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  1. Huhuhu! Me too! I cannot wait to get mine sooooooonnnn. Yoohoooo~ Yes24 can you hear me screaming!?! Hahahahaha! OMG! Thank you so much Chingus for sharing the happenings in the DVD Cut~ Hihihi While reading your posts, I can imagine the scenes playing in my head. I don't regret boarding this ship. Jiji couple hwaiting~! ^^
  2. Hahahaha! Why didn't I think of that? I guess I'm too excited to have my own copy and binge watch all daaaayyyyy. Thanks Chingu~ ^^ For now, the order status is still pending delivery.
  3. OMG! That was fast. O____O Was the tracking area was on the order page itself?
  4. I placed my order on April 20 and still it's pending delivery. I'm not sure though I wrote an inquiry to their 1:1 consultation and I haven't received any response. Is there anyone who purchased their DVD on Yes24 before? Can someone answer our query? Hehe.
  5. Yeah it is! Thanks bb~ ^^ I've already completed my order. Hihi And of course, I've made sure that the free gift section has the DVD bonus so my order page does indicate that there are 2 items pending for delivery. For those, who still wanted to order hurrrrryyyy before they will be out of stock again.
  6. IDEK now. Hahahaha! Now I'm confused!! I think so too when I asked someone to translate it, she said it's "Free gift: Suspicious Partner DVD Bonus". OH MY GOSH! I should really wait for the item to restock. Thank you so much for telling us!
  7. Woooooo! Thank you so much for sharing your observations lovies. Actually, I noticed that on Yes24 that the free gift tab before you check-out is not included on the process. Basically, same goes with the DVD Cut. Awww.
  8. Hi there, if we're going to based on the item description or the images there's nowhere on the website says that the "exclusive package or special gift" is included. They even mentioned that the number of discs are 14 only so I'm not really sure. I did actually inquired via email about the exclusive package the other day but I haven't received any response and they said it would be within 48 hours so I'm expecting an update from them today as they're experiencing high volume of emails so once I received a response I'll let you know. So far, some of the jiji shippers on this thread said that the gift or the exclusive package includes at Yes24's website but they're currently out of stock in DVD Cut.
  9. Thank you! I actually saw it earlier @babyval22 and reserved it on my cart but I don't have the credit card ready because I'm using my friend's cc but it's out of stock again. Once it's available again, I'll check it out and pay for it.
  10. Ooohh, I'm curious. Define "bigger picture to reality"? Is that what I think it is. Is it a good thing? Hmmmmm.
  11. Can I be dead too? Hahahaha! JK I actually saw a screenshot of it a few days ago. Gahd! What more If I watched the video? Woooo!
  12. Yeah but I'm not sure if today is the last day though. Is it? Actually, I already purchased my DVD Cut on KTown4U but they aren't sure if the special disc is included so I let it go HOWEVER, what happened was when I "inquired" about refund and cancellation they immediately cancelled my order and they're already out of stock! Imagine my distress! So yeah, I'm really hoping that Yes24 will restock again. I'm also trying to refresh the site just in case it might become available. Hahahaha!
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