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  1. I just wanted to add something.. It was funny when JH's mum told his dad that JH wouldn't use the hotel voucher anyway unless he wanted to stay with them. It's quite telling that she still sees him as her little boy and not as a grown man.
  2. @stardustvoid delurking from my silent mode to let you guys know that the ring is from Chaumet and it's the same style as the gold bracelet she's wearing at the end of the last episode.
  3. @jeijeiI'm a newbie, pretty sure I'm not allowed to do it yet! Did you guys see the video of them on the red carpet? They looked so adorable!
  4. Hi! I gave up and decided to join the forum because of this show! After seeing all the beautiful photos of our leads together I really think these two need their own thread in the shipper's paradise subforum.