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  1. Good morning and Happy Sunday to everyone Are we all heading at our 300 pages? Congratulations to My Ajusshi cast for winning at APAN. As we always predicted here, this drama would be a special gem during award season. My only disappointment is Lee Sun Gyun didnt win last night but I bet he is so happy that Lee Jieun won the top actress award. The always underrated and selfless LSG. He deserved all the respect in the industry. It makes me fume sometimes that he gets overlook during award seasons. LJE was a bit emotional and thanked him during her award acceptance speech. IU as a singer is a multi-awarded top soloist but this was her first top actress award. It further solidify the theory that LSG is indeed a legendary star maker. Pretty much most of his leading ladies either won awards or became critically accaimed actresses. I don't know how he does it, but IU openly refers to him as her best partner on numeorous occasions & last night award was no exception. It is quite telling on how he inspired his leading ladies to be at their best and shine brightly with him.
  2. Happy Tuesday:) How is everyone's week so far? I loved that first train scene between LJA and PDH because as much as he was trying not to touch her, she on the other hand was so taken a back by their closeness. I am not sure whether the PDnim/writernim intended this scene to tease for a loveline or that unexpected oozing spark was mainly because of the natural chemistry between Lee Jieun and Lee Sung Gyun. It is still such a toss up in my opinion even after rewatching it multiple times. I was so confused with that scene during the initial broadcast. I was like wait I thought there was no official loveline? Why was my heart racing all of a sudden? What the heck was that? Talking about a chemistry so explosive that it could possibly snapped a train pole if they stayed glued to each other. In the back pages, some posters called the spark like "butter melting" that you could cut a knife right through it. Yes, the chemistry was that strong. I know that LJE openly referred to LSG as her best partner but I also think she was his best partner too. I watched LSG's movies/dramas over the years. He had some chemistry with most of his leading ladies but never quite the spark of electricity that he had with his leading lady in My Ajusshi. If you think about it of all the actresses that LSG was paired with, "the spark" had to be with IU of all people? Who would have thought right? Talking about odd and complete opposites that they might as well be a variable in a mathematical equation that does not make sense. They are such an unlikely pairing even their personal career trajectories are so different.. She is a well loved top artist to the point that sometimes every single news about her is blown out of proportion. He on the other hand is an award winning thespian (borrowing @akhenaten's term ) that most people loves to overlook despite his great talent in kdramaland. But for some reason LJE and LSG connected in an emotional level as actors and have that palpable chemistry on screen. They can just sit, not talk, look at each other and viewers can already understand their pain and suffering. These two are so lucky to have found this type of onscreen chemistry. Not many actors are granted the same opportunity of finding their best partner throughout their careers. About the controversy from the previous pages, I am seriously going to be upset if My Ajusshi, KWS, writer Park, LJE, and LSG will be snubbed of award nominations next year because of this ridiculousness done by people who didn't even watch the show. I will wait until the end of the year if there will be other kdramas that is unique, thought provoking, well acted, and emotionally charging like My Ajusshi. So far no new shows have peek my interest. I am stuck in a kdrama rut after the triple gems of Misty, Mother, and My Ajusshi. My kdrama excellence bar is set so high this year. No pun intended but I dropped Mr Sunshine despite my admiration for Kim Taeri. I can' t take the close ups and heroic shots every damn episode. I was cringing that I am afraid I will suffer from a locked jaw. I think I should switch to Jdramas. Any recommendations?
