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  1. this link is in english though only 3 eps are free to read, but unfortunately succeeding eps are paid with coins or tokens.. so if anyone here knows other link, share it to us, pretty please.. https://www.tappytoon.com/chapter/whysecretarykim/2 hello everyone again, i think my last post was last month but still i'm excited to see this drama. this looks really promising since i've read few eps on webtoon. Fighting to the leads and other casts!
  2. Wow!! Congrats shippers for making it to 300 pages.. thanks for the all the contributions, sorry i was not able to contribute more, nevertheless, i feel the same pride with everyone for keeping the thread alive.. Here's Son OhGong encouraging us to set this thread on fire. Fire is burning but i find our great sage sooo COOL here lucky Jin SeonMi
  3. haha, good thing you didn't stop at your first attempt.. you would've missed the most amazing chemistry ever happened in kdrama land. and look how proud this monkey is when JSM recognized him..
  4. @luvmykdotps yes! give me five too much feels that started our Hwayugi and 503couple journey..
  5. This is my favorite scene in Hwayugi. The point when I decided to watch it til the end. Chemistry on point.
  6. sharing this because this is too funny not to share.. poor SOG.. the baby that he almost had.. aww soo cutie pie..
  7. wow.. @kopikosong this is amazing.. i saw someone did this but only in pic. thanks for making it into gif. you're the best. i love this parallelism.. 503couple at its best!
  8. I am not a hardcore fan of both but i do like PSJ and PMY.. I watched a number of dramas of them and the latest was FFMY of PSJ and The Healer of PMY.. anyway, i am in to see their chemistry and acting.. they look promising.. fighting!
  9. just when i thought that we have stopped with the blue things so i jumped to pinky pinky couple.. but nah, we tread on dangerous thread again? still not safe after all..
  10. oh no not again innocent people here will have to google it out of curiosity. @kopikosong that is the best script i've ever read. daebak! surely no people on the internet will be disappointed.. @aqualy you are now the official page turner.. haha..
  11. pink slippers? yes.. or could be this.. aww.. sorry chingus for my cheesiness, i just miss the thread.. @aqualy thanks for indulging me.. haha..
  12. Yes @aqualy probably because our SeungYeon couple are all the more awesome they attract awesome shippers.. lol so are we gonna stop these bluish things and move on, after all our OYS loves pink..
  13. glad i visited our thread, i'm lol-ing at the convo.. @aqualy @taskdramafanatic @kopikosong lot to backread but this blue balls is a page turner.. i googled it though and gave me this result.. poor SOG
  14. @kdramasage i love what your overactive delulu mind has come about, all the points now are very much acknowledged by all the "great minds" here i see and eherm, as you can see, that's kinda what i'm thinking too, eherm, great minds i can only imagine what u'll come about if your mind goes beyond the overactive. wahaha i love point no.3 bec why not? i've watched too many k-dramas @madinked i love the bold prediction, and this, haha, i'm laughing my heart out.. at least he'll break some record and we're part of it. "Mr Kim Bum must have broken the Guinness book of Records for being the only South Korean to receive the most number of cheers from citizens, as well as foreigners, for enlisting in the military. "
  15. @kopikosong oh i love you! thank you very much.. because this thread is full of cheesiness..