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  1. I'm surprised you think that, me anyway, watching this drama I really feel that HN is the lead female, it would rather HG for me would not be the lead male, because I see a lot of DG LOL ELSE as it is often said in this kind of drama the bad guys are too much put forward, and have a lot of screen time that does not surprise me anymore. On the other hand, in the drama secrets and lies, it's the bad girl who is the lead female, yes things change In general, people do not want the villain in this kind of drama do not be put too much in the center of the plot
  2. So the truth about their bond is out, the detective is furious next week , and my love triangle I want
  3. YES, the priests are not allowed to marry, when I spoke about romance, I tell myself that maybe it will not be too present, maybe a little for example the fact of being there for the other, because after there are two men and a woman. In any case this drama is already top as it is
  4. I want a love triangle between the three leads, the priest is very sexy, I know it's not sure that we'll get romance but who knows
  5. I saw the clips but I did not understand, why is she crying? did she understand that she had been adopted? who told him?
  6. so old woman and young woman exchange body? and the fiancé who is dark will start to fall in love with the old woman in the body of her fiancee? surely, but lol, yes I know, he must have much more for the story because it's also a story of revenge
  7. yes, i known but here she's the lead female, look at posters, presentations, names etc. in addition the drama revolves around her
  8. I understand your reasoning, but in spite of everything, it seems to me that in this drama it is the bad girl who is the lead female it is rare, so things revolve around her
  9. marrez1

    [Drama 2018] Familiar Wife, 아는 와이프

    If she manages to see things from the past such as having children, etc., she may not forgive him, especially since the guy dared to fall for her to have a good life. I do not know how the writers will justify the return of our LEAD couple...yes I know they are loving, but his egoism surpasses me
  10. My Mirae don't cry , THIS preview is stressing me also, all actors are good, especially Im Soo-hyang it's really the best, her talent, or her acting is phenomenal and immense, I love
  11. I knew SA was going to work with MR and KS, now she's going to hurt MR. Poor MR, but at least she will know that it is SA who wants her badly. I already imagine that the next two episodes of this week will be hard for our two leads, and surely the episode of this Saturday SA huges KS, even if I do not know in what circumstance it will take place, some here have said that Maybe when KS will be rejected by MR, still poor MR, she goes a lot of crying
  12. Very sad this last episode, poor girl, she was humiliated so much, i don't think that male lead is dead
  13. but I hope that MR will not help SA to work with her and KS, I'm afraid that despite all that she knows that SA dislikes her, she does so
  14. i Like BTS Videos, the cast is so adorable, they love to work, Im Soo-hyang and CEW are very different from their characters, in any case they have fun and are too funny, they are so beautiful together, if they could dating together would be perfect lol