  3. @Joseph LimMy apologies to cut your post short. I don't really like to disagree with a fellow fan but IU still has not shed off that cutesy image. In fact, she reverted back to it with her Palette comeback in 2017. Regardless of how much IU wanted to avoid being called the Nation's Little Sister, she also cannot afford to lose that image because of her superstar status in her home country. She has to cater to the Korean general public which quite frankly is still a very conservative society. I know this may be off topic but since you are mentioning IU's music and past albums let's discuss it. Modern Times was a jazz bossa nova so it appealed to the conservative older Korean general public with the exception of the hit bop Friday. She didn't really tried to break free from the cute girl next door image even her Friday MV was cute. Nothing daring about it. Then Flower BookMark 1 - she came back to her ballad roots with the collection of old folk songs. Again appealing to the older conservative Korean general public. The Chatshire era (2015) she tried to be daring and sexy - with a racy GQ pictorial and a controversial album. She was trying to shatter the innocent goody two shoes image. The Korean public was not ready for it in my opinion. Hence, all the controversies etc followed that album concept everywhere. It was such a shame because in my opinion Chatshire was the golden year of IU's excellent lyrical verse as a songwriter. However, the brilliance of the album was overshadowed by the mounting controversy. It took her another 2 years to release Palette in 2017. Only this time she learned the fine balance between maintaining her favorable cute public image and her steady growth as a mature artist. The album was a huge commercial success partly because IU found a way to express her music without ruffling too many feathers. My point is although IU tried to shed off the cute image but there are still CF films where she acted cute and banked on her image as Nation's Little Sister (Mon Cher, Kdpharm, etc..). Also, IU is physically cute without even trying with those baby cheeks, doll skin, and petite stature. I think the woman just learned to embrace the cutesy image instead of rebelling against the very image that made her famous in the first place. She learned to compromise when needed with her management but at the same time it gave her freedom to venture on risky projects like My Ajusshi because of her bankability as a celebrity. She mentioned how the role of Jian and the drama were so important that it would likely stay with her for a long time. I could understand why IU said those words for the simple reason that she was free for 5-6 months from the expectations of being the cute top star. I think she loved playing the manipulative bad girl Jian, in fact even during filming she preferred to be called by her character's name all the time. IU successfully shed off that cute idol image because of My Ajusshi only this time the general public was behind her 100%. They were rooting for her. As I mentioned before, I have been following IU's dramas for years and watching BTS clips. I could tell that she was happiest while filming My Ajusshi which was odd because the tone of the drama was depressing but the girl was always giddy and goofing around. She even got drunk.
  4. The perfect storm of controversy when My Ajusshi production was announced late last year. It started when a fraction of IU's immature Kpop fanbase flooded her IG with hate messages voicing out their disappointment regarding her drama role choices. They were expecting another Moon Lovers sequel or she would be paired with another pretty boy actor. Some even threaten to leave her fandom if she chose My Ajusshi as her next project. The posts are still there in her SNS so you guys can freely read all the awful messages. The reaction was so intense from her own immature fans that it actually made news as @sadiesmith highlighted above. Then the real IU haters/antis started to jump into the bandwagon and repeating her previous album lyric scandal by spreading false malicious rumors. After that, the korean feminazis started weighing in the issue because you know it's IU so any news about her was a big deal in South Korea. Moreover, Lee Sun Gyun is more of an indie actor. He is handsome and charming but he does not have enough fangirls to defend him against all the haters. Poor guy. Now in Mr Sunshine, there was no big outrage right? The kdrama fans are cringing a bit but the majority are all open to the possible love angle between Kim Taeri and Lee Byung Hyun. Case point that there is always a big difference in maturity level between kdrama viewers and kpop fans. So I agree that IU's idol image has something to do with the controversy but in fairness she also gave Kim Won Suk a heads up early on. However, this PD really believed in her and wanted her for the role of Jian. She had no choice because IU was not crazy to turn down an offer from the great Kim Won Suk. She understood that working with this PD would elevate and challenged her as an actress. This decision was a no-brainer. And IU was right because not only she delivered a great performance but she also garnered so much respect as an actress from her sunbaes in the industry.
  5. @justamom It was so hard back on 2016 during the Moon Lovers broadcast with so much negative articles and criticisms about LJE's acting performance. If I remembered correctly, I literally had to curse everyday at SNS that I was staring to develop Tourettes reading all the hate comments. The knetz loved to blame the lead actress but didn't put the same weight of responsibility on the PD. The guy zoomed in the camera so much that I memorized the exact number of LJE's facial moles by the end of the drama. What a train wreck of a director. As a result, I think LJE suffered so much from the harsh criticisms that she didn't come back to kdramas until 2 years later. This is why I understand big stars like Gong Yoo, Gong Hyo Jin really take their time and are very cautious in choosing their kdrama projects. Sometimes they go hiatus for years because one train wreck of a drama can seriously derail your career. And I agree Kim Won Suk used less close ups, more into small details in every scene, and his filming style is more like a homage to French Noir films.
