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  1. The Vote - a new music survival series - is looking for vocalists, rappers and dancers to join our show! Video auditions are now open to anyone in the United States who will be 18+ as of August 1, 2018.Online voters will narrow down the talent to the top 15 finalists, who will then move on to performing on a stage in Los Angeles on live broadcasts this summer! You'll be performing in front of a live audience, host Danny Lim, and a panel of three judges (one of whom will be popular YouTube artist Jun Curry Ahn!), plus online audiences.Five lucky winners will form a group and get signed to our Los Angeles record label where they will have their first album and a music video produced, plus their album will be sold on shelves at Choice Music LA, a local KPOP store!The theme of our first season is KPOP, but you do NOT need to audition with a KPOP song. Be aware that if you make it to the top 15, you WILL be asked to perform at least one popular KPOP song over the course of our 4-week broadcasts.To send in your audition tapes and for more information, go to our website at https://www.meltingpoprecords.com/Audition videos must be submitted by May 19th!
  2. I realize the original message is a few years old now, but I firmly believe as long as you're healthy and can handle the physical strain of being a musician, you're never too old to audition. I've noticed several of the newer groups are actually debuting older members lately. More mature, they've already finished school, they're probably more developed socially, etc. Plus, I mean, look at some of the artists who've been around for ages. Musicians who debuted in the 80's are still out and around putting on concerts! Cliche as it sounds, I'm always in support of the "follow your dreams" ideal.
  3. May be in need of a mixer for our LA recording label. We're casually browsing right now but please feel free to P us samples and rates! We'll be recording our first album in August this year.
  4. As a huge MX fan, I am throwing you all the kudos! I was patiently anticipating the jacket hand-off scene and I loved the color transition you did with it! (also I.M's part was aces )
  5. Hey there! My name is Alex, Creator and Exec Producer of a new music survival competition coming this summer from Los Angeles. We're looking to sign five artists to form a new pop band, and we're theming our first season around KPOP in hopes of attracting Asian American talent to audition for the show. Initial auditions are video submissions with online votes, and the top 15 finalists will be performing live on stage in LA this summer for a live broadcast competition (a la American Idol, etc, but on a smaller scale and 100% livestreamed). Danny Lim is hosting and we have Jun Curry Ahn guest judging for our finale episode. I'm wondering if there's any way you can do a spot about our competition on your podcast? In return we will definitely promote you guys on social and during our commercial spots in our live broadcasts. Please message me if you're interested and thank you!
  6. Hello! This is Alex, founder of Melting Pop Records, and I'm messaging to let you know our Los Angeles company is actually looking for vocal, rap and dance talent to audition for an upcoming music survival competition this summer. We're looking for people who will be 18 or older as of August 1st this year to send in audition tapes. The top 15 finalists will get to perform in LA live on stage over the course of 4 weeks of broadcasting, and the final five winners will get signed as a group to our label where they'll have an album and music video made asap. Feel free to message me for more info! I've attached our flyer as well:
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