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  1. So the guy is married but he lets himself be kissed by another girl?? soon the divorce, I feel a little bad for our heroine now she really loves her husband, after I know that we should have our leads together,, it is obvious that their feelings will grow, I find it very realistic and beautiful to see their stories evolved, it is not even the middle of the drama, many things will surely happen
  2. it's happy ending, the two are together at the end, they can continue to write their stories together, it's love
  3. SJ the character of lead female is born rich, it's rare on this kind of drama, I'm not surprised to see the couples that are going to come along as the stakes evolve, it's obvious that JA is starting to get greedy, a future willain, I see an alliance in the future with SW, maybe they will be a couple, or I have the impression that she will try to seduce the father of SJ for the money and even disinherited SJ,, especially that the father seems quite young, maybe i'm wrong
  4. I have the impression that unfortunately this drama is not famous, even if the writing is completely incoherent, but this drama looks at me quietly I applaud especially the performance of the main actress, her character HK, the wicked is very enjoyable , I really like it
  5. This immature guy will soon cheat his wife? and as the girl has money the mother will do everything to make the son divorce, and remarries? lol, finally it would be a way for our heroine to regain her freedom, but I do not like this story very much even if he is immature it was loving his wife i think
  6. YES, it's Yoon Hyun Min the lead male, I thought I understood that the story could be full of twists and turns
  7. Finally it is not a surprise, Sh and her daughter will be forgiven both. The wicked suddenly become nice and everyone is happy at the end, you really thought to see SH in prison? or divorced DG of JE? lol
  8. i hope a new man for KY, even hynki seems have feeling for her but he doesn't in love with her i think
  9. so the young police woman will cause trouble in their relationship too ?! I hope he will not have a sexual relationship with her, or maybe she will succeed in moving him despite himself
  10. First of all I am very surprised to see them in DoRae still present, secondly there are some who really believe that this couple can be created in the reality between CEW AND Soo Hyang ?? in any case I find her very beautiful with long hair, very sexy
  11. I never said that DB and KH were going to finish together , and even now I would find it hard to believe, unless the writers play a tric, I even said that HK with his handling will probably end up in jail soon, I just said that DB despite himself had feelings for HK. When do you ask? I think that from the beginning he was attracted to her, He's a good boy and smart, I agree with you on it, he saw the true face of HK and how bad it is, I know that he is in love with WJ, they make a good shot WJ and DB, even if I find WJ sometimes silly
  12. I do not think that DB will marry WJ, even if he marries with her they will have proleme, I have the impression that in spite of him he still has strong feelings for HK even if he dislikes her. I'm a little scared, or am I exaggerating? Speaking of HK, but it's amazing this witch, she practically did almost everything, all that to be in this crazy family? she should really change and seek her happiness, she was rejected, denied, dismissed from home and even from business, being cut off from her friends, being in an asylum, hit by a car, it's strong, I have the impression that his next stop will be the prison
  13. Given the way our lead male is so unconfident and immature, I am sure that when the story will come in 2018, he will have changed completely, he will be confident, on him and probably a casanova, a flirty
  14. I thought it was Shin Sung Rok the male lead, finally maybe it's two