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  1. Done watching episode 2 subbed, and I enjoyed it. Thank heavens JW and Jina's interactions actually made me smile. Yiieee!! Yes, chemistry is there for me. I really like PHS' demeanor as YW, different from his previous works. Keeps me interested to watch YW's journey. And really like that YW-grandmama moment. I dig those. Though I regret rewatching a couple of seasons of US Suits while waiting for this one due to excitement. Now it's still fresh in my mind that I can't help compare the characters while watching. Louis is my fave character in the US version, and he keeps popping in my head, his lovable demeanor while watching this even though I don't actually want to do it. I wanna appreciate this as it is, and see things as natural as they should be. And I do appreciate it, but I just want to shut my brain from comparison especially that the actors in the US version are really strong and memorable--their screen presence, witty dialogues and what not. It's a bit distracting really. But anyway, still excited for the next episodes.
  2. Just watched the subbed episode and i totally really liked it!! I wasn't bothered by the drugs at all. I felt Jeon Woo's desire to turn his life around and that's what matters to me. Being young and poor and alone to shoulder financial responsibilities, and really just not knowing where to start, i felt that. Right then, I was rooting for him. You go, boy! Make a name for yourself, be an Ace! American Harvey is such a strong character that he's like spitting bullets when he speaks, and Kang Seok is softer here but so far I'm fine with it 'cause he's still smart and confident. I love Louis in the American version and Louis here is okay, not much screen time yet, but I think he's all right. Maybe it's just me but Donna here has some Jessica Alba angles I think. heheee. The Jeon-Woo-Rachel meeting was cute as mentioned, and hopefully, there's really chemistry when they start interacting for real. I'm swooning over PHS's Jeon Woo. Sorry, guys, he's my bias. Random crazy thought but the moment he came out with that hoodie in the club and scenes onwards--his demeanor and all that--I'm seeing my hero in some of my fave English YA/NA novels. hahaha! Anyway, can't wait for the next episode tonight!! the ost is nice, too, btw...
  3. I've just seen the raw ep and I like it so far. The set, shots...its vibe in general. I also like that they're sticking to the original material. Also liked the Mike-Rachel meeting in this version. Cute and romantic. While I like US dramas for their straightforwardness, seriousness and realism in general, the romance element I agree is often lacking and also very western. So when it comes to romance, I prefer watching Bollywood and Asian dramas/movies. They can make cheesy cliche romantic stuffs pleasant and enjoyable. Anyway, like the acting so far...also that mike-granny moment even though i didn't understand a thing...but now I dunno where to watch subbed version...
  4. thank you so much for the pics and vidz!!! been lurking waiting for updates. am that excited. hihiii. hyperventilating, squealing inwardly. Two more days!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been rewatching Suits to calm myself.
  5. I love American Criminal Minds so much that I can't still get myself to watch other versions. It's one of my top fave shows. The cast is just so perfect. Your comment discouraged me further into watching the kversion. hehe. I really like Suits, too, but only saw a couple of seasons. I like that the women are smart, strong and as ambitious, the two main leads are charismatic and brutally honest, and I'm also really looking forward to seeing Louis character Korean counter part besides Harvey's and Mike's. 'Cause he really cracked me up in season 3 i think, especially whenever he was having conversation with his psychiatrist. he's funny, smart, super annoying and lovable at the same time. I wonder how they're gonna cram the story though from Mike becoming Harvey's associate to solving cases, then Mike's secret revelation, going to prison and coming out, restoring the firm...those are my fave twists. Hope they'll be wrapped up nicely and smoothlyyyy... So hyped and can't wait for next week!!! *squealinggg*
  6. ^^ that June 25 is most probably a typo error, right? 'Cause I'm already so hyped for next week..my eyes zeroed on that June 25 and it's seriously hurting my eyeballs... I really need another PHS drama sooon. Won't survive watching Hwarang, High Society and Two Lights on repeat just to have my fill...Suits is my dead-on cup of tea, so i can't/won't survive waiting for a couple of months more... The entire cast looks amazingggg though. Good luck to this drama, I also hope it comes out great in all aspect...
  7. Yebaaahh, am AweReady feelin' the bromanceee!!! Like i literally adore bromance more than romance, so this is definitely my cup of tea. haven't watched Suits from start to the latest season, but seen a couple of seasons, and i definitely like it. PHS lead me here since I've been binging on his dramas recently with my mommah. He's so adorable, and I love him more since he's making my mom happy. She enjoys watching him considering she's so picky on the things she watches. Anyway, those visuals above are killers, making my body cells giddy in excitement. Haven't seen any JDG series yet (i don't really watch lots of dramas), but he does look elegant, smart, intense and intimidating like Harvey.And yes, PHS pull off comic roles well, but i'd rather see him in a more serious role so i can't waitttttt for this one!!!
