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  1. Politics aside... I can never stand those aristocrats and the nobles. Back to our YN and YJ.. *starts background music* My heart.. My tears... This clueless YJ... This tender YN... ~enter MS~ Is he? That look? That questioning? Oh my heart...
  2. To think I'm almost jealous of that straight hair on a guy...... Damn... it's a wig! Now I feel normal. Lol
  3. My sentiments exactly. I mean, does it kill them to have the leads all powerful and strong? A little weakness I get it,but to the extent to humiliate oneself to prove his love or to beg for help... it's a sure way to make me fast forward those scenes. I need diabetic scenes. Not bitter scenes.
  4. Sigh.. finally caught up all 40 episodes... Kind of regret as I'm gonna be frustrated and suffering from withdrawal syndrome from Thursday to Sunday now. LOL Really can't stand those idiots cooperating with Jiang Wu and that Lin Ziyu.
  5. Maybe they are going to the Russian street? Lol And omg... Father Kim is so pretty!!!!
  6. @sushilicious oh great! Same wonderful trio. Now I need to gather my guts and skills to psycho the hub to watch it with me in the theatre. Lol
  7. After watching the latest 2 episodes... How is it possible for us not to fall head over heels for our Father Kim? I'm glad we get more of our YES! and many funny moments instead of frustration. Hope to have more of such good feelings moment instead of more screen time for those villians. P.S: Am I seeing things on the face of CB's right hand man? Before CB gets into the car and gave a small talk about filling holes and etc... the look on that face... it really looks suspicious and is he also another one whom I suspect is a undercover? Or I'm just overthinking? @ktcjdrama that action from the Sister Kim reminded me of Choi Daniel in Jugglers. LOL
  8. I'm very proud to say that I've finally caught up with all 34 pages of the thread although I have not finish catching up on the drama... LOL Love all the previews, discussions and recaps done by fellow members! You guys rocks! And I'm really liking LZY. Her character is very strong and I like how straightforward she is and not pretentious. And for LCL/Mo Qing... Ahh.... boyfriend goals yah? I'm a little disappointed with the many versions available for the drama. It's like The Rise of the Phoenix all over again for me. The mad craze to find the correct version to watch so as not to miss out any parts. I guess for now, I'll just watch what I'm already watching so as not to frustrate me further.
  9. Aargh. Just started and currently watching episode 5. The editing........ How did that Ming Xuan become comatose? Did I miss it somewhere or it's really not explained at all?
  10. IKR? Being with MS will be some happily ever after for us because nobody dies. Being with YN? I thought we are all preparing to cry a river for this doomed relationship? But honestly, I doubt there will be a love triangle. Even if MS is to eventually fall in love with YJ, if he understands that YJ and YN are in love... he will not come between them or make his feelings known. He will most probably be the silent admirer / protector for YJ.
  11. @Alila Nguyen @dashmount20 @pristineqi @Rouzmary Thanks all! Shall check it soon...
  12. Hey all... is this any good? Too many pages of discussion already so I'll thought to check if it's worth watching?
  13. @sushilicious lol. This priest is so damn fine so you know it's hard to keep me away! @ktcjdrama Yes!! I was crying and laughing when they went PAPA! (At least that's what the subs said.. lol) That triumph moment is what I want! But only giving us less than 5% every episode or sometimes we gotta wait till 2 or 3 episodes later to get that 5%.... I'm frustrated! All those fightings may look cool but getting nowhere after those fights? I might seriously need anger management next. Lol
  14. This is my favourite scene! The emotion, the feels... were all on point that I thought i was part of them and has been smiled upon by the crown prince and tears just rolled down my cheeks. Now that YN is Crown Prince... I guess we all have to brace our heart for more allegations, more schemes coming. Just please... none of them should die or be sacrificed. I mean.. 3 were dead already to make YN determined to be King.. let's not increase the number unless they are the villians? As for Go Ara.. wishing her speedy recovery and hope it will not affect her. The show will not be the same without her and I hope they will not end up writing her as a damsel in distress because of her injury. That will suck so much! If that happen. I would very much like to smack the writer like YJ did to MS! Lol (Credits to @lightbringer06 for this beautifully captured moment!)
