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  1. @shiillaah you're welcome ~ thanks for posting this article ~ he is revealing more of his romantic side Beautiful fan work ~ The ray of sunshine I love his voice
  2. Other released pics of "Immortal Lovers" interview by NHK_PR ~ Such beautiful pics will be immortal too~
  3. NHKTV released other videos of Grand Prince Japan Press Conference ~ ysy looks like a modern Grand Prince He is such a cute thinker
  4. Still the news about GP starring ysy is hot ~ a Japanese program called "Mortal Lovers" did an interview with the leads,ysy and jsy together, and ysy sent a message via this program. The interview video is available in NHK_PR and will be broadcasted on February 24th, 9 PM. Another pic of our handsome model
  5. Haha he looks too cute in bear-like overcoat ~ I fell for this bear @Farbod Asha Haha modern Fred Flintstone ~ Yes so reminding of Flintstones Yiiiiiiieeeee~ yabado Bidooooo!!!!
  6. The news of Grand Prince and its leads in the Japan TV Life Magazine ~ Happy Valentine to Mr. Yoon Shiyoon ~ His cute dance~
  7. I love to see him with his own kids Another pic of our handsome model Without or with dress he looks so handsome
  8. More shining of his handsomeness The clothes from Austin Reed and the shoes from Vostro and the model is the most handsome ever @Jelve says he wants to get sure all six of his packs are in their own place
  9. Minoo Maani

    Soompi love feast

    @angelangie haha,for sure!~ It's the sequel of watching appetizing foods~
  10. Minoo Maani

    Soompi love feast

    I loved joining the feast but sorry I'm in a diet and here seems persuasively appetizing!
  11. As if he is conquering the men's fashion models industry with his too much handsomeness Pics of Austin Reed Official His special look planned for melting the viewers
  12. Other pics of our handsome model ~ so passionate & charming (From General Republic's kakao talk page) Dashing look~
  13. @kamila01 congrats for your great success ~ I'm still in such status as below pic with my study and exams But ysy has many savior from boring scenes to boost more energy And the scenes to get release of exam excitements and cooling down
  14. Grand Prince is broadcasting in Japan in their national tv. He is very prideful and does his best for performing his role skilful. The synopsis: Grand Prince follows the love-hate relationship between two princes (Yoon Shi Yoon and Joo Sang Wook) and their complicated battle for the throne as well as the woman (Jin Se Yeon) they both love who gets caught in the middle. ... He just wants to marry the woman he loves and live a peaceful life. His laughing is warming Dear moderator please remind other members don't do your job and they should know it is not their business unless it leads to more contacts. Thanks a lot in advance.
  15. moa_ent ig update ~ he looks unbelievably cool ! @Farbod Asha yay~ ridiculous ! ~ @Maryam thank you for your beautiful posts especially the first one ysy strangely looks happy and handsome and also for your wise and insightful words