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  1. Done! I've voted everyday and everywhere I came with different wifi network (at home, at work, at coffeeshop etc.). It's my everyday's checklist. Hope our OTP can meet again in the red carpet or at least they know that how much we are supporting them.
  2. The vote is on fire now, I feel so excited! Please share to any websites, forums, sns to get more and more support for our lovely OTP xD.
  3. She's wearing a ring... I don't know what's going on now . Oh my heart, hope that we'll be fine. Awww I love Thai Airens so so so much .
  4. (Sorry for cutting your post) Agree with you, she has to put an end to the rumour because it's not good for her career (pp will say she's not professional because of falling in love with the co-star.) Especially, her career just bloom recently... I think there's another reason, maybe LSG hasn't moved enough to make she believe or confident about their relationship (he's too busy) or she has her own decision . Love is not enough to build a relationship when you're 30s (I think you all know what I mean). It's just my opinion. However, I still believe their right time will come, and our ship will sail. I don't know when will I give up, I just pray harder everyday, the power of spirituality! Whatever...
  5. Yeah, I love your words, very logical . I also hope she will find someone love her unconditionally. If KB does, welcome him!! (although I''ve heard some bad info about him since BOF) I want to add some of LSG-OYS kissing gif to make our days better, but I'm afraid that I can cause some problems with her dating now. Maybe OYS unnie needs time to realize who the right one for her. Until then, I still support her and this ship!
  6. I'm a silent shipper and I has read all your comments from this thread's first days. Today, I've seen the news, I just log in to say THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU for making my days happy. Some comments in the news said seungyeon shippers are "nerve", I think that's because they can't see and feel what we do see and feel about our couple. Btw, the news still make me confused a little bit, it seems like they try to hide something. I'm still hope to see LSG and OYS in another drama if they're not dating each other yet. I hope all the best for our lady, wish KB treat her well (if not, she shouldn't be upset alot)
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