  6. I am choking up with LJE's response regarding Kim Won Suk. I cannot talk about this enough but he really challenged LJE acting wise and gave her the opportunity to add versatility into that acting resume. All of LJE's scenes were shot to pure perfection in My Ajusshi. He really made her shine in every aspect of the drama. This is something that PD Kim Kyu Tae neglected to do in Moon Lovers. Pls excuse the bluntness of my opinion but I am not a fan of that PD coz LJE seriously received career damaging hateful comments all because of his obsessive camera close ups. As an IU fan, I really appreciated KWS so much for giving me the best version of actress Lee Jieun that any fan could wish for in a kdrama project. I am still saving all the positive comments, tweets, and articles about LJE and LSG because the messages from fans all over the world were so genuinely touching about the show. So I guess one tidbit of information was confirmed by LJE in this interview that KWS personally offered her the role. "You fit Lee Ji An down to a T" and as always that brilliant PDnim is right. In fact, LJE was so into Jian's character that her real manager Hanteo was complaining about it on IUtv. At the same time, I haven't seen Hanteo expressed so much excitement about any acting project aside from My Ajusshi that he literally became LJE's reading partner behind the scenes just to make sure she stayed on script. All the love pouring in and validation from the viewers obviously made LJE more inspired to give her best performance in the show. Edit: Why Lee Jieun was so good as Jian? (aside from her innate talent as an actress) 1) She had a PD that believed on her 100% even from the beginning. He freaking shot her scenes like a poetry in motion straight from pages of a graphic novel. Seriously KWS is like the biggest Jian fanboy 2) A prolific writer like Park Hae Young that pens imperfect strong female lead characters. I loved all the scenes of Jian's violent tendencies (the knife scene at JYD's apartment is still scaring the heck out of me until this day) 3) And lastly, she was lucky enough to have a selfless leading man like Lee Sun Gyun that is known in the industry as a top actress creator. He surely did a fine job making sure his leading lady shines w/ him and sometimes even giving LJE the sole spotlight. No wonder she calls him as her "best partner"
  7. First of all a big thanks to @justamom for translating. Finally! LJE mentioning about Jian's love for DH. Also LSG stating about having an open heart (non-judgmental) - What a great interview! and I agree they were both more free to express themselves outside of SK.
  8. Happy 4th of July to everyone:) I hope everybody is having a good mid week so far. @t123han your comment is so hilarious that I almost choke on my coffee. And I agree LSG and LJE are so damn cute! especially the photo where they were staring at each other. I am really trying to get over them but darn it!! that freaking spark between them and uber cuteness always gets me a little crazy. So I have to rant about it here in the mother ship. It is so disappointing that the Japanese MNET press did better promotions than TVN Korea. Oh yeah, TVN caved in 100 percent to the controversies during My Ajusshi Korean broadcast. No wonder LJE and LSG never have an interview together aside from the cast press conference. So I am grateful to the Japanese promotions because at least we have photos of them looking so damn cute together!! The way it should have been from the beginning.. OMFG I almost screamed like a schoolgirl in a crowded train when I saw these photos. Thank you @mylovelystar for the pics.
  9. Great point. The only time we saw DH drive was when Jian visited her grandma the last time. Jian's circle (Sage, Ommoni, and Ki Bum) treats DH as someone responsible for her. It was something automatic for them and yet understated. I agree that somehow DH was depressed and suicidal during the earlier episodes until he found someone worth living for.. The multiple lines about "she makes me breathe" really strikes a cord about his state of mind and how close he is falling into the edge. It was discussed in the back pages that it was Jian's fire and determination to fight even when life gave her a hard bargain that attracted DH from the beginning. She brought so much fire into him that the poor guy was so lost when she left during episode 16. Another not so popular opinion: DH was so unhappy despite having a good family, wife, stable job, and a son. In reality, none of these things matter if a person does not live for himself and sacrificed individuality and happiness throughout his life. Sooner or later, it will take a toll. Yes the YH subtle jealousy was all over that scene. The look on her face was priceless. DH was always possessive about his relationship with Jian. Their world together was impenetrable. He does not share anything about her except in desperate situations like when he couldn't find her (allowing YH to talk in the cellphone) or desperately avoiding temptation & breaking his marital vows by letting Jung Hee take Jian for she needs a safe place away from him. I guess once you found something or someone so precious then the sense of protectiveness towards that person is understandable. It was also not one sided. Jian being that petite small frame violently threatened everyone not to mess and stay the effing away from DH. They are just both fools for each other.
