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  1. Thank you for your feedback~ I used “could” because I am not sure myself. For me, there is simply no way to know! I have decided that my opinion about 503’s oozing chemistry and LSG and OYS individually will not be affected by this tiny detail. People are not robots or computer programs, they are not designed to respond to someone or something in a timely and definitive, clear-cut fashion. People could have conflicting feelings. They could get confused. Their response could be ambiguous, non-consistent. Their feeling could be fluid and transient. After all, that is what meant to be human beings. Therefore, I decided not to dwell on the “unnatural ness” of how the news broke and how the wording of the statement sounds and how strange things were the passed few days... I ship 503 couple because of their love story has touched a spot in my heart. It is not perfect, but it is so touching, heart-wrenching and sad. LSG and OYS have done a great job potraying the OG and Sanjang. I want 503’s love story to continue. I want them to have an happy ending. i ship LSG and OSY because I believe there are genuinely feelings between these two. And their character and personality and experience in life leads me to believe they are very compatible and would enjoy a lot of happiness together. If things eventually works out for them, that’s great. I will open a bottle of good wine and may even shed a few happy tears (oh, my old shipper’s heart). If it did not, it’s ok, not the end of the world. I wish them all the best in their career and all the happiness in life with their respective partners.
  2. Chingu, you and i have the same experience! I was mildly interested in the show because it is an adaptation of "A journey to the west" which is part of every chinese kid's childhood fantasy. Plus i was really intrigues by the pairing up of OYS and LSG, that is sth i could not imagine. Then i watched the presscon. And I was instantly sold. What follows was weeks after weeks of watching the episodes live without subtitle and re-watching with subtitle the next day... The timing might not be right at the moment, but who knows, the right timing could be just around the corner.
  3. Did i swear!? I didn't realize. I was not paying attention to my language while writing the ramblings.. Sorry if i did.
  4. I felt that LSG has showed her his sincerity and dedication as far as he could, given the restrain of his tight schedule, relentless focus on re-booting (not that his popularity dropped much while in army) his career post-military and the possibility that he might at some point had learnt that she was seeing somebody already. With his current priority in life, he is probably not able to start a relationship let along pursue someone (which is the most time/energy-consuming part of a relationship). He did not try very hard to hide his feelings about kiss scenes and how he loved working with her (or maybe he is just really terrible at hiding it?). To me, this is a way of showing sincerity and dedication without being in-convenience to the other party. After all, if you can't make an offer at the moment, or the girl is not available at the moment to accept, all you can do is to bank on those feelings and shelf them until they fades away or wait for the time when you can really make an offer. I don't know whether right time will come or not, but i surly as hell hope it will. Hope is a powerful thing. Cheers!
  5. Now i think back, i realized that I have shipped OYS twice already. I casually shipped her and her partner when she was on WGM in 2012. There were moments of sincerity and they showed some potential. I went through the same grieving process but it was much easier... This time is harder. Because this time i genuinely believed these two were meant to be together... Wow, i only shipped about 4 times and 2 times were about OYS... What is wrong with me... OTL Guess she really touched a soft spot in my heart. YS, you go, girl! I can't promise i will not fell to ship you another time (if there is ever going to be another time...) Although i felt nothing for your current relationship, i still wish you all the best in your career and life. Btw, this is not goodbye, ladies. I will still be lurking in this thread every now and then. 503 had left a long-lasting impression on me. Until time brings us back together. Ciao~
  6. It's be more than 48 hours since the news broke. It feels like such a long time for me and yet it was only 2 days... I felt compelled to write down my thoughts here in order to help me make peace with reality and move on (sorry, this post could be more about me than about either OYS or LSG...). Hwayugi has been a joy to watch (i followed the drama since 1ep), esp for the 1st 10 eps or so. The quality of the second half of the story line goes down hill really fast but the quality of acting of 503 kept going up, which is why i ended up following the entire show. I was (and still am) really into the on-screen chemistry between the two and started following this thread after the show ended. It's been a fun ride and became a outlet for me when i am facing a lot stress at work. I guess that is when i changed from a fan of 503 to a obsessive shipper of them in real. Big mistake, complete my fault. Not saying it's wrong to ship them (given their endearing personality and oozing on-screen chemi, who wouldn't?), but it's wrong to be obsessive. My grieving process quickly progressed from shock to denial to anger within a few hours. Anger at myself, of being so blind, of being so absorbed into a fantasy, and of being hurt from the breaking of that fantasy. Now I am in the bargain stage. Being a engineer for over ten years, bargaining to me is trying to make sense of things happened and rationalize what I saw and what I thought. I do not be believe in conspiracy. I believe in common sense based on life experience. I think OYS is indeed dating KB. The timeline could be skewed a little bit by the agencies' statements, i felt, but not the major facts. Giving the short time span between confirmations, this is more like a planned announcement or at least the agencies were informed by the new outlet who broke