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    Kam Woo Sung 감우성

    hello room.....
  2. kayghee

    Kam Woo Sung 감우성

    @hibiscus23 thank you very much. i already finished watching alone in love and his other dramas/movie especially the new one, swkf. im about to start king geunchogo. btw, do you have news about his guest appearances in other programs after swkf?
  3. kayghee

    Kam Woo Sung 감우성

    @hibiscus23 thanks. but is there any site with English sub? because i cant understand korean. lol.
  4. kayghee

    Kam Woo Sung 감우성

    hi everyone! i'm new here! and i still didn't know how to navigate. Hope we could talk about our charming and handsome Kam Woo Sung.