearts into supporting them Have nice evening/morning/afternoon/night everybody
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