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  1. Another website on the dating rumor to be confirmed: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/oh-yeon-seo-kim-bum-confirm-theyre-relationship/ Off to a corner sobbing..
  2. Hi everyone, this is my first time comment ( created this account today)despite silently reading this thread for quite sometime. I use to look forward to every sat and sun to catch the latest episode of the drama. I always go for live recap of the drama even when i'm in oversea!( couldnt wait for the subtitle to load) After the end of hwayugi, i actually felt empty and the only next thing for me to look forward is actually this thread. Reading all the comments, analysis etc etc of 503 couple from everyone totally makes my day even more enduring and happy! i really wish both of them be together even thou i try not to put too much expectation. Just so if they are really together, it will be like a super bonus heart explode feeling!( i will probably rolling around on the floor in happiness) Just want to say really thankful that this thread is created and thank you everyone for keeping this on going and on fire!