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  1. jamshed95

    Friend vs Lover

    both 2 are different things. Friends forever and lover for the whole life.
  2. jamshed95


    wow that would be much more interesting.
  3. jamshed95

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Listening 'Rabindra Sangit' right now. Much more special for me to hear.
  4. jamshed95

    What I Baked/cooked Today Thread

    Nothing special today. Vegetables including all others ingredients. Much tasty.
  5. jamshed95

    What Did You Eat Today? →

    Chilly Chicken with white rice. Much more interesting.
  6. jamshed95

    how do i get smooth skin (face?)

    I don't think you need to use anything. Your face is good enough.
  7. jamshed95

    How to get rid of eye bags?? Help~ D:

    Just google for a better solution. Hope you'll get your problem solved. hehe!
  8. jamshed95

    Boyfriend doesn't help?

    Right! That's good point. Problem should be point out asking him.