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  1. If I remember correctly @meoooooowwww once mentioned in passing that there are rumours that he is supposedly dating the actress playing JE because the two of them + their stylists are hanging out a lot.
  2. Thank you for your translations @jayakris Poor other grandma. Living with SH will probably not be fun. I would appreciate it very much if you or @stroppyse could translate the proposal. Pretty please.
  3. I know. I wanted to post just my favourite scenes but there are so many of them today.
  4. HN and HG in matching pjs: It sounds like HG's mom wants more grandkids going by HN/HG's reaction
  5. The proposal: HN proposes and the kiss HG's mom finds out:
  6. HN and her two moms HN and SH HN and JE DG and JE
  7. Summary for episode 121: - HN is chatting and laughing with her two moms in the park. HN gets a call from the police about SH. They tells her SH turned herself in (for pushing EA?). - EA goes to the police station and mets SH who is sitting in a prison cell. They talk. HN sounds very sad and disappointed. SH tells her not to lie (?) HN turns to leave and SH calls her SJ and with tears streaming down her cheek says something about JE. (stream keeps freezing ... ) - JiHoo is talking to grandma and the two hug and cry. - JE is walking out of the shoemaker's house with a suitcase and meets HN in the front yard. They talk and JE says something touching as HN cries. JE calls her unnie. - EA and the shoemaker talk with JE's dad. - DG and JE talk after getting divorced? and DG shakes her hand goodbye. Then he walks away and JE is crying. - JH tells HG's mom that HN is her daughter. HG's mom's jaw hits the floor and later she can't stop smiling. - HN runs to the park where HG is waiting. They show flashbacks with highlights of their relationship (from the first time they met, confessions, "stress", fake dating, etc.) HN smiles when she remembers. He pulls out the ring and is about to propose, HN stops him and closes&takes the box with the ring. She tells him something that makes him smile. She proposes to him. LOL - He says yes and they kiss (and it is not a peck). - 1 year later - HN wakes up in the HG/HN room with a wedding pic on the wall. HG teases her and they play-fight over something on the phone. - HG's parents are holding the twins and Leo/Hanna look exhausted. - HG and HN come downstairs and they all talk. HG's mom is really nice to HN. - JE's dad is living upstair at the shoemaker's house and EA is living downstairs. He returns empty food containers to EA. - HN goes to the new (posh) office of HN Apparel, Ceo Kim is on the phone and speaking Chinese. Leo comes and tells HN something. - HN Apparel also has a very successful store. - HG's dad is working for EA - he is making deliveries. - EA and the shoemaker talk about DG and mention JE. They look sad. - JE is reading "the little prince" and remembering the joke DG told her. - SH is released from prison and her husband is there to pick her up. He brings her tofu. SH is touched. He tells her about JE. SH and JE's dad hug. - at JH's house JH, EA, the shoemaker and grandma are cooking. SR comes and brings something. It seems like JH has gotten better at cooking. - JiHoo comes and he is uniform. He brought his dad and mom with him. Grandma gets teary-eyed. JH says welcome. Grandma hugs SH and cries. - JE comes to the house but wants to leave without going inside. Right then HG and HN arrive. HG goes in and HN/JE talk. Seems like this is the first time they saw each other for a year. HN offers her hand and they go in together. - they are all inside when DG comes and JE and him share an awkward look. - Oh, it is grandma's birthday. They all sing happy birthday to her and she blows the candles. The whole family takes a group picture ... the end
  8. The promo was for the drama that will replace Sunny. It is called "It's My Life" or 비켜라, 운명아 . Here is the link to the synopsis and main character descriptions: http://kbsworld.kbs.co.kr/program/program_view.php?pg_seq=1263
  9. My predictions for the last episode: -JE will go to the countryside and SH to prison - HG will propose to HN with hopefully another "real" kiss when she says yes - HG might also formally introduce himself to grandma and JH at JH's house. And grandma will probably be even more gaga over him than she was with DG - then we will get a time skip and it will be a year later - there won't be a wedding scene but just wedding pictures - HG and HN will be babysitting Hanna&Leo's twins and discussing having kids of their own (or maybe HN telling HG she is pregnant) - HN Apparel will be doing great - there will be a scene with JH and EA being friends - JE will return and they will show her trying to mend fences with DG
  10. @stroppyseThank you so much for the translations. You rule.
  11. Maybe the "once-in-a-lifetime-event" from the text preview happens at sunset so it will be close to the bucket list wish. And I agree we need lots of HG/HN tomorrow.
  12. In that pic JE did not look happy and DG does not seem to be wearing his wedding ring. Maybe that is DG saying goodbye to her since I would expect her to look happier if this is their reunion...
  13. It's a police station she is looking at before she goes in so she turned herself in for her crimes.