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  1. https://www.weibo.com/p/100808dfb7713cbd19312b0c5f780b89e0287f/super_index#_rnd1553522266269
  2. More photos https://www.weibo.com/p/100808dfb7713cbd19312b0c5f780b89e0287f/super_index#_rnd1553522266269
  3. I don't know. She is busy with the baby and LGX is now at HLA's event. Live broadcast (now) http://v.qq.com/live/p/topic/65801/index.html#player
  4. TODAY -a new HLA event LIVE broadcast can still seen here http://v.qq.com/live/p/topic/65801/index.html#player Photos: https://www.weibo.com/p/100808dfb7713cbd19312b0c5f780b89e0287f/super_index#_rnd1553521410724
  5. You asked me ''why SBS ?'' No. The 1st JG drama I ever saw was Iljimae, in June 2018 so I don't know exactly how much time he takes. As I know, JG is that kind of actor who immerse himself in the character so I suppose he needs at least 6 months to left it . Then he needs time to study the new offers and decide which one fits him best. He is not a Copy-Paste actor or desperate for money...a drama (I'd also very much like a new movie...) a year is enough. Now add to that Delight Asia Tour(the last Fan Meeting on 28 April in Seoul) and some events...so I'd say he is still in time
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