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    [Thailand BL Series 2016-2018] SOTUS The Series & SOTUS S The Series

    The live feed from the outside of Thunder Dome, Bangkok. Before the "SOTUS the Memories" meeting starts.
  2. Terresa Gate

    [On-going Thailand Drama 2017] Princess Hours

    This is one of my favorite Lakorn
  3. Terresa Gate

    [Ongoing Thai Drama 2017] My Dear Loser Series

    I really wish they make the second season for In-Sun couple
  4. Terresa Gate

    [Thai Drama 2018] Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat

    My most favorite in the past few months
  5. Terresa Gate

    [Thailand Series 2016] Kiss The Series

    Love #TayNew Haven't had a chance to watch the EP2 yet.
  6. Terresa Gate

    [Thailand Series 2016] Kiss The Series

    Cannot wait to see #PeteKao