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    I think I heard He said "Chil-won ship-pal-il" 7월 (칠월 Chil-won=July) 18일 (18=십팔 ship-pal , 일 il = day) If that day is 24th July, he had to say "Chil-won e-ship-sa-il" 7월 24일 (24 =이십사 e-ship-sa) But the way he said really quick so it can made us confused. ^^ Sorry but this kind of thing make me feel uncomfortable. As we can see about CUBE's stars date news, it really dangerous for Idols about date rumor at this time.Korean fans really serious and sensitive about date rumor. Many of Shawols and Taemint also refuse to admit about Taemin's Date though Shinee was pass 10th years debut.He gonna have solo concert tour in japan.So, Shawols really afraid that the rumor might effect his career. Last month, Naeun also got a lot of bad comment about her plastic surgery. Though we didn't care about it but we aren't korean and stay in the country which Taemin and Naeun do their job.We didn't sure how K-pop fan will responding this news yet. I really want to told those IG acc not to used their official account Tag. They didn't know these things can make our Taeun got a trouble. I said this thing because i'm Shawols who being Taemint since Taemin debuted and also like Naeun who was paired with My Taemin too. I really cared of Taemin, protected and supported him whatever he want.But if those Shipper still cross the red line of Shawols protection shinee's career zone (dangerous line).All Shawols didn't pleased for sure.I warn that they do the things like this really not a good idea.Sure, if I told them like this No one listen to me and act don't care anything about my warning.This make me worry and sad.
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    Did anyone noticed this thing? 1st August, Naeun' s Radio star was on aired. On that day Taemin suddenly post his swimming clip on Shinee IG account. As I knew, he told his fan that he has his Swimming clip and might be up load it later on his birthday party event. Shinee just finished their Japan schedule and came back to Korea on 31st July. But why did that clip just update on that day? After the Show end,Naeun's mother want her son in law be athlete topic. I just realized that why that day Taemin post his swimming clip. It seem like he wanted to show off his mother in law (my delulu)that he also be athlete too. You know that this is Taemin's Style when he jealous on something. LOL Taemin might be ask Naeun what did she talk on the show.Other topics didn't important for him like this one. 1.Naeun's iron wall : He knew it already that she may look cold or unfriendly just her outside looks.He know what the real Naeun is. 2.Dm : His fan know that he didn't has his private IG account.If he said he know what DM mean, his fan definately will crazy and search his IG. His friend also said that Taem phone only had basic app but I know they misunderstand. Taemin definitely had IG application on his phone. We can see that on WHY NOT THE DANCER Ep8 when he checked Eunhyuk and kikwang post their photo on Why NOT IG account. I pretty sure that although he didn't had his privated IG account but he used Shinee official account sometime. I also though maybe Naeun has her boyfriend already and also be a loyal girl who only look and care her boy.So, if she don't know how Idol date or send their love message now a day, it just exceptable. When she know that news,she just checked her DM. and no one sent to hers. It doesn't pointed that she didn't has boyfriend. Another, Taemin might do something. Maybe ask or told his friend, his hyung to help him protected and blocked Naeun from other guys. Maybe behide Naeun's back, he or his friend or his hyung told other guys that she belongs to him.Just like the way he said on the last ep. that he gonna love her in the future too.Who know? ^^ 3.Catholic : He pass because he catholic religion since birth. 4. Naeun crush on Tziyu : as long as naeun didn't mention her interested on men. it's ok for him just shared my opinion
