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  1. Guys if love to read fanfic about our couple.. here plase check out my friends fanfic.. https://my.w.tt/C5laKNXzoM Hope you read and like it.. And if any of have a recommendation i would like to read it
  2. Thank you guys for making my heart dugun dugun.. read the last 3 page.. and Also sorry I'm just silent delurking.. since I'm not good in English but I will keep supporting our couple always.. don't worry.. By the way @taskdramafanatic what fanfic in Wattpad us are writing?? I'm already read all fanfic about our couple in Wattpad so which one that you wrote? And @kopikosong you are a master of gift.. thank you sabunim.. and I think we are from the same country.. love..
  3. Me too... I'm read all hwayugi relate fanfic in Wattpad and it's really healing for me.. let's be delulu again guysss in this land we just know Jin sun mi (OYS) and son oh gong (LSG) only...
  4. Even my heart can't accept this news.. I will keep deluluing them not as Lee seunggi and oh yeon seo.. but as soon oh gong and Jin sun mi.. Just for make my heart in Better place.. I'm still reading fanfic of hwayugi and keep deluluing both of them make me happy let's we live in our shipper paradise And palace...Sam Smit song echoing in my ear.. "I'm gonna miss you.. I'm still care.. sometime I wish we never built this palace.. but real love is never waste of time" Thank you chinggu ya.. please keep this shipper being only our paradise
  5. Ahhhh can't it just being a fake news to cover her real relationship wit the charming friend... Jaeballlllll
  6. Wuahhh .. today I'm spending my time to read hwayugi fan fiction by seikaasam and it's really good... Hopefully there's another season 2 with that script it's really good guys... And I'm amazed late in the morning I'm in page 180 and now it's already in 196.. you guys daebakkkk...
  7. Yeah we are really being extra delulu.. this "love love scene" especially when oh gong touch Jin sun mi shoulder ahh I can feel butterfly in my stomach
  8. Guysss even though you are make your own group to discuss about that EP thing hopefully you are not leaving this thread.. I'm being silent reader all this time.. and still dying because I'm keep just wondering what was that EP thing.. and keep watching again dram.. I'm really miss watching our couple together.. it's been my 5 time watched this drama