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  1. Hi, everyone..I miss this place..I miss you all..especially I miss our OTP so much.. Wow!Super duper long backread....pew! Seems like our girl going somewhere...
  2. That zoomed image in her eyes ... i am sure its a man. Should I come with some details about his position?
  3. Btw, welcome to the submarine for all new divers...sorry that I can't greet you all one by one.. With Laaahv Former page turner
  4. Ok...done backread and feeling happy . But, are we shipper or diver? Bcs we are in a submarine...
  5. Helloooooo! How long did I gone MIA? Aah don't care....I am so happy to read all of these posts. When I saw her hugging that monkey doll..I feel blessed...