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  1. LSH finally has his memory back and was very heart broken because OSH's sufferings! I do think it is best that LSH keeps pretending memory loss and catch them in surprise! It was nice to see that the security guard is helping LSH. At least something... Well, it is still a long way to go since we still have 50+ more episodes to go... i wonder what is he saying though?
  2. Wow... Way to go ep 41..!!! Very much satisfying uncovering the truth one by one! SH was so shocked to find out the truth about evil doer NJ. Well, who wouldn't be when you portraying since a nice guy character all this time. I am getting irritated with Esther's behaviour. Annoying smirking face, lousy temper and screaming on top of her voice! It is so funny seeing her chasing around. She is practically running all the time in every episode. Running to stop that person, this person.... Aigoooo! What a life your are asking for
  3. I think the key for the answer (Lee soo hoo) is DK's dad. If you guys realize, Esther and NJ are always managed to counterback or prevent something from spilling the beans. NJ was eavesdropping when DK's dad was lying about LSH no found. So NJ thought DK's dad doesn't know anything about LSH yet. Little did he knows, DK's dad actually knows about LSH & OSN. Hopefully DK's dad doesn't die because he knows the truth.
  4. Hi guys... I just started with this series and honestly I do like this drama. They love each other despite all the obstacles ( face changed, no memory back yet). Both of them just cannot let go of each other. That's sweet!!! I'm hoping they do get their "wedding night" together
  5. Seriously!!! Why LH is so obsessed with Sunny??? Until forced himself onto her!!!!! Dang!!! That's the thing I will never understand about love relationship. When she was in love with you, u were trying to killed her, now she's despite you, u are now trying to be a devoted husband? HuMAN!??!!
  6. Just watched the subs too. I must say it's kinda sad to look at JS now. His sincerity moved my heart. He is trying everything he can to amend all his mistakes and no longer a selfish person anymore. Proud of you dude, you can now Rip without anyone cursing you. About HJ's expression when he found out about YE's pregnancy, it just suit him. He is a steady, mature and straight forward lover. He felt gratitude to YE because she was trying to protect "our" baby! That hug and I love you confession is sweet already. In the end everyone is happy sisters
  7. I'm happy too with the ending although we didn't see any children around them. Happy to see their reaction when they announced YE's pregnancy. Happy ending! Great to having you guys here
  8. I agree with you all. This drama emphasis more on side characters than the main characters. Tomorrow is the final episode and I must say that I'm not really satisfied with HJ and YE's love relationship. Because IT IS TOO LITTLE of their romance!! Anyhow I'm glad that they are getting married by tomorrow. Oh, finally!!! I can't wait to see everyone faces once they heard YE' pregnancy! I would say that's the ultimate smack down for those who mistreating YE Gosh!!! MDS is an richards simmons
  9. Seriously, HJ's glare is so scary! The way he glared at Yura and also SR (when she started working with tmo brought double with Hy) gives me a chill!!!! Scary but handsome. Deng!!
  10. Poor HJ. He is confused with YE's behaviour. Seriously, YE is kinda mean to HJ! Whatever that might be happening, so be it. Aren't you promised to go through together, hello!!!!!? If you meant to live, you will survive somehow. Stop being a scary kitten,YE! Gonna smack the writer for sure!
  11. Not excited with today's episode. I'm down. Did YE asking for a break up from HJ? Please help me guys
  12. All these speculations are driving me crazy. Whether or not HY will harm YE's baby! Yes I agreed. This is one of the best kdaily drama I've ever seen! Usually, I am just a passbyer when comes to comment on the soompi. I just love to read your guys post but never wants to comment. But for the 1st time, I had to post my thoughts about this drama. To relieve my stress! I just can't take it that HY's character kept on harassing YE ( who's done nothing wrong and pure hearted). But I love you guys here!!! Your feelings, your thoughts soothes my stress and making it even more exciting!
  13. Seriously, why would YE reveals her pregnancy to HY but not HJ!!!? By telling HY, do u think HY would show some mercy to baby???!! I dunno what to think now. Really upset
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