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  1. I love how SYJ describes JA and her feedback on the storyline & characters in this recent interview. I'd scream in delight if both of them are really dating..but too bad, chances are really low..
  2. Anyone realise JHI was wearing the same white tee and light blue jeans in ep16 and in the Japan pics? He looks great! If only both of them are really dating but I know it's not possible..but still keeping my fingers crossed!
  3. Omo omo... I'm feeling so empty now. I just love this drama so much! Although the story sucks after ep10 onwards and the ending left everyone dissatisfied, I'm really in love with this drama. And Joon Hee. I listen to the OST almost everyday. Too bad this drama doesn't have a long list of OST like other dramas. Just now I was thinking.. can't wait for Friday to come..but then it strike me that the drama has ended! no more Joon Hee and Jin Ah I guess I'm gonna fill my weekend with repeats of ep1 to ep16 (while skipping some crappy or sad scenes) and reminiscing the lovely couple together... sigh, I miss this drama so much!
  4. SJY & JHI really enjoyed working together in this drama and their chemistry together with Director Ahn is very good. They were teary when the production finally wraps up. Too bad the writer spoiled the whole drama although it's a happy ending. Omo omo! Suddenly I'm feeling empty now. So sad. No more JH to see. I want more JH! No need to include JA..Just JH alone will do
  5. Oh well, after almost getting a cardiac arrest, yeah, both of them are together at last. No passionate kiss but at last I get to see JH half naked body. OMG he's hot hot hot! And extra burning hot when I watched the Making Film. The moment he took off his shirt preparing for the scene. OMG that body!!! He's not as muscular or bulky like Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth but I'm already swooning and drooling! Anyway the storyline sucks from ep10 onwards till the finale. It's so unnecessarily draggy and both of them stupidly wasted 3 precious years just like that. For JH, he's still ok cos he's just 33 and still young for a guy. But JA is already 38 now. Come on! So many frustrating unanswered questions. I know it's impossible to fit and explain everything in 1 episode and true enough, they didn't. Sigh... this writer nim really makes me speechless. Kim Eun, I shall remember you and I shall not watch your dramas like how I followed this drama every week like crazy. I'll wait till the drama finished airing & read people's reviews first. If it's crappy, I'll avoid it at all costs! I'm gonna miss JHI and his hot bod! Gonna start watching the Making Film again. He's so hot!
  6. It will be a happy ending. If not, they won't be watching the ending together & having this wrap up party. Cos if it's a sad or crappy ending, for sure the fans outside will stage a protest immediately!
  7. Here's my other theory but I know it's just wishful thinking..just want to comfort myself a bit.. JA knew JH would come back for SH wedding. So she pretend to accept this guy as her bf (which I'm sure he's a Seoul Uni graduate & introduced by her mom) & on SH wedding day, let JH see both of them together & make JH broken hearted so that he can go back to US and develop his career & be successful? Cos she feels she's no longer worthy of his love as he sacrificed a lot for her and because both of them would still be unhappy due to the lack of support from her family a.k.a the mom & KS? sigh.......
  8. Another foolish mistake and stupid decision that she made and she's regretting it. And feeling even more miserable after she saw JH. Serves her right!
  9. I was actually tearing up a bit while watching the JA's birthday dinner scene with JH. The moment she opened the drawing...it was very beautiful and the message was very sweet & touching too. You can feel that JH drew it with all his heart and so much love. And JH's face while looking at JA admiring her birthday gift...just so lovely! I'd treasure the drawing more than the actual necklace itself. The drawing is so much nicer and "real".
  10. Sigh..I'm utterly disappointed with that scene too. What?! A peck again?! Yeah I know it's a public park, but come on..a longer kiss won't hurt right?!
  11. Sigh, my mood is completely ruined because of this episode. Let's see if the writer & PD get rotten eggs thrown at them tomorow! And lots of hate mails and messages too! This is just crap. It's completely ridiculous that they developed JA's character to this extent. She makes lots of stupid & foolish decisions (and lots of impulsive ones too) only to be sorry & regret them much later. And poor JH is the one who always suffer & stressed out because of her actions. And why must she have a new loser bf like that? Can't she be still single? This is really getting on my nerves! I thought this drama would be different from the ones that I watched before. But it's not It sucks! Pathetic! It played with our feelings and emotions! Shattered our dreams! Why oh why?! Will the last episode be the saviour? Till now, I don't believe in true love anymore...
  12. I hope lots and lots of fans will bombard JTBC Instagram, Facebook or other social media platform and complain about this crappy ridiculous plot. I can't take it anymore, my chingus! This in insane!
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