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  1. OMG... ESJ!!!! She has the capability to bring our inner dark self out. Not saying we are psychopath..but there are certain times we want justice when law fails us (in the drama of course) This is getting so so exciting! Will WTS let ESJ to get away with her ways? Will there be romance between them? Because I will totally ship them! I mean.. why do they like to talk to each other in such close proximity??
  2. mrsj3n

    virtual angel

    @sushilicious and all.. Because milk / yogurt drink is good for us. May we look as youthful and cute while we gently sip on it during the holiday season to slowly savour the taste while watching our favourite drama....
  3. @sushilicious yes!!! Dark dark romance! Something different from the normal straight up romance that we have been seeing on tv nowadays. A little spiced up and twisted one will be fun! I mean... if it's gonna be rated 19..might as well right?
  4. @sushilicious Of course! Now I need more tension between WTS and ESJ...
  5. @sushilicious Chanting to myself: But... Since you start the brain frying... Frankly, how much can we trust the word of a demon? I don't recall Dr Moon getting to exorcise OSM's mum at all. And we were all deprived from quite a whole chunk of info from what happened after that fateful night and thrown right into present day. Back to OSM, again... we were not shown of any of his growing up pains. But the doctor in the hospital seems to know something about him. Why? And yet this devil / energumen seem not to be going anywhere and keep getting away despite "exorcism". So why do they keep saying it is a success? Now that is why I can't pull away despite some frustration. Lol
  6. @ellelyana88 hehehe.. For now, I only want to know what is Priest Moon hiding. And why is everyone not coming clean about Dr Ham and OSM past.
  7. mrsj3n

    virtual angel

    @sushilicious awww.. thanks! Pizza you say? I love pizza especially when it's piping hot with oozing cheese... Mmmmmm... @bebebisous33 we may be disappointed with The Priest but let's not give up yet! Gift from me to all of you.. May we look as blissful as him while indulging in it.
  8. It's Monday and.... I'm soooooooooooo ready for it! Although I can only watch the subbed episode tomorrow but I am super stoked for it!
  9. @sushilicious Anyway, that's how I feel after watching episode 6. I thought i was ready to drop it, but then the curiosity in me wanted to find out more after watching episode 6.
  10. The relationship with this drama is so complicated. Sat episode - hate Sun episode - like When I'm ready to drop the drama, it gets interesting for me to continue for the time being as I hate to leave it just like that. Ok.. So I'm on board again.
  11. @sushilicious enjoy. Let me know if episode 6 is worth watching else... I don't know. May check it out or much later
  12. @bebebisous33 Yes. My sentiments exactly! I'm about to drop it too. Perhaps will watch episode 6 and see if more will be explained else I'm done with this. Besides, the characters are not appealing to me as well. I am not shipping anyone at all. That kiss? That scene? Nope. I find it weird. Why? In the midst of exorcism, we were brought to another scene. Frankly, I don't understand why do they think the exorcism was a success. We saw the doctor (erm, can't remember the character's name) having bugs all over her and she's struggling and suddenly there's a change of scene.... And they said it was a success. I was like So having bugs coming out from everywhere means the exorcism is a success? So.. did Dr Ham stomp on a bug during her time in the hospital and caused the devil bug to remain in the hospital? Phew! Finally let it out of my chest.
  13. Yes... it wasn't good thoughts after watching it hence I didn't comment to spoil it here for everyone. But I do feel sad for Seo Jae Moon. Being bullied at work and him being possessed. What a poor chap. @ellelyana88 that's the thing. Why now? There isn't any clear backstory (Ok. I'm repeating myself again) and the poor child got possessed, got himself to the hospital where Dr Ham is working and all hell break loose after being repossessed? Er.....
  14. Great thoughts. Actually I don't mind the bedtime stories. I find it ok. Have you heard some nursery rhymes? Some are pretty scary in my opinion whenever I sing to my child and I was like... why is it so? Lol Example: 3 blind mice Rock a bye baby @bebebisous33 actually I find it weird how did Red Cry find the victims and carry out the "justice" to the parent. Even if it's from a dark web, someone has to be managing it but how did they see the abused kids and etc? This is something that I can't understand and not trying to link it to CWK because she cannot be the vigilante here as I refuse to accept that she is the villian here. I thought the director of the place that CWK works looked suspicious or did everyone just try to act suspicious to keep messing with our brain???