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  1. You're welcome ! Today is also the day when we can see his interview at MBC ...info posted here yesterday
  2. Because we're speaking here about kids... He said in a interview that he'd be a good father and I'm sure of that (source: https://www.weibo.com/p/100808dfb7713cbd19312b0c5f780b89e0287f/super_index?from=page_100808&mod=TAB#place) I remember this pics...He love kids and kids love him...just look at them...beautiful Because the things are not always as we want...what else to say that I hope LGX will meet the woman who will love him and that they will have beautiful kids together ...and FSF will be also a good father for ZLY's kid
  3. happyfanlgx

    Lin Geng Xin (LGX) 林更新 Official Thread

    He'd be a good father https://www.weibo.com/p/100808dfb7713cbd19312b0c5f780b89e0287f/super_index?from=page_100808&mod=TAB#place
  4. JG will release new digital single "DELIGHT" on Dec 10, 2018 at 6 pm. (KST), which is also available on Apple Music. This single includes 3 tracks, "For us", "Accepted" and "Can't be slow"
  5. English subtitle of MBC Section TV Ep. 934's trailer The interview of JG will be broadcasting on tomorrow, Dec 10, 2018 at 20:55 hrs.KST (you need an iMBC account but it is very easy to Sign Up. Just follow the instruction in the @ jg_k_drama's post) Thank you @ jg_k_drama !
  6. Finally...he is smiling and he looks better than ever Good for you, Dear https://www.weibo.com/5780021896/H6rwMoj8i?type=comment#_rnd1544364048513
  7. Find Out The Cast That Koreans Want For “The Moon That Rises In The Day” Webtoon Remake https://www.kpopmap.com/find-out-the-cast-that-koreans-want-for-the-moon-that-rises-in-the-day-webtoon-remake/ This article was published on July 2018 but no news about the cast. Anyway, keep hopping for a great project soon !
  8. happyfanlgx

    Lin Geng Xin (LGX) 林更新 Official Thread

    Who's The Murderer 4 , ep 5 -English Subtitles
  9. Scholar who Walks The Night, ep.20 on GYAO right now JG's schedule in Japan , December 2018-Ianuary 2019