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  1. OR maybe he just said this to inform the pds (whoever will cast him for the next drama that has a bedscene) that he won't do it bcos someone might got jealous if he would have another bs
  2. Hi. I've been lurking in this forum from the very beginning (Finally able to create an account to join you guys here ) I just stop bcos of school matters I was really surprised when I cme back it already has 85 pages?! I stopped at page 15, I didn't know that this forum will continue since #SeungYeon shippers/fans is (or WAS rather) is just small numbers of people. But this forum's members grows day by day. I WAS one of those people who actually ship SOG & JSM but not LSG & OYS not until I stumbled on the bts of the their first date in cinema. And I finally ship them since I saw 'something' in these two. So, I am mastering psychology (so that's why I mention about school earlier) well, I am not here to talk about that. Reading your convos here made me laughed actually, specially the earlier conversations; about kiss and tounge (I feel like I'm a pervy really). Base on my observations and assessment to LSG's behavior based on his recent interviews (I'm an airen since 2009) I'm 300% sure she's smitten by OYS's PERSONALITY not by her Beauty. Army changed him for a better, I admit (as his fan) that I find it superficial when he's always looking for appearance as his ideal type BEFORE. His gaze change so much, what I mean is the INTENSITY (Airens actually know that) some fans will say that it's just the same of how he looks from his previous dramas, actually it's not. At first I thought he just released from the army so it must be one of the factors since OYS is the first girl he got to work with after his release so it kind a makes sense (see, I'm trying to be rational). But you know, FACTORS should be varied, should be dynamic (I didn't know I got to use my profession to analyze these two) I can't call it 'factors-that-affect-of-the-gaze' if there reason is constant. How could I say that it's contant? From bts (that short freaking bts of them), interviews from each of them, presscon look how he stares to OYS & conpare it to how he stares to SUK. There's a big difference. And... I just want to say my cents regarding to how he stare to his x and how he stare to oys. I disagree that he stares oys like how he stare to his x. Why? bcos whenever he saw his ex before he looks like a fanboying towards her (well,he actually said that she is her ideal type, not surprised).He was mesmerized by her, wanna bet he's not listening to her whenever she's talking bcos he's busy looking at her face. It's superficial. Thats the reason i said that he fell to oys not bcos of her beauty but bcos of her personLity. I can say that it's ADMIRATION vs. ADORATION. Have you seen a man looking at his girl with so much adoration? Like she's the most beautiful woman for him, so whenever this girl talk he's so attentive he's not just staring at her blankly HE LISTEN and he almost turned his whole body to OYS at the conference just to listen to her. That kind of gaze LSG give to OYS, specially the 1st bts of their bed scene. I don't actually consider their portrayal as SOG & JSM as an evidence bcos it will just confuse me more and I will just end up being irrational or delusional (which I actually avoid to become one) but I use some of the scenes as preference. That's why I can confidently say that LSG is the first who fell in love or rather he's attracted to her from the very beginning. I'm trying so hard to ship them base on facts, that's why it took me so long to ship these two as themselves bcos I don't have any clues, not until that bts I mentioned above. Anyways. Thank you for keeping this forum alive. Without realizing it you already become part of my everyday routine. Keep it up guys. You don't have an idea how much you always made my day just reading your convos here. Aside from shipping these beautiful people what I gain I think (on this forum) is the good vibes from you and I know there's many shippers like me who is a silent reader. I didn't know that reading a forum is so much fun. Thanks to you guys. Back to being a silent reader. P.S. English is not my 1st language, bear my English.