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  1. no. Pirates 2 is not confirmed yet, but more likely it will happen
  2. Yes Lee Jung Hyun is getting married this April. Looks like only SYJ and GHJ are still single. Yes GHJ used to date Lee Jin Wook. Some how they are all connected. Lee Jin Wook was SYJ's costar in Alone In Love. Since Huyn bin also knows LJH, i'm wondering if both syj and hb will attend her wedding
  3. i don't think she will attend either one. It would be too obvious
  4. Binnie Jinnie facebook Posted February 26 @ 1:46pm Yejin introduced a book on her IG "Men, Friends Memories of Cuba". This book is about story-telling and introduction of The Republic of Cuba. She said she sat and read the entire book. The book is very funny. She traveled to this country twice but still wanted to come back. In the past, the writer would think Yejin simply wanted to introduce a good book. She's beautiful and has good personality. However, after the romantic rumors as we all knew, it's hard not to think of something else. 1. The Korean title of the book 남자, 친구 if eliminate the comma 남자친구 it means boyfriend 2. If not paying attention, you may read the English title as Memories of Alhambra. The writer, after a few seconds of confusion, blindly believes Yejin just simply wanted to introduce a good book with no other intentions. Two of the book authors are male so the writer guesses it's about traveling with friends. It's easier to believe that way. If the book content is about love story, then it would be too obvious. PS: this book is not related to the drama "encounter" that was filmed in Cuba. Binnie Jinnie Posted today Hyun Bin's Lexus CF making clip was shown. In the clip, he looks a little chubby with smooth white skin, like a husband who was taken good care by a wife.
  5. Aawww you’re too sweet but no .. don’t feel responsible.. too be honest, I really love this couple and hope one day they will get married. Our thinking maybe different but I don’t think we are on different page because we both love and root for them. Though you are 110% sure they are in romantic relationship whereas mine is probably 90%. So I hope you don’t get me wrong neither when I leave negative opinions I really don’t want you to get mad. I’m scared.... just kidding
  6. I knew I would cause trouble if I give my honest opinion which came out more negative than I thought. It is not like I don’t think they can be in romantic relationship. I do. That’s why I’m here. I really rooted for them. I was just giving out other possibilities because I don’t want to be completely blinded on one side. I hope you understand and don’t leave this thread because I do need someone like you to keep my faith, just like @katty27 @Cedric Ong @randomthotz. I really appreciate all of your positive posts. Generally, I like to stir a conversation a little bit because this thread is too quiet sometimes and it’s also interesting to read others’ opinions peace I think the one should leave this thread is me, not you since this is the shippers thread and we probably only should discuss about positivity. And I really apologize for being negative It was just my speculation of why SYJ decided not to attend the ceremony because APAN was on her schedule and not the International Seoul Drama Awards and her manager was supposed to get the award but they decided to back out. So I just thought maybe she let him have his shining moments. What could be other reasons if you guys could think of?
  7. I agree he was quite nervous, even forgot to mention his parents in his speech. The Korean celebrities normally thank their parents during the award speech, right? Especially his first acting award. The MC even asked him if he told his parents about his awards. I will post the translation of their conversation after his speech at a later time. But I thought it was strange to mention about a 30-years old's parents. Isn't he too old for that? I guess I'm too westernized.
  8. I know you would react like this sorry for making you mad. The relationship I was talking about could be just one-sided from SYJ. I hate to say this straight out because she's my goddess. Or maybe it would not necessarily romantic type. It could be something like she found a gemstone (of acting) and she wants to polish it. We all know he is good at showing different emotions and I was impressed with his acting in SITR. He really deserved the excellence acting award at APAN. Or maybe they have the same vision of acting. What I'm hoping is those relationships could blossom into a romantic type. But I don't see just yet. That's why I'm still waiting.
  9. Thank you @ChoiBuJho for asking my opinion. He talked a little fast for me so I may have missed a few words. I haven't listened to his popularity speech in its entirety yet..but I think he said something about walking quietly on his path again just like he did at Baeksang. Looking at his facial expressions during the male excellence acting award after he mentioned SYJ, I think he lost his thought a little bit before he said I'm thankful and quickly ended his speech. It was expected for him to mention her in his speech because after all, it was their drama. Even though I feel his sincerity but I don't feel it was as special as her speech about him at International Seoul Drama Awards. For some reasons, I feel like SYJ gave him the opportunity to shine at APAN for not attending the ceremony. She could have come but the spot light would be on them, not JHI. Her manager also lost the opportunity to get the award as well. Not that I blame him, but the whole thing seems very controversial to me. Something behind the scenes that we don't know about. I think there is a special relationship between them or their companies, I cannot tell which one yet. Please don't hate me, just my own opinion. I'm leaning more towards reality as I mentioned in the past that I really need concrete evidence to prove they are in romantic relationship. Up until today, I'm not totally convinced just yet. I will have to watch a little longer. But I have to admit that she really wants him to shine.
