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  1. And not just once... as seen on the preview.. ohmygosh!! i’m so happy
  2. Haha this scene is one of the funniest as well as the heart doodle. His too cute when inlove.. omygosh...
  3. We have the same thoughts... I think their dating in secret. That “weve agreed to date” is pertaining to her and JW.
  4. I suddenly remember that scene where JW picked up a poem written by a patient that BY left and gives the poetry back to BY. Its not just a mere coincidence you think? Their first meeting.
  5. Daebak~ looks like they started dating in the next episode. I hope the remaining episodes would be lovey dovey scenes!!! Please give it to us.
  6. @jellybing2009 yes, yes yes.. again Watching without translation makes me more confused. Currently waiting for the Episode 12 preview translation^^
  7. @ELlovelyz Thank you for sharing this beautiful song. Its one of my favorites too. While listening to the song it reminds me of Dr. Ye walking in the rain while narrating a poem. Same Here There is also a still where he looks sad and drinking. The preview and stills is like a puzzle.
  8. @jellybing2009 That stills But why they both looks sad. Arghhh i really want to watch it right now.. Please i want to see my ship sailing tonight..
  9. Omooo! It can be You have a point. His trying to suppressed his feelings because his afraid to get hurt again.
  10. I’m also curious about that. I think for some of the scenes they are filming it a week ahead, so maybe they still have 1 week left to film for some scenes for the remaining 2 weeks. (Ep 13-16) One of the crew stopped updating his ig which have some spoilers haha. They dont want to give us hints this time hehe @jellybing2009 i haven’t see those stills but it makes me sad. I hope they will resolved their conflict asap.
  11. I hope all our questions, doubts and confusion will be answered tomorrow night. Hehe I’m pertaining to the Male lead
  12. I’m having mixed reactions right now. I want to watch episode 11 and root for my ship but i’m also sad that there are only 6 episodes left. I’m so absorbed in this drama Their celebrating today! I’m glad to see them.
  13. @enigmatic_zephy Its not that^^ I mean in today’s episode we finally confirmed that JW has feelings for BY too.