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  1. I actually check everyday so I'm pretty much up-to-date but yea, sometimes my mind just goes haywire and I end up with nothing to say. LOL PLEASE DO NOT RETIRE, JEBAL! IKR? Its so perfect like it was invented for us loool OMO SO many new photos of our baby girl. She's really smokin' hot! Although I admit I miss the not-so-skinny Hye Sun. Yeon Tae cheeks still my fave ever. Has anyone ever tried buying Carlyn? I honestly have not heard of this brand before until Hye Sun lmao wonder if it's worth the price tag. Seriously considering getting one just for her. lol Also, welcome @roseyyyy
  2. Loving all these new updates of our Hye Sun!! Thank you, Chingus!! I've been reading albeit, quiet, for the last few days! In a few months, this thread is going to be on fiiire! Guaranteed! LOL And woah, I'm a quite impressed by how L seems to be so passionate that he had to stand in a script reading to do a little acting. lol I hope to see more interactions in the coming weeks. Welcome, @Fuu The Girl to our little corner. I'm not quite sure how we are called but if you are following SHS Global on instagram, they like to call themselves SUNShines. So I guess, we all are SUNShines because she's our sunshine, anyways! teehee!
  3. My favorite would have to be her MGL hair and when she puts her hair up in messy way (ie: Yeon Tae trying to look sexy for Sang min lol) She looks sexy af!
  4. Wow, so much to catch up on! I hate not being able to visit this thread very often because I end up backreading so much and end up with almost nothing to say because my mommy brain keeps failing me lol Welcome to our humble abode @jakey09 . So happy to see a new SHS worshipper(?) lol @meechuttso you are a blessing to all of us with all these translations! What would we do without you?! @Ni Wen / @immorethant / @kokkuri33 annyeong, chingoos! As for the MGL ratings here in the PH, I don't watch a lot of TV. But based on my little research, it's doing quite well for its timeslot. PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) is huge here so being able to beat it is a feat. Also, MGL is a special offering for GMA's anniversary so they picked their homegrown artists/celebrities to dub the whole series which is a first (if I'm not mistaken) for Asian Dramas here in the Philippines. This is Sanya Lopez, she's the voice behind Gillian (Seo Ji An).
  5. OOPSIE, TOTALLY FORGOT TO POST A STARTER PHOTO. One of my favorite SHS looks. As I was about to quote you on the SHS diet, I read your other post about what it is and this totally cracked me up. LMAO. All the while, I thought SHS diet meant starvation which she always says is her way of 'dieting' I miss you all my co-minions. I've been caught up with so much lately, I can barely even take a peek at instagram udpates. But eeek, I'll finally be able to visit Seoul on March-April. This may be a bit farfetched but I hope I could catch any SHS event during my visit.
  6. whew. Still catching my breath from back reading all your updates. By the way, this Bandersnatch thing is AWESOME!!!! I could never have done this even if I tried lol Can't may come any faster, please?!!
  7. I apologize, my co-minions. Life happened and I can still barely catch on. In fact, I have yet to watch the whole SBS emceeing gig of SHS. But may I just say that LJH and SHS look really good together? If LJH were taller (like JongSuk tall), they would look really perfect in a drama together. But who cares, right? It's the chemistry and acting skills that matter. Thank you for keeping this thread moving and updated, despite SHS being all so quiet as ever. I have more than enough pages to read through and will surely last me the entire weekend. LOL
  8. I couldn't read through all your posts but I just dropped by to Congratulate our lady for the (expected and well-deserved) Top Excellence award. I will catch on later. Indeed a Happy New Year to all of us! Also, may I just say that her award look is one of, if not the best, looks she's ever done. I absolutely loved it! Stunning, stunning, stunning!! Ready yourself and your speeches, uri Hye Sun-ssi. There's more to come!
  9. Happy Holidays, to my beautiful chingus. Sharing this photo I got from the SHS Philippines fanpage. source: https://www.facebook.com/ShinHyeSunPhilippines/
  10. I have only ever watched him on Foxstar Bride and he drove me out of my wits so I guess he is an effective actor lol Finally, a real ahjussi for SHS, eh? I dunno but for some reason, I'm more drawn to ahjussis than dongsaengs but I would have preferred Kim Rae Won or Lee Sang Yoon for this role.
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