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  1. Anyone can realize a strange thing in this ep MITH, why they choose a song in BOF. maybe related with K :))), I guess and he is at a same position with LSG - third place in the photo. hhaaa, it's so funny , sorry my delusion
  2. So sorry, I understand what you mean. Sorry again if I make you misunderstand. I truly ship Seungyeon, so I will be fine when you said you cant share any info. I appreciate what you and many shippers as well think. honestly, I have never ship any couple before, this is first time I become a shipper . So I will ship them calmly
  3. Hello guys, i am new member, actually I followed forum five or six days ago. However, i dont sign up acc until yesterday bcz I think I only ship them from my heart, quitely. So, day by day, i check forum to read some new clues or proofs. Honestly, reading new proof makes me happy. So I really thank you and grateful if someone ( seungyeon shippers) give me a bit of detail about what many people know. Thank you so much, guys.