  10. JHI really looked handsome and sharp. I like his tux alot. I completely love his look at APAN. Regarding the translation, I do not like to translate IG videos because I can't rewind them. It's hard to listen to the entire videos or have to refresh them multiple times. But anyways, I was waiting for youtube to upload his speech but I cannot find a quality YouTube video. I saw one but the volume of that video was so low and his fans made too much noise plus this man talked so fast for me to catch everything. Fortunately, his speech is short so it's not too bad to use IGs Here is the translation Actually. ..(nervous) I actually came here to confirm and show my appreciation for the popularity award. There are really so many good seniors that I came to see here today that it's just too good for me to be in the such a place with them. I don't really know what to say. First of all, thank you very much! And also..... I think this award is really given me twice as much burden as the one I received previously. This is not a prize I was expected. To the writer Kim, director Ahn Pan Soek, and also to me it was such a gift of happiness that senior Son Ye Jin had given me. I want to thank you. I will always do my best to perform acting with all my sincerity. Also, I will try to be a good person before becoming a good actor. Thank you!
  11. [News] Son Ye Jin is 1st Place Actress in Korea in 2018 Actor Son Ye-jin is the number one actress in Korean movie actress category in 2018. Son Ye-jin is the first Korean movie actress in 2018 with two films released this year, 'I'm Going to Meet You Now' and 'Negotiation'. According to the Korea Film Council's integrated network, "I'm Going to Meet You Now", which was released this spring, recorded a total audience of 2,602,166, exceeding the break-even point of 2 millions, and succeeded in box office. As of October 1, 2018 "The Negotiation" mobilized 1,744,041 people to the theaters, marking the total number of cumulative audiences almost 4.5 millions. This was followed by Shim Eun-kyung, Kim Dae-mi (total number of audiences 3,989,322), and Park Bo-young (total number of audiences 2,817,547).In the Korean film industry centered on male actresses, Son Ye-jin has shown a wide range of acting spectra ranging from melodrama, thriller, action, and comedy, and received a number of award-winning grand prizes. In addition, she has established herself as a leading Korean actress in the movie 'Deok-hee Princess', 'The Pirates', and 'The Tower.' Source
  12. If you are interested in watching 2018 APAN red carpet LIVE on October 13th Online ticket USD$ 1.98 Online ticket for 2018 APAN STAR AWARDS Red Carpet exclusive live streaming + Ceremony exclusive online broadcast click this will take you to the website to register https://www.makestar.co/simple/live_2018apan Then scroll down and click "Purchase" and follow instructions in English
  13. @cybertron If you have time and haven't done so, try to go back to "something in the rain" soompi thread and read all the posts there. There were a lot of interesting posts including all translations for the drama BTS. I found the main leads Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In very entertaining BTS. Their chemistry was even better BTS than the actual drama.
  14. Does anyone know if SYJ will attend APAN? Her schedule on 10-13 posted in her fancafe is blank. I'm afraid she won't attend. There are conversations going on in her fancafe about the event but I can't see because I'm not a member in her fan club. Also, popularity vote for Blue Dragon Awards had started. Does anyone know how to vote? This is what her fan cafe looks like This is apan MC Kim Seung woo confirmed as the sole MC of the award ceremony And Son Ye Jin's manager - Kim Min-sook, who was originally awarded for the best manager of the year, has expressed his willingness to pass over his honor to the junior as senior manager and senior consultant of the management system. After accepting the intention, the CEO Bae Sung-eun was selected as the best manager of the year. Bae Sung Eun has been with Park Hae Il and Lee Sang Woo for more than 15 years since his debut. I guess SYJ will not attend.... Source
  15. She said "I am saying this to you..I'm grateful and it's such a great honor to receive another big prize in May this year. With 'I can speak', I was first awarded a prize at 77 and now again at 78. Son Ye Jin-shi who is right next to me, my good sister who is good at buying food, coming hard at work and was doing so well, but it seems to become my turn. I'm thankful. I want to share this glory with all 'comfort women' grandmothers and all the grandmothers in the world. Thank you."
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