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  1. “She’s quite cruel. Where do I lie between her passion and cruelty ? Joseph, it seems like I’m in a big trouble.” “I knew you’d give that look if I told you my story. I knew, but it still hurts.” ”It’s fine. I don’t want to change room.” 보고십엇소 “Me too.” ”I wanted to remember this place for a long time. But you ruined it.” ”I think I got my answer. Someone just said, goodbye.” ”I’ve decided to leave so that I don’t end up hurting someone.” . . . And he still offers her a hand... And he still waits for her to come back... And he still loves her. As always. Eugene, the great and noble one, I just keep falling in love with how soft-hearted you are
  2. Things I love : 1. Eugene subtly lowered his gun when he realized it's her 2. How Aeshin coolly responded to his 'third' confession and made him all flustered 3. Aeshin immediately realized what he meant by 'end up destroying myself' when Eugene shot himself for her Yes, yes!! You've won me by skipping that foolish-when-comes-to-love phase, lady. 4. How she worriedly waited for Eugene to be released and come back to her 5. Eugene tried to learn korean I almost died laughing when he read that 'basic korean conversation' book. I can't wait for their love to get intense yet I'm worried for my safety when they start cuddling, hugging, or....kissing. I might be dead by asphyxia or choking on my own saliva.
  3. Oh God, I’ve said before that I want Aeshin to seriously get hurt and Eugene to actvate war-mode inside him. After watching the last scene in which he agreed to do “love” together, I wanted it even more. The look in his eyes is clearly revenge. I want him to see her get hurt and feel the excruciating pain inside his heart. He would condemn himself for trying to use her as a part of his revenge. I hope this plot doesn’t drag for too long because, man, I can’t imagine Eugene hurting her. He loves her. He really does. He won’t and of course, he can’t let anyone including himself hurt her. I have my faith in you, Captain !
  4. The scene where Eugene walked her home, while reading his confession letter with his deep manly voice was breathtakingly beautiful I can’t get it out of my mind. That beautiful ost didn’t help either. Eugene : I almost stopped her and told her not to leave so that we can walk together for a bit longer, to that faraway place. me : get yourselft together. Breathe. You don’t want to be found dead while watching korean dramas, right ?
  5. Thankyou @122am and @bebebisous33 for your answers. Oh my, I can't stand the sexual tension between them. They haven't even touched each other yet.....oh, I might faint if they hug, kiss, or start making out. This might be cruel but I'd like to see ae shin got hurt, eugene starts going crazy and beats the richard simmons out of everyone who dared to touch even a strand of her hair.
  6. Hi all! Have been lurking on this thread for quite long. Eugene : I'm worried about myself. Can someone explain what he meant ? Is it the thing I'm thinking about ?
  7. Start this without expecting anything since dramas these days have failed to draw me in (not my ajusshi, though). BUT PEOPLE, THIS IS GOOD!! Anyone could tell me if youngjoon will really love the secretary or not ? I just want to know that one thing bcos I'm afraid I'll spoil myself further if I read the webtoon.
  8. Can someone enlighten me where the disappointment came from ? Ep 15 doesn't deviate from the realistic flow. We all already know that they won't end up together. Imagine, it would be very weird if DH suddenly confessed that he loves her or kissed her......The show will lose its charm and become one of those trash romance drama. But yes, he loves her. Truly.
  9. I promise myself I wouldn't touch tvn videos every wednesday and thursday night for the past 14 episodes. I clicked them as soon as they popped out. Yes.. I fail.. Every damn time.
  10. I've known IU since her debut. I unconsciously ignored her all this time. But her palette album struck me. She's not doing that aegyo thing at all. I watched many videos in IU TV and in real life, she's just so mature. But yes, she's cute without trying . It made me goes awwww Not ewwww
  11. I'm speechless. Donghoon is too good for this cruel world. Selfless till the end. He knew about the wiretap yet he chose not to confront Jian about it. He deliberately left his phone at the cinema, so that Jian doesn't know that he knows. So that Jian thinks he just lost his phone. . . But he comes back. Yes, yes, he comes back! Why ? Because he couldn't bear the thought of losing that girl. Lee Jian..Lee Jian..contact me. Well to me it definitely sounds like "come back to me".
  12. Thanks!! Please inform me if there's any fanfict out there that can satisfy my lust.
  13. I think he knows. Jian doesn't know that he knows (she looks surprised when DH said thankyou). Anyway, HE FREAKIN' KNOWS. Good, no need for unnecessary angst, you two can go straight to the bedroom
  14. DH became a director, divorced his wife, and moved into a new apartment. He searched for Jian everywhere, and eventually found her. DH : lee ji an ! Who said you can leave me ? I never gave you permission to leave me ! JA : Well, I don't need ajusshi's permission to leave... DH : Come to me. Come back to me. Please. Let's do that. Please. JA : Come back to you and what ? What will we do after that ? You don't even like me. DH : ((breathing heavily)) I DO. I REALLY DO. So please, stop torturing me. Come back to me. *jian starts crying* *he hugs her tightly* They are in DH's apartment, and, oh, starts kissing passionately. They end up kissing in DH's big white bed. DH : Jian, don't ever leave me again. Jian : I won't. ((DH hugs her)) Jian : Ajusshi, I want to do that. DH : Do what ? Jian : ...........I want to feel you inside me. DH : NO. I...i can't. I won't do that because I love you too much. Jian : well, you don't love me then. If you don't want to do that, it means you don't love me. DH : Jian-ah, don't try to seduce me. Don't make it even harder to resist you. Stop torturing me. Jian : then don't. Don't resist me. We are two fully grown-up adults. Why can't we do that ? Age doesn't matter to me. It never did. DH : Are you sure ? Jian : Yeah. I don't know about other things. But i'm sure about this. And if you don't want to i can't force you. I can leave right......... DH kissed her. He kissed her eyes, her nose, her mouth, and her neck. Jian's sound of pleasure arouse Dh even more. All their clothes are on the floor. They move in rhythm. They moan in pleasure.They made love. The are making love. For hours. DH and Jian watched the sunrise together. DH : I am happy. As long as you are here with me. Jian : Let's be happy. We can do that. Let's be happy. And they made love once more. p.s. i know. I know. This won't ever happen. I apologize beforehand if I ruin their pureness. It's just my imagination. Please don't kill me
  15. why are you ignoring me ? *a little bit angry* why are you pissed ? *softer* . Totally like a clueless boyfriend asking what's wrong when his girlfriend is pissed. . where is the slipper ? buy the slipper again ! . . This is Park Dong Hoon. Not just any random guys. It's Dong Hoon, the safest man on earth, annoyed when a girl ignored him and took some slippers from him. For god's sake, if this isn't love, someone plese enlighten me if there's another kind of human affection I don't know about. P.s. don't mention father-daughter relationship please..i've never been in a relationship, but i know my dad wouldn't be angry (in that way, that particular way) if i stole his slippers