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  1. OYS is playing in a place like this. There are many such Hanok homestays in Korea. I hope she can show us more photos. https://imgur.com/2jUCEbf
  2. @cikbie572 Not like in Japan. The location of the OYS station should be Hanok Village in South Korea. I am just wondering if OYS is traveling again.
  3. I know a lot about Japanese culture. Therefore, the hotel where OYS lives is also very famous in the local area. It is a five-star hotel. It takes only 10 minutes by car to eat with LSG.
  4. One thing is very interesting. LSG eats barbecue in a Japanese restaurant. (from IG) OYS eats shaved ice at a Japanese restaurant. (from IG deleted) The two stores are only 400 meters away. Are they eating barbecue together and then taking a walk to eat shaved ice?
  5. I guess OYS and LSG went to Japan on May 30th. OYS just put an old photo and she has returned home. You can see the recent photo taken with the fan. Her hair is yellow, and the hair in this photo is black. This picture, OYS wore a ring, the focus is on the left ring finger. This is a very definitive signal. OYS is holding roses and sunflowers. Represent silent love. We just wait for the wedding. And don't need to wait too long.
  6. Seunggi talks Son Oh Gong and new fans (ages 7-15 lol) + 70% similar to Son Oh Gong...when asked in relation to women, he clarified 70% similar to how he's around guys like w/ Mawang & PK^^ cr. lsgfan from Taiwan interview
  7. I will miss Kim, thank you. He just appeared in the newspaper. What I want to wait for now is the wedding of oys and lsg.
  8. I am waiting for the news of marriage now. LSG&OYS. I don't know why I'm so confident. The OYS news is exactly like a fake news. Today oys participates in the flea market, using private cars and private bodyguards. This is a private itinerary and the company will not arrange for this. Well, it's probably her boyfriend who arranged this, and I think that's only LSG in THAI who wants to protect his girlfriend. When OYS updated ig, it was just the beginning of FAN MEETING. The first song LSG sang was "You are my woman."
  9. Our actor has paid attention to cherry blossoms in the spring. Remember the agreement that 50 and 33 would go to Japan together?
  10. One thing is very interesting, but no one said Our OYS po cherry blossoms on ins in the last two days. LSG night before yesterday followed a Japanese girl in the ins. A photo of the Japanese girl's last po is cherry blossom. https://www.instagram.com/p/BhCvfjSAfOi/?taken-by=ohvely22 https://www.instagram.com/p/Bg6KP5PjEYZ/?taken-by=kaede__happiness__official THEY ARE ALL cherry blossom IN THE NIGHT.
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