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  1. Just went to pass by and Woww!! i think he was lowkey confessing to the world. Who gonna miss a chance of having njh as his gf ?!! She was all a girlfriend materials for now. She's pretty, talented, mostly kind, gentle, compromise, lively and remember she was really a hardworking girl just same like jcw then. She started her acting career since childhood and she must be having those 'doesn't giving up easily' spirit. Jcw also the one who was holding up with his ideal girl types; the one who will always support me. Ohh god, i can put a trust on jihyun then. If you guys wanna look at her real personality; go watch what happens to my family & shopping king loiue. That's the real nam ji hyun. Most at all was caring, lovely and extremely supportive. When i try to finish all the bts of sp, I would say from the early she was really leading all the skinship *heoll! She'll know what need to do, she's a psycology major, remember? So in the middle of the filming/ the climax plot she got shy, sometimes she looks a bit timid, or maybe she's tired also i try to make an assumption because of those hates that coming from fans, the bashful shippers from his old co star too, there she keep it within bounds but, remember guys, those hates just came mostly from their international fans. Then, he starts to steer the skinship back, touchy-feely, always try to sneak a peek to meet her eyes, keep on teasing her, always leaning against her, hold her wrist so much he couldn't stop to stay away from her and so i would say he had miss the nam ji hyun from the beginning. And at last, at the nearly end of the filming, both are bit awkward or bittersweet feels but keep on fascinate each other. Maybe they try to steep into the characters *you know how the plot twist went in split plus the script changed in a sudden. And sure, the tiredness adding too lacking of sleep. But still they were professional which thank god, assist the ratings that always keep growing.! Continues to their connections at the near-end filming; deep down in their heart, they cant just stop giving affectionate for each other, they starts attracting toward each other, or a meaning of; they already fall for each other but... they just don't wanna take a risk to deal with the hurdles for the next two damn years. Her without him? No way he would let her be missing him alone. Those army things, the fans, the busy schedules, the lacks of having a romantically dates thus she was still quite young to establish a serious love affair/ being in adult relationship. Fuhhh.. Next after the filming; the interview things jihyun-yang-ie will come visiting her oppa, the jiscovery background video, "yeppo" things, ohhh my heart ! please... He was missing her. So do her, surprisingly sharing the necklace without hesitation claiming that it was a present by WHO?! yes! it's JICHANGWOOK himself and we knew that.. What did she try to declare actually!? Did she try to give us a hint? I would answer; yes! BUT LOWKEY *** From all the theories that had been discovered, we can make a presumption that THEY WERE DATING BUT IN A SAFEST WAY.. sorry for long post you guys, i just cant help but missing them a lot #KEEPITSAFEDEAR
  2. i know i was a bit late but the things that i just saw somewhere,, those laundry kiss clips was too intense that got me like fck you two was dating right??? i was like a dumb person in my room where's my roommate just witnessed me watching those two dorks making out, she came and grabs my phone away, there she shout but slowly refrained when she stared at the phone's screen "what the hella chupp chupp sound that you watch!? heoll!! is this the scene from the legal crime drama that you used to share with us ??? *she's not the kdrama's type tbh but guess what she told me after she finished watching those clips??! "the girl look a bit scare at first, damn look at how the guy persuades her and asked her to give in, there she goes.. their lips really match each other tho.. wowww!! hey, you two better catch a breath first then continued or you two gonna choke off something then, wait?! is korean used to slip in T while doing kisses?! that's not fkin normal.. let me repeat this clip and analyse this a lil bit more" hahahahahaha she's damn hilarious.. but right when she hands me my phone, she smirks and sounds "i thought you watched some eating show like mukbang or something else, yeahh.. its heard like someone was chewing food or something " i told her they was 8 years apart in real life and she reply me back with "you know what? the tense was there, if you realized, old man was getting used to joke & do things like that with someone who was wayyy younger than him, on top of that if that man was behaving childish like, he will preferred someone who was younger buttttt,,, the girl must be the one who will always giving in too in their relationship, i talked on based from what i witnessed these day baby " there she ended her sentiments. i'm not sure bout the things, but i loved asking other preferences about this love kind things bcs i lacked in those skills
  3. Congratulation to both nam ji hyun and ji chang wook for winning the best kiss awards !! we all went crazy with how good & cute our babygirl when hyuni spoke in English, how she pronounced sooompierrss.. really tucks in my heart like girl, can i just squish you inside my bag and told everyone that i adore this person so muchhhh another one was when she told us that she was embarrass really caught me like 'if i get to win those awards, i might just locked my life inside of my bedroom, blushing, slapping my bed like... heoll, everyone noticed how good she & her orabeonnie make out in sutner i'm not sure if the thropies will be given to both of them or either one but i hope they both will get one each other so they can keep those nam ji hyun & ji chang wook together as for their good memories
  4. ahhh...but which kiss was messy tht u state in here i mean, everyone was busy gossiping abt those sacred court kissing, sure they rly enjoying their last deep kisses i'm sure everyone who got their dvd ws sticking thru their laptop for this whole weekend
  5. that was definitely a heartwarming connection between both of them, i feel like i wanna cry at the their cuteness & supportive ways towards each other. did he scare tht he might got carried away at the same time our babygirl would noticed it, so they keep on reassured themselves to not getting too obvious infront of other sp staff
  6. Hello i'm REALLY new here. I'm a silent lurker like most of you guys too/ should be called a guest in here, before because i have a problems in joining this account from last year today, i tried my best to sign up in here, and finally!! i got itt..ahhh, so i have heard about suspar dvd? it has been released, right? i asked my parents to buy me those dvd, but that one is too priceyy!! since i am still a uni student in a second year, i got no chance to buy/ purchase the dvd. fck my life, i have to thrift in my savings for the sake of my daily life too.. i saw some glimpse from the dvd wahhhhhh, its greatt if i can have those dvd tooo
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