  3. I just want tell you guys to watch Shinee's moment clearly again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eO4t-t5Rv2 and watch Naeun&Hyunsik from Btob (A guy whom naeun was talking with) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ7JvIFWWQc I watch these two fancam together and really slowly focus every movement even though Shinee's moment was switch back and forth.But you have to compare their real moment and gesture between these two video and you guy will see what did I see.Please watch Jong Minho and Taemin eyes. the way their eyes staring and focus. All I can tell you that Jonghyun said something to minho Like "xx (shil tu) cho-wa handageoya" mean "XX like/make (Jealous)" or somthing like that Cuz minho and jong 's eyes move to their right where that time Naeun was talking with Hyunsik quite closely. Taemin gesture and his face just like he didn't pleased in something but just act like he didn't see or care and only focus on EXO's speech. I can't confirm XX word when Jong's mouth say is in Korean language maybe something like Uree = We or Tulree= Two But if We watch Taemin carefully.we will see he stared to his right hand where Naeun and Hyunsik was time to time. At 0:53 I can read Taemin mouth and he say" Sho jok bua" mean "Look those(right)way" Minho and Him stared right way.//Naeun talk with Hyunsik at that time. Then Jong giggle and said "Ordee neo ordee bo yeo" mean "where? Where are you looking" Minho smilely said "Meo ba" mean "What do you see?" Jong said something that I cann't read his word but Taemin stared the right way then said " Mo du ta bo yeo shi geum" mean "Can see everything now" Jong said "XX meo hae" mean "what XX do" and Taemin didn't say anything then.** XX is the word that I'm not sure** @1:07 Taemin turn his head to the right and his eyes keep wider like warning signed for someone/something (2nd Video:It was happened at the same time when Hyunsik looked to his left Where Shinee was standing.Eunkwang who standing in front of him keep looked back to the way Taemin standing too.) skip to @1:35 I can saw Taemin's face really serious when he looked to the right. he turn to ask jonghyun "XX or di ye yo" mean "Where is XX" Jong " XX wae?" mean " XX Why" Taemin "XXXX" (**XX his mouth is said like "kyeo ron" word in korean* but I'm not sure .) then he talked about something like his religion ring Minho " ya! jin jaa?" mean "Ya really?" Taemin reply with his serious face "Jin jaa" mean "really//sure" then Minho grab Taemin ring and teased him amd said " Ne geo ya." mean "It's mind" I really believe This moment was Taemin jealous when he saw Naeun smile and talk with other guys closely in front of his eyes. It's support the reason why we several saw him keep standing behide her. Protecting and jealousy his girl. It really cleared that why that day his body keep pointed to the way Naeun stood. According to you're guy said Mungyu Kwanho and Kai keep teased Taemin about Church. In 2016 Taemin and Naeun started wearing 10 rings and their couple ring was religious ring since WGM. //Taemin's varity show that tested his heart beating when talked about wife 2017 in Taemin Vlive, his friend teased him about Church.(wonder why Church is a topic that they can't reveal? It's really normal to talk about church for everyone.isn't it?) 2018 Taemin talked about not being single since birth but reveal that he's religion since birth. why did he suddenly say that? Now I really suspected. Did Taemin and Naeun get engaged or married secretly? sorry for my bad engligh. I just want to shared my though.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZtfYDElb2s Am I the only one who keep suspecting about Apink's U you MV ? like Naeun lowkey sent massage to Taemin. Naeun part "Shining Shining Shining Star ~ " The word is used yellow color. Taemin's color in Shinee is Yellow. isn't it? And one thing I noticed is Television emoticon @0:53 also has a Shinee individual member color too. Green Yellow Pink Orange and Blue. Did I think too much?