  15. Watched the latest 4 episodes in 1 go and I really liked it despite not much is going our dear Father Kim's way except the final few minutes and the start of the preview for next week. I really detest Detective Koo previously. I mean.. OMG. He and his fellow colleagues really made me sick. They are the police for God's sake! But these few episodes lately showed us why he is behaving this way. It did somehow manage to squeeze out some pity tears from me and I wanted to give him a pat and ask him to man up already and start being awesome again! As for Prosecutor Park.... is she not doing undercover job for someone??? I'm having the feeling that she is doing undercover and trying to expose the corruption in Gudam. I mean... she can't be the bad person here right? SS and YH.. the bromance of these 2 innocent men... Omg! And seriously, what does digging out Father Kim's past have to do with the whole issue? He did not commit treason or anything. So I doubt (finger crossed here) it will do any harm. It's not as if CB (that Hwang) will fall on his knees and pee in his pants after knowing his real identity. We already know how corrupted the town- Gudam is and how bad the big villians are. What I don't need to see are them eating and be merry. Or counting cash or just seeing them smiling. So I want the story to move faster in favour to Father Kim's side. I want to see Father Kim taking down each and every corrupted idiots every episode and flush them and their damn foundation and cult down the toilet bowl every episode. I come for justice and I do not want to be rob of my pleasure. I want the feeling of going YES at every episode seeing the good is making progress and not getting nowhere and getting road blocks. It sucks that 90% of the time is about the villians and them plotting and 5% is Father Kim being awesome and cool and 5% is when the richard simmons gets real and then BOOM! Wait for next episode.... So I really hope to see more development and more justice being served to the villians. And please... please get rid of that annoying cult and their "ulkta"... That Moon and that snow white's step mother... If only.... (Credits to ryn-s from tumblr)
  16. Hmm.. have not watch yet. Is it good? When I read the first episode was all over the place... I sort of put off watching..
  17. Yeah. Actually I guess that is because this will be the first time he actually like someone of the opposite gender. Their eyes. The look between them.... Oh... sizzling! So I'm gonna prepare myself for heartbreak right?
  18. To be fair, I'm frustrated that the baddies are getting the upper hand and nothing seems to be going Father Kim's way. And the police all being blind to what they have swear to and not upholding justice? It irked me badly and I do feel like Father Kim. The urge to smash anything that I see.
  19. Right????? So I'm not the only who has a problem and need to brighten my screen 100%? Lol Hi all... Let me join in the numbers of people who like this drama! I caved and just started watching and I'm already liking it! But I'm also regretting because by the time I catch up with the drama.. I know I'm gonna go back to looking forward to Monday and Tuesday every week!
  20. @sushilicious sorry. Have not been checking the forum. A movie? I don't know to cry or laugh... Can't watch this at the comfort of my house. Lol
  21. Omg!! I finally find some time to watch this drama and boy... I'm really hooked. I'm very very disturbed on the corrupted town and the injustice. But I'm really looking forward to how it will be straighten up! On to episode 5 now! KNG is just soooooooooooo charming!!!
  22. That's disappointing news to hear that we won't get a closure for NWS for next week. Although I was never a fan of the subtle romance between Sunny and NWS (and no, I'm not a fan of the toxic romance between LH and Sunny too), it's just sad that Sunny's shiny knight is gonna MIA on the finale. I'm just gonna watch to see how they wrap up the ending and what will befall on evil Nanny and irritating ED.
  23. Dear God. No! I don't think I can stand watching LH trying to be good on Wednesday and going nuts on Thursday. Or seeing the evil Nanny getting away again and again. Or seeing ED and her clenched teeth, be it fake smiling or being angry. Or MYR being good or bad or in between. And for goodness sake. Can someone just go to the island and let us know what's on it already?????
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