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  1. Not really rooting for a season 2 as I just want PID to finally rot in hell and the trio can move on and not feel burden with the world's evil. Of course, if there's a season 2... the Ghostbusters business better be good and no more mind games! I hope the dynamic trio will still be the same and Mateo and HP are all powerful with their exorcism and psychic skills. And of course GY always has their backs. One can dream right?
  2. *hugs* I like your pic. Hehehe I don't like scary scenes too and tends to get nightmares or has issues sleeping later. I watched it in the day time only. But this.... I can't stop myself from watching. It's too good!!
  3. I know right? We left 4 more episodes and yet we are also losing our mind figuring out who is PID. Gosh. I really love this show!!!!
  4. Just watched episode 12. My head hurts seriously. Priest Yang is still suspicious BUT right now I really think that PID is just messing with everyone's head so that he can get his prize (HP) in the end.
  5. @Dramanoona thank you so much for the live recap! It's very intense just reading it as if I am watching with you too! @sushilicious I think every episode fried our brain with the mind games. LOL We are getting closer to the finale. Will we know who is the real big bad in episode 13? I don't know if I can take the guessing any longer.
  6. OH MY HEART. HP, HP's papa and Grandpa..... Based on the trailer for next episode, I would like to believe that HP is not PID at all. What we are seeing now is that the evil are playing with the human's minds and manipulating their fears and worries at their hands in order to cast disbelief and let them waver in their faith and trust. (See what they did to grandpa. Caused HP to doubt him) What HP is going through now is a total lost and defeat as he has completely lost his family to PID. They wanted him completely broken! And to hear that everyone around him will die... any sane person will be broken. I'm gonna believe that he is going solo to bring down PID so that Mateo and GY will not die. And him covering his eyes? That's the evil playing tricks on him. High chance playing with his mind. Like what they did to Mateo when he wanted to perform exorcism or to the shaman's friend. Ok. I definitely believe!
  7. I cannot understand my excitement for looking forward to be spook tonight or rather tomorrow morning! @maribella I'm rooting for the bromance of Mateo and HP! I love the chemistry and I hope they can help and heal their broken soul together.
  8. Yeah... that scene frustrates me! She wouldn't reveal it on the phone and leave us hanging there!!!! Aargh! I think we all keep forgetting that grandpa is also from the family of shaman. So that makes him a perfect host as well. But I just hope grandpa is not evil too. He has been the pillar for HP so far! If he is down, I think that will break HP completely.
  9. Been slowly catching up on this drama. For now, i had watched till episode 18. Watching 19 as I am typing here. Have to remind myself that this is a "horror, mystery" drama so that anything is possible. Such as red dress despite waking up, still having the evil aura and her power to manipulate people. She seems to be able to appear out of nowhere and etc etc.
  10. O M G Earlier part of the story was pretty sad for HP. To have his own father saying he is not his son. My heart broke to thousand pieces for HP. That look he had.. poor HP! Episode 10 isn't that scary spooky till I need to watch my back. But it's still pretty suspenseful to me as now we are wondering if HP's grandfather is indeed PID or just another possessed poor soul. So we are back to square one. We have a suspect again and yet we still don't know if he is the real PID. But first, we need to play the "Find the grandpa" game first! Another week before we get to watch episode 11! Aargh!
  11. I'm watching it in the morning only! Usually I'll just watch without subs just to get the gist of what's happening despite not knowing what the actors are talking about but for this???? I can't. My heart. My head. I just can't do it.
  12. I need psychological care and support after watching every episode. May I ask for a favour? Anyone who get to watch it live and understand what is going on... Plsssssssssss spoil it for me on today's episode but put in spoiler tag plsssssssss.....
  13. I may have to see Viu translation if it really mean "fallen" for HP. As I said in my previous post. Their chemistry is on point. So I am definitely shipping this bromance!