  5. https://youtu.be/gfO6Drub5Gg I saw this video about naeun and Jimin BTS. Is he being friend with our Taemin? As i know they are friend in 2016. He action make me really suspect.I think he used to crush on her once. I read about his ideal type before his group would being famous.His ideal type is someone who has long hair, smaller than him, attractive ,sexy cute and girly like a doll, pure , honest ,only look and like him only.His ideal type matched well with Naeun personality at that time. BTS used to mention about dating that they didn't dare to date with any female idol because they was still rookies and didn't famous enough. (I know that his ideal type may be change now because this info was quite old.) 2013-2015 Apink really famous. according to Apink member said on the radio, Naeun is the most member who popular among male idols. If Taeun genuine started dating secretly in 2014-2015. It took 1 year for proving or developing their honest and love without under "a couple from WGM program" to couple idol. After confirmed that their feeling also strong,I think Taemin and Naeun decided to develop his relationship to "Adult relationship"status. In lately GDA 2015, Taemin and Shinee hyung 's action obviously weird. they look like were planing something. after that, Taemin and Naeun start wearing a set of couple rings with all their fingers in 2016.(Like announce they were belong together or marriage couple). I think It's was Taemin's idea about couple rings.He must feel really jealous when knowing that how many guys try to approach or fawn at Naeun. Like the way he said straightforwardly about his feeling to her on WGM or his idea "what mine is mine" In Jimin case,maybe that time he didn't know about Taeun. ISAC 2015/08, jimin spotted was sitting beside Naeun and peek at her time to time. SMA 2016/01, jimin smile and awkward while Naeun walked pass him. ISAC 2016/01 while BTS was filming in the waiting room.Then, Apink was walking pass them. He saw apink and was spotted smile and shy. SGD 2016/12, He spotted totally frustrated when he had to sit near Naeun. I read someone post on tweeter that Jimin was being taemin's friend last half year in 2016 because Jimin knew Kai first. Kai spotted dating with Krystal is 2016.They also had a couple ring on their right fingers while dating rumor was spread.Maybe Taemin consulted Kai about dating.(Naeun wear couple rings first half year in2016) According to his ideal type,I think he used to interested in Naeun before.After he knew about Taeun, he just became one of Taemin's squad member. I want to shared my analysis. It's just my delusional and imagination only. Thank you for reading and sorry for my English.^^
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/BhTz-5pHdkb/?hl=th&taken-by=taeunismyeverything I just saw this picture from IG. At that time Rumor about L had to join Naeun as a couple.But Woolim decline WGM offered. About Min ah Girl's day, she revealed by her self on 2015 interview that once she also had offered to join WGM too.but, the offered was not confirmed. After that, Taemin was paired with Naeun on WGM instate.(WGM PD looked for a new couple with concept "First love,Pure and innocent".That mean a new couple must be someone who never been in relationship or date before). At that time,as I knew, L and Naeun were single since birth.(L 's ulzzang, his ex-girlfriend was his first love.). Taemin revealed by himself he used to date as he was 4 and 6 grade.It happened before he joined SM in 2005, Trained 3 years as a trainee then debut in 2008 as Shinee member. After debut, I sure he never had any chance to dating someone until joining WGM. In Min ah case, may be at that time she was single since birth too. That way she was received PD's offered to join the program. Didn't anyone notice that about Ep.Apink dome. Taemin said Girl's day when he was awkward in front of Apink member at the first time. At that time, L was revealed about dating with his ex-girlfriend too.Something weir here because L dated with his girlfriend on last April after Naeun was revealed to join WGM with Taemin (L 's sasang revealed this and Woolim confirmed it after the rumor was spread.) I mean,WGM staff,Taemin,Naeun might knew something. I think Taemin must really knew that rumor about L like naeun and once was being paired with her for the program. If I was on of them and really like my partner for real. I definitely asked Staff about the rumor for sure. As, we knew Taemin said he really confidence about Naeun 's heart and didn't feel jealous when apink member tested him like before. I confidenced about Taeun had to talked about this thing to confirmed their partner. And if we listen all song in Apink's album "secret garden". I though this album is a special think to represent Naeun's heart to Taemin. (Naeun also had a part of Art&designed in this comeback and the concept was really like her experience,her feeling,her style.) Song secret garden :keyword> open heart which used to shut, secret whisper Love, first love U you :keyword> only look at you, dating, Shining x3 Star(she sung Shining Shinee Shining Star) Lovely day: keyword> A girls who falling in love a boy,special boy I need you: keyword> A girls who want someone to protect and take care of her. No no no was excented because it was main song for promoting. And if we noticed that only this album had 3 MV. Secret garden MV was filmed at jade garden where Taemin and Naeun used to shoot wedding photo. the place where naeun was in this(river?) mv also was she and him was shooting next to. And U You MV, Naeun did a lot of aegyo.Did she said she can't do aegyo? first she also open the door like resemble to open her heart, the ending screen also was focus on her.by the way, this must only my opinion and my delulu. Sorry,for my bad english.