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  1. He kinda looks like Son Ho-jun to me. Especially the sideburns, eyebrows and nose.
  2. I really liked the first two episodes and look forward to more. And I somehow get the feeling our Miss Superstar will end up abandoning her acting career and will go back to college to become a lawyer. Or since she has such a great memory she might end up as a paralegal. Either way it would probably be more rewarding than constantly fearing another "scandal" or hearing about how bad she is at acting.
  3. Strange. Usually the oldest child is suppose to know better and be the role model. And is therefore punished even more than the younger (immature) ones.
  4. I see. I though she needed the confession because her husband was in love with concubine Lin so she needed a good reason to not appear just jealous/vindictive.
  5. I am confused. Are concubines considered as being wives too even though they could be sold off or beaten to death like a servant? Or did Madama Kang want her daughter to be the main wife instead of ML?
  6. I concur. The only reason GTY faced critique was because the other men of that time made the women they slept with have abortions or just cast them and their illegitimate children aside like they were trash. GTY taking in MN and especially his children despite so much censure from the public and his family is what makes me admire him. IMO casting them aside (or even getting rid of them like his family suggested) would have been evil.
  7. About the son being dead. Before they found MN and the grave GTY and ML had this conversation (translation credit: jolie_vie) So if the son was dead why did MN still try to go through with the plan ... And this is what happens to MN after the slap (translation credit: jolie_vie)
  8. I'm sorry but I really hate that saying cause it basically also says that a man will stop loving his own children if he stops loving their mother. This is very unjust and insulting to fathers.
  9. This makes me sad for GTY. He is so desperate for her to show she cares/loves him but she is so convincing in her indifference. I cannot imagine how she slept soundly ...
  10. @watchumlots I don't speak Chinese but someone summarized the preview for the Sheng/ML fight on yt and according to them Molan (using her favourite strategy of crying) wants to have her mother's grave moved into the family tomb. ML gets angry and says no since she was a murderer who killed ML's mom. And then the father dares to disagree with ML And it seems Molan's hubby is starting to get suspicious about his concubine miscarriage being so similar to what ML said happened to her mother so he interrogates a maid.
  11. @parasI think the son is dead. They dig up the grave MN leads them to and there is a tiny skeleton. Poor GTY is devastated. Not sure what they do with MN after ML slaps her.
  12. I am just watching the prison scene in ep. 48 and I have to say the 4th house's son really took after his mother.
  13. It was in episode 8 when Momo tells GTY about his mom and we see the flashbacks.