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  1. happyfanlgx

    Lin Geng Xin (LGX) 林更新 Official Thread

    DO YOU HAVE PROBLEMS TO SIGN IN ? Don't worry ! You did nothing wrong. It is because of the site's maintenance Just change your password and you'll be able to sign in !!!
  2. DO YOU HAVE PROBLEMS TO SIGN IN ? Don't worry ! You did nothing wrong Just change your password !!!
  3. happyfanlgx

    Lin Geng Xin (LGX) 林更新 Official Thread

  4. New pics posted by Namooactors on Naver One of my favorites
  5. Let's remember the actors who made Princess Agents a big hit They all deserve our congratulations Of course , we all have favorites. Mine are Lin Gengxin perfect as Yuwen Yue, Li Qin(beautiful and very talented actress) as Princess Yuan Chun, Wang Yanlin very good as Yuwen Huai and Deng Lun as Crown Prince of Liang
  6. happyfanlgx

    Lin Geng Xin (LGX) 林更新 Official Thread

    Beautiful Fan Art
  7. 2019.01.27 Fan Meeting in Taipei Really funny New videos His Fan Meetings are unique
  8. Now I understood...I think I could help you
  9. As I understood , you're using photos in a new storyline. I didn't watch W (MBC's drama )yet so I'm a bit confused . Hard to search for pics as time as you don't know the story I need some time to better understand what is all about A lot of JG's photos can be found on Instagram and Pinterest (presented for every drama, movie, event- if you want I can send you the link.I'm not sure it's allowed to post here links to other sites)
  10. I suppose that ''Someone'' is me but I didn't say ''he was a flower boy'' but ''It's said that he is the original flower boy but, in my opinion, this isn't very important. What's really important is that he was a very good Actor since the beginning of his career'' I read many articles about him (koreans, japanese, chinese, english...Thank you Google Translate !) and often he was called ''flower boy'', ''pretty boy'', '' the man more beautiful than women'' but no one has ever questioned his talent. All authors had only words to praise him for his acting skills. Yes...as I know he has good skills in 5 martial arts and 3 black belts in 3 of them If I can help you with some info or photos, just tell me I'm also a fan of him
  11. happyfanlgx

    Soompi love feast

    It is a beautiful sunny day ...so what about a coffee ?