  10. Happy Father's Day to everyone @sadiesmithI am giggling too about that fact. Thank you @fauna for the reminder. Also, please keep in mind the intense look that Jian gave DH before the attempted kiss. The usual intense Jian gaze that DH seems to be the only one that can bring out of her. She was looking at his lips prior to the kiss so I agree that Jian was curious too about DH from the beginning. The attraction was always there. We just didn't pay attention to it because at that time we weren't expecting a love story at all. The real time reactions from the episode was different at that time. My favorite song was always Rainbow from MA soundtrack. I just had a changed of heart and now it is Dear Moon just for obvious reasons that LJE was also quietly shipping DH-Jian from her fanmeeting Q&A. She was obviously passionate about the lyrics and what it meant from Jian's POV. And thank god for LJE, she just confirmed the song inspiration was DH and it gave me fresh perspective about the earlier episodes 4-5. It was full moon when DH followed Jian from the grocery store. He stared at that moon while he waited for her in the cold. Such a great scene now looking at it from a different perspective.
  11. Happy Wednesday everyone. Thank you again @mylovelystar and @Joseph Lim for posting the hilarious birthday videos of LJE in this thread. I think she just admitted of also being on withdrawal from My Ajusshi and also having a hard time letting go of Jian. Sweetie we all can relate here in Soompie. LJE was so touched and almost teary eyed in that video from all the positivity this show created particularly all the wonderful feedbacks she had been getting from fans all over including SNS. After all the domestic hate she got from Moon Lovers, it must be encouraging for her to see fans very passionate talking about the show and more like a cult following within the kdrama communities. There was a question a couple of pages back regarding future roles that will suit actress LJE. I agree with most users here that a good kdrama role comes every two years or so. Although it seems like forever, I am willing to wait around until she picked the right project. The IU team should take notes on what went right from this show and apply it in her future roles. Aside from her great performance, LJE also lucked out from My Ajusshi because of the creative people behind the scenes; 1) PD Kim Won Suk was essential in terms of highlighting her strengths as an actress. He artistically shot LJE like a poetry in motion. She was so beautiful in My Ajusshi with her disheveled bangs being softly blown by the cold wind, the way she ran, and the overall depth and vulnerability of her character perfectly captured frame by frame 2) The rare female centric Jian character written by the amazing Park Haeyoung 3) LSG the selfless leading man that gave LJE more room to shine as an actress which made their partnership in this drama successful . I am hoping LJE's next kdrama project will also tackle some sort of social relevance and a slice of life reality that we all can relate to just like the way Jian was etched into our hearts. If the drama gods will be nice, I am hoping a reunion with LSG some time in the future.
