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  1. That's disappointing news to hear that we won't get a closure for NWS for next week. Although I was never a fan of the subtle romance between Sunny and NWS (and no, I'm not a fan of the toxic romance between LH and Sunny too), it's just sad that Sunny's shiny knight is gonna MIA on the finale. I'm just gonna watch to see how they wrap up the ending and what will befall on evil Nanny and irritating ED.
  2. Dear God. No! I don't think I can stand watching LH trying to be good on Wednesday and going nuts on Thursday. Or seeing the evil Nanny getting away again and again. Or seeing ED and her clenched teeth, be it fake smiling or being angry. Or MYR being good or bad or in between. And for goodness sake. Can someone just go to the island and let us know what's on it already?????
  3. Lol.. yes... I've finally watched up till episode 15!! And I think I've wasted a lot of my time just trying to keep up. What I've thought was promising was just a complete waste of time. 1) The romance is bland. Can't feel a thing except irritated with the female lead. 2) This AG game is getting ridiculous and making the male lead the "bug". Like huh? 3) Except the AG game, everything else is just being thrown in to fill the episode till 16. Now... I don't think I'll watch episode 16 anytime soon. This is really the first drama that has me dropping it just 1 episode away from the finale.
  4. I'm finally at episode 12 and I really cannot get into the romance and I really really cannot understand why is heju crying in every episode? The ex wife is OMG irritating. And the police believed her statement when she's intoxicated? I wanted to drop the drama but I wanted to see how JH solve the bug. (I stopped myself from reading any recap or review.. lol) For now, I'll just fast forward when HJ starts to cry or rattle non stop...
  5. I want a refund for my tears when I wept a little for Hyuk last week. I'm never a Hyuk shipper but I thought last week was pretty powerful on how he felt when he was asking Sunny if she would believe him if he say it's not him. But then... he's a confused child in a man's body and he is back to being bad and crazy again.
  6. @sushilicious I'll try 1 episode first.
  7. @sushilicious @ellelyana88 @joccu see you all in another thread!
  8. @sushilicious lol. It's ok. I'm just glad that JHM did not last till the end else I would have drop it long ago. I guess in this drama.. they wanted ESJ to be the "big bad" till the end but it's really very anti-climatic as the big bad boss isn't really a "grown up". And they focused too much on WTS looking all cool and walking with a swagger....
  9. @sushilicious @joccu It's really a pity. The JHM plot was written badly. And after all the anticipation and "suspense" of who killed ESJ's foster parents and how she was neglected and yadda yadda... they made ESJ a spoilt brat... I'm really surprised I did not drop the drama. I've never watch the originals and I'm having second thoughts of watching it now as I'm afraid it's too sloooooooow.
  10. Well.. it's over. Felt sad for Poor Ji Ho and his mum. Bullying is real and it's also reality how the rich gets the upper hand and tends to get away. It felt great when Ji Ho's murderers are arrested together with their parents. As for ESJ, it was sad at first. But when she was acting like a spoilt brat to get away from murder. I find it laughable and disappointed that they wrote her character like that. It's great that Captain Jeon is punished as well. But the ending? It's really like putting on a show to look stylish and cool afterall for the next few minutes before the credit rolls. And the appearance of ESJ with her in the car towards the end and WTS looking like he's squinting? Sorry. No go. I don't feel anything. No fireworks. No oomph factor. Just no.
  11. Dear God.. No. Please let him stay dead. He wasn't a good bad guy anyway. For the remaining episodes.. it wasn't really a filler episodes but for me.. I'm feeling burnt out after all the excitement because I felt shortchanged that JHM is like a cockroach. Never dying cockroach who has so much lady luck that a fall won't crippled him. An explosion didn't incinerate him. But a bullet finally put him to rest just like a broom hitting hard on the cockroach to finally squash it to death. As for WTS and ESJ... that sizzling chemistry that we first saw has since gone with the wind. I need to better manage my expectation now.
  12. In red are usually those fanatics of the Guang Ming temple or something..
  13. @liddi A hug is as good as a fling for now... Here's hoping for #childrenofnobodyseason2please #cwkhaveflingwithJHplease
  14. Leaving my footprint here! I came to know about Kim Nam Gil from Live up to your name... so I'm excited that he has a new drama!
  15. @Kasmic thanks! That was fun even though I have not even finish watching the drama. Read about the finale.. I'm a little disappointed that it is another bad and rushed ending that sorta wasted everyone's effort since episode 1. That's what I really hate in drama. Solid opening and disappointing ending!