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  1. Thanks for this thread, @meechuttso! I read in one of the news articles that they are planning to shoot in the Cebu (Philippines). I hope its true though. So many versions of the article have already come out. So happy for uri Hye Sun finally landing the lead role!
  2. mylovekge

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    @titania1000 THANK YOU! My enthusiasm comes from my obsession for SHS, I guess lol I mean, I had to endure "She Was Pretty" just to watch her scenes @immorethant, LOTBS wasn't bad, but I ain't watching it again, either. I adore JJH but I don't like LMH all that much. Their chemistry was blah. (sorry if there are fans here, just my opinion). I did mention here before that I first took notice of SHS in LOTBS because her portrayal of Cha Si Ah was so spot on. I know my drama preferences are a little erratic lol I was a noob in the KDrama world then that I watched whatever was popular, regardless of the genre. ok, im babbling haha I'm taking a week-long break next week, so I gotta download SF ASAP. @meechuttso i gotta say, eating SHS are my favorite GIFs of all time!
  3. mylovekge

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    @titania1000 i havent watched SF yet but looking at those GIFs makes me root for them already! So yesterday was quite eventful, we got new about SHS's new drama which turned out to be false info, HOD posters released (I'm actually looking forward to their onscreen chemistry, hope its good, crossing my fingers lol), and LJS and his team got detained in Indonesia yesterday because of some scamming partner agency. I know it may not be SHS related but I just feel like we won't be seeing much promotions on HOD, especially not from the guy. With LJS shooting his new drama and with the delays as a result of the unfortunate incident. I still hope it gets good reception. I know it's short but I'm still excited to watch it, its SHS afterall. And then we can all get excited for her movie!!! WOOT!
  4. mylovekge

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    @meechuttso THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TRANSLATION. I was so desperate to find one. LOL And what the heck, SMH at these writers releasing false info. Me and my small group of SHS chingus were already in a celebratory mood until we read YNK's denial I talked to someone from YNK today, because we really wanted to send support to SHS at the Press Conference and the guy from YNK could hardly understand me LOLOLOL it was the longest 5 minute- conversation I had. Anyway, he said he'll just respond to my email. So I hope they won't be giving me false hopes
  5. mylovekge

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    I have very weird question.. lol SBS doesn't seem to be promoting Hymn Of Death much maybe because its only a short drama. But do you think they are going to have interviews atleast? Or a Press Conference? It just feels odd that LJS as we know is a big star but they aren't giving much attention to HOD.
  6. Now that we are talking about it, I can't help but feel disappointed again. I had the chance to see her upclose and saw how warm she was with people. She wasn't intimidating at all although ofcourse we kept our distance but we were in the same place. Was just happy to have had the rare chance of seeing my OTP upclose. It felt surreal, tbh. I fell in love with her all the more because not only was she nice, she was more beautiful IRL. Therefore, it's AAA's loss. LOL
  7. I can't help but think the same, that they purposely dropper her. I know this sounds like such a ~loser and bitter mentality~ but who would have thought she'd be thrown out of the top 10? The fans have not played safe and continued to vote for her until the end. I am a sucker for the DORAE/EUNSOO couple because I ship them so much but I am honestly more of a Soo Hyang fan so I voted only for her. I am a huge Shin Hye Sun fan too but I decided to just drop voting for her because Soo Hyang had a bigger chance. I also saw how Arohas rallied for Eun Woo so I wasn't all that worried for him. Ugh. I just started backreading and I kind of agree with some points raised here, about how she gets less recognition. Are we the only ones who think she actually NAILED Kang Mi Rae like she was Kang Mi Rae in real life? LOL Like she really fir the role to a T. I watched her previous shows, I loved Five Enough and she was really funny there but Kang Mi Rae would probably her best role yet, for me. I hope and pray she gets the recognition she so deserves and rake in more fans in the future. I'm not losing hope we'd get to see them in red carpets and awards shows together. Hwaiting!!!
  8. Hello all! I've only recently un-lurked in the ISH thread and I am so sorry to just butt in here with all this negativity, but I feel I need to air out my disappointment. I couldnt understand how someone can fall from 3rd spot to 11th that quick. Yes, I'm talking about AAA. We hoarded points, did mass voting at the last hour and the results were just outright disappointing! I feel like we were cheated. Whhyyyy?? We have a small group chat of voters for ISH fans and we were all so shocked seeing the results. Anyway, finally decided to come out of the shell. I've only ever been active in 1 thread lol but I can't help it. So happy to meet fellow MIIGB fans like myself.
  9. mylovekge

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    LOL I laugh at the last line which is so true! I bet a lot of fans DO NOT just recognize her now, they would probably flock around. I mean I would try my hardest to stay away if I saw her so she wouldn't get creeped out, but like the best part of me would want to run to her. I thought she looked good, though. She seems well-rested to me. LOL or maybe because yea, she doesn't look as skinny as she was in 3017. YOU'VE DEFINITELY TRAINED YOUR MINIONS WELL. proud to be part of the army lol
  10. mylovekge

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    So Hymn of Death finally gets an air date! And it’s going to be aired after “Foxstar Bride”. Finallyyyyyyy! Can’t wait to see the sizzling chemistry betweek LJS and our babygirl. And also, I love that she’s gaining back all the lost weight LOL. I really love the plumpy cheeks (Yeon Tae days). She’s probably all rested cause she even went on SNS hiatus. We miss you, oori Hye Sun-ssi!!!
  11. I just might drop by often now that I found this. teehee! She really is nice and pretty and very warm. Cant wait to see more of her in the coming months!
  12. Annyeong!!! Been searching for a thread for Soo Hyang for a while now and for some odd reason, could not find it when I search here in Soompi but found it when I searched through google. But I'm so happy there is one! I'm a huge fan of both Shin Hye Sun and Im Soo Hyang and got to see her in Cebu (she's so pretty by the waty)!!! Hello to all!
  13. mylovekge

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    She didn't win but it makes me so proud that she got nominated alongside veteran actresses. And she got to present a Daesang award, wuhoo!
  14. mylovekge

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Absolutely stunning in black! And I love that her hair is down.. SO GORG, URI HYESUN-SSI! I hope she wins big!
  15. mylovekge

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Thank you so much @meechuttso for all these translations. Your dedication is really remarkable. and I love loooove looooooove all these Elle photos. She really looks good whatever she wears. This girl! AND OMOOOOO URI LOVELY HYESUN-SSI AT THE RED CARPET. GORGEOUS AS ALWAYS!