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  1. Ae ra is NJ' s biological mother, he wants to get revenge on her father but she hates her unknown first son without knowing it and she loves another child that she hates without knowing it but the writers are dialbolic , I feel I'm going to enjoy seeing her bruised face, she's doing too much harm, but it seemed to me that the correspondence DNA between grandfather and NJ was negative? there must have been at least a few percentages for the blood related
  2. What you say about SJ is true, it's the good character, I'm just afraid that with his illness, he repels SY and becomes mean to preserve her, it's a classic scenario that happens every time
  3. The first episode was very funny, lead female plays very well its role I loved, in the second episode it was sad when she becomes old but I liked that her family knows the truth directly because in general in a drama cnly after several episodes they are made aware, even if they do not really know that it is probably because of the watch, I wonder how it will do to find her youth? especially that it's two different actresses for the same role, poor HyeJa Joon ha very cute, the scene of the meetings put all the girls in agitation, it is on that it was not acting for the girls, handsome as he is I guess in the preview when joon ha sees her young it's an illusion to the fact that they have the same manners probably,
  4. Ms Hong is the best character here, so ridiculous, and her dramatic expressions, it's crazy but it works on others, I hate it and lie it POOR SY, she's suffers a lot because of Ms Hong JY is the second lead female least important in all the history of drama of this kind that I saw, I thought she would have a very important role, she appears on the poster, there are episodes where she does not appear it's rare in this kind of drama , but I just think that towards the end , the writers will put her in a relationship with SH just to show that Ms Hong worked well
  5. it's really annoying, I hope she will even resign, I think that maybe the disease will show up by the 60 or 70 episode, so everything will change between the characters
  6. I love SY but For me everything that happens is 60% the fault of MS Hong and 40% the fault of SY, I am hard but if from the beginning she had not accepted the agent she would not put herself in this situation, I know she wanted to save her mother so yes she was despaired but SJ even SH will surely tell her that she could have counted on him instead of hanging the money from such a viper and richard simmons like Ms Hong. She wants to save her mother and accepts such a deal but not the money of the man who loves her? lol She said she will refund everything, oh good? with what money? this girl is becoming more and more pathetic, so I know that she is suffering the poor; In the end everything justifies the means; I'm pretty sure that soon Ms Hong will have managed to have the essential that her son and second female lead get together in the near future. but the collaborator in the last episode saw that SY was spilled over the drink, the camera showed us his face as it was important I wonder if there will be a point in her defense or if someone come to investigate, will be decisive, I'm wrong maybe
  7. I LOVE AGAIN chemistry between the two leads, i love this, i'm glad that drama even it's already 45 episode always focus betwen our two leads, i'm afraid about this disease coming I do not know how it's going to happen suddenly
  8. I find it so disgusting what they did to Soo Ho, It's terrible, maybe they thought he'd never go back to his coma? It's horrible and cruel for SH , she is looking for her husband while he is right there in front of her, and ester watching like it as a movie and laugh , frankly I risk dropping this drama, it's downright disgusting
  9. marrez1

    [Drama 2018-2019] Priest, 프리스트

    POOR GIRL, she so wanted the guy, she waited a long time, it's a shame for them, so he will stay priest
  10. I'm still watching this drama but I do not comment much, SU is more and more invested in his relationship with JA, I prefer to wait a bit to see how the feelings of JA towards him evolves, I always have it is his status and his money that interest her, I do not have the impression that she is really in love I can be wrong after all she cried a lot
  11. I know but when the truth breaks out I see Ms Hongs blame it on So-Yu, it will be a real mess for her, anyway she has already accepted the money for her mother's treatment, I hope that this plot will pass quickly, she has the impresson to have messed up
  12. I understand that So-Yu want to save her mother, in addition Ms Hong has also bought their house, but it's stupid of her to have accepted the deal, I mean when the truth will burst Ms Hong risk of 'come out again with lies and SO-Yu will not only suffer against the two boys who love her but also his mother who will take it badly but also the family of SJ, it's really a big mess for her to come, it's sad, very sad I hope it will not last and that they will discover the truth soon, it would be a shame to hang over
  13. It's a pretty logical end for HK after all the harm she did, we can imagine that unfortunately JB did not manage to get her out of the sea. She ends so alone, it's the consequence of her actions . I really felt sorry for HK maybe it was possible for her to start a new life after being in prison
  14. I was right, I said it in a previous post on the change of face karma is richard simmons, the mother killed her son without knowing it, she thought to kill the ester. and will love this child that she thought was rid of as her son, really it is karma POOR PARK DO KYUNG, he's dead, Poor So HOO, how can this viper do such a thing to him, it's horrible