  12. Happy Friday to everyone here:) I need a serious REPEAT of this LJE and LSG professional partnership. That chemistry and tension between them is really something it cannot just end in one project. I am praying for a heavy drama or a suspense thriller movie if LJE decides to do it in the near future. The onscreen spark will never disappear between those two, they are like successful old Hollywood onscreen couples that might have been soulmates from their previous lives. Special shoutout to @berny for that great explanation about the reasoning behind LJE and LSG's magnetic screen chemistry. Also thank you @mylovelystar for posting the pics of LSG and LJE in that second cast celebration party. Again those two with their spark, all they need is to occupy the same space together and that's about it. The palpable feels pls be still my heart. I just received the official My Ajusshi OST (it took almost a month!) in my mailbox today. My first time ever ordering a physical copy of an OST after being a kdrama viewer since early 2000. The official CD is worth to wait and not disappointing for being a hard core fan of My Ajusshi all the extra autograph pictures of LJE and LSG that comes into the package I deeply appreciated it. Another first for me. I have never cared with any other dramas to order CDs, giggle like a schoolgirl with the album cover, worry about a Blu ray collector's edition, and some weird stuff like that. Now I understand the feeling when they say "fangirling" . I can't believe I am doing it after years of being in k-drama world but here I am sucked into the Jian and Dong Hoon love pool or should I say a black hole in space? Usually by the time the drama ends I will be ok after a week but this OTP is different. It is almost a month after My Ajusshi ended and I am still not over my withdrawal. In fact, I am rewatching it again so that I won't get pissed off because I missed it so much. Geez I'm hopeless I guess I will join the rest of you guys here and order the Blu Ray too even without the guarantees of an English subtitles. Just because of all the possible extras that comes with the collector's edition which is worth it for me. I can just endlessly gawk about it in Soompi and hopefully our Korean speaking chingus here will still be around and translate. I hope the distributor and producer of that Blu Ray collector's edition will seriously consider investing on hiring an English, Spanish, and Chinese translators for subtitles. The product will be more marketable that way especially across the globe and will triple their profits quite honestly. There is already an international cult following for My Ajusshi. What's the point of producing something if it does not appeal to an international audience because of a language barrier?
  13. Seriously Netflix should pick up My Ajusshi, I should probably bother them now and make a request. I am really enjoying Hyori BnB season 1 right now because JTBC happened to have a good relationship with Netflix. Plus the picture quality is just way better when Netflix does digital streaming at 1080p so I can clearly gawk at the sexy chemistry of LJE and LSG like its nobody's business. I am always grateful for Soompi and everyone of the Korean speaking posters here for clarifying some things for us. It really made such a big difference in my understanding of the ending. The Dramafever translation is just crap. I am hoping the official TVN Blu ray release will have a correct english translation of the ending the same way that the TVN Malaysia had a correct translation. Yes TVN Malaysia please release your Blu ray version , I will be happy to buy it any day. Viki should have fought hard for the streaming rights of My Ajusshi. I am subscriber of Viki for years and I can't believe this streaming company is sleeping on Kim Won Suk quality dramas Episode 9 was the turning point for Jian when the line was crossed from a simple admiration to her falling in love with DH. Again, I don't understand the brother-sister assumptions, platonic, or hero worship type of theories behind Jian's feelings. The woman is clear since episodes 10-16 from her multiple love confessions. Then we have episode 15 where Jian practically called YH a big beeyoch and was envious because she have DH as a husband. After rewatching episode 15, Jian using the word "envy" on that scene equates to the intensity of her feelings towards DH, more like a possessive nature and desire of her heart. There is a big difference between jealousy and envy. In my opinion, the more acceptable theory about Jian's feelings that it could be unrequited just like what the Russian viewers were saying. I could accept that argument because DH never really admitted his feelings verbally but at the same time he didn't have to do it. YH despite being a self centered character already knew that finding Jian was so important for DH's sanity. Everything was falling apart in their marriage but DH never cared instead he was fixated on finding Jian. Even more troubling on episode 15, YH didn't seem to care and question about DH's "over the top" caring behavior towards Jian. I think YH didn't need to ask the questions because the answers were already showing in his actions. No wonder the one thing she asked for was that "beer" right after criminal case was resolved. YH is also a smart perceptive woman and likely knows beforehand that Jian will be leaving DH and head to Busan for another job. She clearly does not have anymore patience to stick around and watch DH silently pine for Jian everyday. No woman in her right mind wants to stay in that marriage and experience that type of torture.
  14. wishful thinking I guess to get this Blu Ray in english subtitles.. I hope they will consider adding subtitles on it.. seriously this show has a big international fandom as well.
  15. I will love to have the Blu Ray Director's Cut especially seeing LJE and LSG at 1080p. Heck yeah! I don't mind paying a hefty price as long as it comes with english subtitles. Does anyone knows if it comes with subtitles?
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