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  1. *delurking* Speaking of fanfics.. I need an update with those fanfics. ..been waiting forever. *gets back in a little silent submarine*
  2. Shall I delurk? Lol I'm loving the gifts and throwback pictures. I just finished back reading on page 50 onwards ('cause I got curious. Haha~), and I gotta say... that was some hot topic! Anyways, thank you y'all for staying here... <3
  3. I want to see Lee Min Ho (which i think is not possible right now because he's in MS) or Joo Won (in MS too. lol) again but in modern setting... I would be okay with Lee Dong Wook or Gong Yoo too. Well whoever, I'll still be looking forward for OYS's next drama. So glad i was able to download that 50 shades fmv before it was taken down. lol.
  4. It tastes just like coffee tho. But with more sugar. (BTW it's in my country too—PH)
  5. I guess so. Haha~ but... I'm a mature shipper! *trying to sound old* (it's only a few months before I turned "legal"—18) *meanwhile.. still back back reading—about to move on from "blue balls"*
  6. As soon as I opened it to YouTube.... "Sorry, this content is age restricted." Why oh why.
  7. Is 17 still considered a minor? Lol. I'm so glad I googled it first before asking my mom about "blue balls".
  8. Vote for our 503 couple/SeungYeon guys~ It's the final round. https://namesns.com/m/entertainer/star_room.html?star_num=569