  8. haha! HYUNGSIKNESS...luv it. I think i'm suffering from it. I've been binging on PHS' dramas lately. My mom and I are currently watching Hwarang. I've been ignoring this drama because I've been reading negative reviews about it. Those reviews made me really think that it sucked big time. But since I'm so bored and craving for another PHS drama to watch, i've finally decided to watch it. I just told myself to endure a bad story, and just fucos on PHS beautifulllllll face. I watched the last 5 episodes, and surprisingly, I actually liked it. Admittedly, didn't like the romance, but i definitely loved the bromance and Ji Dwi and Sun Woo's love story (yes, they're mah ship; and Ji Dwi and his throne of course). Now my mom and I are watching the entire drama, and we're both enjoying it. PHS is so shippable. His portrayal on his characters are so charming and convincing, that I'm actually seeing the character in the story, not him. I like him with all the girls he's been paired with so far. In every drama/story I watched, he really does appear smitten to each of his love interests...NOW I CAN'T WAIT FOR SUITS!!!! I bet he's gonna be so manly in here...
  9. hello, guys!! excited for this drama since i like Suits series and PHS. Haven't seen lots of Kdramas really. I remember only getting interested in seeing Jo In Sung dramas since I saw him on Memories of Bali many years ago. lol. Recently, Lee Jong Suk was added to my list because I think he's a great and charismatic actor; and his dramas have really good scripts. Then Park Hyun Sik after watching High Society in mere curiosity. I endured watching that drama just for his character's arc and love story. I think he's very charming and natural on screen, very likable. same feeling I got from LJS. Just done watching Strong Woman Bong Soon, and he's adorable in that as well. He does comedy well, but I'd rather see him on serious dramas since that's really my thing (well that's just me anyway). Looking forward to this drama and PHS. Mike Ross is a great character, and I'm glad PHS was chosen to play him in this version.
  10. @ronayJ that "if only they were alone in that tent" got me imagining some...err hot stuffs. lmaooo!!! The physical tension started with gazing and caressing...then that passionate kiss that could have led to some other stuffs that could have set the tent on fire if only they were alone. The way he pressed her against him, and him against her. *me giggling right now* Haven't seen the epi yet. Very excited to. Thanks for the clip. :):) 3 years is a long time, and a long story to tell. I, too, wonder how many episodes the separation will be. I'm expecting it's gonna be a few and for a while. But hey, it adds to the longing and all sorts of feels and angst so I'm ready for that. I'll take everything--make me cry, rip me apart. It'll make the happy ending more glorious. So I hope, this isn't tragedy...
  11. @amone Yes, Lee Kang was treated badly when he was a kid, but also shown evil tendency as a kid. He's a twisted wounded soul, and people like that tend to do mean things. And so far, he did lots of mean things. As for Hwi, I disagree with 'he never exerted effort to make him feel like he's part of the family'. I think in his own little ways, he's treating him well as a bro and family despite his meanness. He kinda lets his wrongdoings against him slide mainly because Lee Kang is his family. Otherwise if it were another person, say a stranger, his reaction would have been different. He's exerting effort to avoid any more friction between them, and from his point of view, that's the least thing he can do to keep the 'peace' within the family and between them. I think he somehow understands his brother's feelings and reasons why he turned out like that. LK killed a kid, but Hwi said 'you were a kid then, you couldn't totally comprehend the evilness of your action'. His niceness to him is coming from a genuine love and understanding, and hope that he will eventually change. But for now I don't think Lee Kang would realize/believe, let alone get fixed by any love and affection from Hwi, because LK sees him as bane and competition. That's why brutal real-talk scolding from Hwi would come off as insult, but scolding from a stranger like Ja Hyeon would come off as sincere. When triggered Hwi told Lee Kang 'You can never be king'. That's not an insult. It's a reality he only hopes his brother soon realizes; that's why he said 'come to your senses'. That's the main thing obstructing them into becoming a 'real family'. When Hwi turned down being 'saeja' (if i remembered the term right), his immediate concern was it will cause more conflict between him and Lee Kang--and he doesn't want that... I also like gray characters so I'm interested to see how Lee Kang's character unfolds throughout the series. :):)
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