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    addicted to kdrama from my daughters...love to see the artist chemistry together...its just for fun though.

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  1. veena007

    Solo trip to Korea in 2018

    hi...you could download the “visitkorea” apps then also download the metro apps...how many days are you going there? there are many places to go...we have been there 4x...still not all places covered... recommended : 1. myeongdong (all area, underground & streets) 2. nami island,petite france,bike ride,hangang river cruise, morning calm glory (booked the travel coach from funtastickorea) theres many offer on their IG and website 3. lotte world 4. palaces 5. bukchon 6. jeju island 7. fish market (i love the king crab) hihi theres many places to go, i think a week wont cover all unless its a glance... owh yeah...hotels are quite expensive i love staying at guesthouse especially “itaewon inn” it was for muslim foods area “myeongdong guesthouse” was very good for shopping lovers... ok thats it from me, btw feel free to message me if u need some advice or any questions...have a marvelous trip