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  1. She doesn’t have the right to pass the title. If he wants GTY to marry his wife after he passes, it would be to maintain her and daughter’s status as wife/daughter of Marquis That would be a way to protect her and probably assuage his guilt that she’ll be widowed young with no son. It would also kind of serve as revenge/reparation for his mom being divorced from his dad so that his dad can marry GTY’s mom for the money. Maybe when episode airs, it will show that the teaser is just giving us the wrong context and that there is something else behind it like relieving ML of the craziness of their stepmom since he knew Stepmom has been after ML and it will be worse once GTY is Marquis. ML and any wife or future heir will be targets. Those are the only reasons I can see why he would even attempt to ask GTY to separate from ML. The craziness of their stepmom makes me wonder if she hasn’t been aiding in speeding up the brother’s illness and death.
  2. I knew he said the word help so before the translation, I thought maybe he was yelling at GTY (assumed since it’s back view) for ML being in danger. If he’s saying why can’t he help ML, then maybe that person is someone his parents had stop him? Cause if there are already people dealing with the fire and QH shows up, it would look bad given their history. The only thing when it comes to women that would ruin a man’s reputation is if it looks like he’s pining after someone else’s wife (for some, it’s worse than being a player—men being men mentality). There’s a scene in the MV where QH walks up to a seat and turns around and there were other men, possibly officials in reg clothes (??) in the room. It looked tense. GTY is in a position where other possibly officials would be envious of him and I wouldn’t put it pass them to try and use QH for their own means. I don’t want to think QH would purposely do anything.
  3. I can see something like that happening if the Dowager Empress was angry at GTY about the Talley and loss of power. What better way than to drive a wedge between GTY and the new royals. I saw that scene. It looked like he crumbled something and threw it like he got some upsetting news.
  4. sorry for confusion, I edited the comment with QH & ML so it made more sense in response to QH wanting to save ML from the fire comment.
  5. I think that’s why he carried out CL’s beating in the ancestor hall while he kneeled in front of all the tablets. It was both their penance for the shame brought on by Molan.
  6. Cuo Dian Yuan Yang with ZLY and Qi Ji (bad guy in Cruel Romance). I think it was ZLY’s first lead role but the drama isn’t as well known as Legend of Lu Zhen which aired after. I liked it. I don’t really understand about the online viewing issues. I get that some fans click multiple time for viewing numbers but I watch shows multiple times when they’re available online because they’re good.
  7. I wonder if his troubles will be about his business as the owner of one of the largest salt businesses in the empire (this also makes him a target for jealous people). Salt is a hot commodity and licenses for selling salt is limited and controlled. The business had some leeway before because of the old Marquis’ connection to the Emperor. I think Momo mentioned something about this in one of their earlier conversations regarding separation from the family. Maybe the relatives on both sides conspire a way to get GTY arrested and both sides benefit (possibly illegally selling salt under his name- similar to WuJi character in CDYY where he was framed for bad alcohol sales to the military). GTY having his Bai inheritance early on was the one change the was made in the drama that affected how he lived his life away from the Gu family (more independent) giving him an alternative character that slightly differed from the novel (not as hard). Just a thought. I don’t know if the previews had them talking business.
  8. Partly the whole Doc He thing and I think part of it is also the same reason that everyone else assumed it would be Rulan. GTY said he will marry the di daughter. Even though CB likes ML, he’s still very proper in the order of things so unless GTY specified a name, he’ll go with the criteria. At that time, the public didn’t know of ML’s change in legitimacy in the family. Even though she was adopted under Daniang after their return from the hometown, the family members still referred to her as the illegitimate daughter until they got pushed into a corner and all of a sudden Daniang conveniently “remembers” ML qualifies as di and can substitute. But as GTY said, he calculated that their reactions would be this way.
  9. He didn’t steal it. Explained in ep 3 at grandfather’s funeral. His grandfather wrote him a letter about it, to go and inherit the business so the other relatives don’t screw it up and loose it. He’s the direct line and successor since it was his grandfather’s personal business. The white paper is GTY’s will. It was his way of preventing his maternal relatives from trying to kill him again.
  10. I don’t know if something specific triggered Daniang to try to make grandma sick, but in my opinion the motive is the usual mother-in-law/daughter-in-law power struggle. In extended households like that, even though Daniang is the main wife and steward with control of most everything in the inner courtyard, the real authority is Grandma (still kinda exists today in traditional families) because SH and others will defer to her for advice and judgement. I can’t remember which episodes but I think both Daniang and CL had made little comments here and there about it either to themselves or to their trusted maid. I think Daniang mainly complained but CL actually talked about wanting to harm Grandma during one of her discussions with the maid about ML mom/evidence.