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  1. This drama is slow pace to me. I kind of wish they start everything in order, I think they are starting somewhere in the middle so it is hard to feel the chemistry between the main characters right away.
  2. @Alila Nguyen I careless about those stunts because every actors use stunts. I watch almost all of ZLY's dramas because they are very big dramas, so I follow some of her news years ago but I can't say I like her all the time. Her news are not very flattering, and checking back in recently they still haven't changed much but just about how hard working...etc. Reason 1: I am still a bit bitter of what she said in the past about resembling Yang Mi, "of course my face didn't go through plastic surgery!" I remembered she played as Xiao Hong in Peony Pavilion (movie below) she doesn't even resemble Yang Mi at all But her face changed drastically within only a 1-2 year timeframe. Comparing Dream of the Red Chamber with New My Fair Princess the change is too much. I doubt she would be famous at all if she still looks like Xiao Hong. After she made statements saying she doesn't look like Yang Mi, then how come later when she starred as HQG in The Journey of Flower, she looks like Yang Mi even way more than before? At first she probably resembles YM around 80%. In The Journey of Flower, this is like a 95% similarity with the only difference is her face is a bit wider. It's a little hard to trust she didn't go through plastic surgery like everybody else, not like I trust any actors at all... but why does ZLY have to make such statement? I don't like her nick name Xiao Dao or little knife, if somebody ugly is straightforward I don't think they will get the same treatment? Not saying people should all be polite or overly polite whatsoever, but being considerate is what it is... You can track the comments people made at the bottom of the page: https://cdramadevotee.wordpress.com/index-c-actresses/zhao-liying/ Reason 2: I guess she is young back then so maybe she'd changed now. But I don't like how the media portray her or however they try to promote her so she get lots of fans. I know her fans trust her (or those news) very much. Every where and every time all I see anything ZLY related is about she use her own effort. I feel that is the same with every other actors too. Everybody starts from the bottom too but they don't boast about it...? I think ZLY might be the only one. If ZLY did not resemble YM or look beautiful, if she still looks like Xiao Hong would people have cared? Of course there were those ridiculous articles of how she did her own stunts and then they began to back fire with pictures of how she did not do all her stunts. Her type of news really need to change. Reason 3: Yes it is true she gets hate for being paired up with many male celebrities, like what happened when singing with Kris Wu. I don't dislike her for those things, she can get paired up with as many guys as fans like. The only one time I see her fans did went over board and I did not like it was when Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen got cursed on how he cheated on ZLY etc... with somebody uglier...etc...I think that was around the time I stopped following her news anymore, but I still watch her dramas. They come out like every year! TBH most of them were disappointing but please don't kill me fans, I just don't like slow-paced things, I agree she looks good on screen that is why I watched them.