the news in advance (i heard that this is a quiet common practice in Korea tabloid). Which lead me to believe that the confirmation statement reflects the will of the people involved (OYS and KB), because from the agencies' standpoint, such announcement is best made in-between actors' on-going projects and social media buzz. With CITT only in cinema for 2 weeks and social media buzz about Hwayugi/503 still on-going, the timing of the news does seemed less than ideal. . However, in the standpoint to OYS, constantly being associated with LSG while already in a relationship with KB is awkward and even stressful. The same thing applys to LSG and KB. Confirming/announcing they are dating now helps to clear the water and put an end to the rumors. I admire OYS' courage and dignity. She stands to receive the most back-lash from this news. By confirming the dating news, she showed her commitment to her current relationship, helped to rid LSG of similar unpleasantness of being romantically associated with a co-star, at the expenses of her actress image and career (i think the impact is not significant but there still could some detrimental effect). That being said, I still believe LSG is intrigues and attracted by OYS. There is no point discussing how much is that attraction or whether it is induced by immersing in characters in the drama (i don't believe so) or genuinely by their real-life personality (yes!). Life is about timing, the timing of LSG and OYS was wrong. It could become right in future, who knows, or it could never be right. Personally, i wish fate could bring them back together, for another project or better even, for real life, because these two looks so right together (momentarily indulging myself to fantasy again)... Well, i think i have written too much rambling here... But hey, i feel so much better after writing it down! Word heals, indeed! I hope whoever out there hurt by the news, could heal soon and recall the one thing that attracted you to this thread. These are two very nice and decent person. And they are great actors too. They deserve our love and they deserve happiness in life.
  7. Thumbs up to your mother! I was hoping I am not being obsessive and reading too much into everything. It’s good to know someone with much more life experience than me have the same opinion~ I hope their feelings for each other will last after the drama and come to fruition. So far all the signs are pointing to the good direction. Would hate to see such a beautiful thing goes to waste due whatever hinderance in real life. I wish they have strength to persevere through the pressure and reach happy ending.
  8. Thank you for the step-by-step! I think I better not posting the gif here. I was trying not the rekindle any interest in the tongue discussion... Still, your step-by-step is useful and I might utilize them in future if the needs arises. Are you watching the English subtitle version of the press-con? I just re-watched the Chinese subtitled version of it. And also pay attention of the Korea word they reply to the moderator/host comment about they could become close friends. OYS actually answered “yes. (We could be)close friends” while LSG’s attention seemed to be momentarily drifted away and he ask “Eh?” And then when somebody prompt him, he replied “close friend. Yes.” that at being said, an interesting thing I noticed during the press con is that they are both pretty shy/awkward during the press con, but at different times. LSG was more self-conscious/awkward during the photo taking session (nerves hand guestures..) and OYS was more self-conscious during the Q&A session ( notice her high pitch giggle and surprised response when LSG talks about going back to the army training camp if the viewer rating is good). I think it it goes back to their respective career experience. LSG used to be variety show host (solo host) so he is better/more confident handling Q&A, which involves verbal interaction and quickly putting your thoughts into polite, sensible answers. Whereas OYS has been an actress most of her career and knows better about how to look calm and bueatiful in front a sea of cameras. Anyway, in my opinion, they were both quite self-conscious during the press con which makes you wonder why they were like that considering they were both veterans in the their respective show biz sector. And also it is obvious that they only appeared self-conscious/nerves when the other party was mentioned or near. Otherwise they seemed quite calm and confident which fits their veteran image. These are the hints that made me suspicious of them in the first place. But at time, it still appeared to be more of a crush than any deeper romantic feelings. After all, OYS is really bueatiful and easy to work with on set, a unusually/refreshing combination; LSG is fun and good-natured on-set but at the same time very hard working, both are admirable traits. How can they not like those qualities in each other? I really hope I am not reading too much into it. I might be. Please point out if I am. I appreciate it if you ladies gives me a pinch of salt. I am in obsessive mode about these two recently... not my usual self...
  9. I swear I am leaving the “tongue” topic behind after one last post! It’s too misleading and is swing this thread discussion to an undesirable direction... It’s normally quite rare that a wet French kiss is aired in Korea drama, and when they do, the drama is usually rated 19+. Hwayugi is rated 15+. So if the director allowed a kiss involves obvious tongue play in a 15+ drama, he is pushing the line and making himself trouble. Same thing goes for obvious bed scene with bare skin and “bulge in the crotch” images. Not that those will definitively resulting in official inquiries or fines, but given the fact hwayugi already received a lot of bad press due to unfinished CG in the 2nd episode and on set accident cause a staff member to be paralyzed, it is really really unlikely that director will risking another round of negative press. Secondly, let’s keep in mind that the shooting set is always crowded with staff and fans or even curious passers-by. So unless one have no self control and really don’t care what other ppl thinks, any sensible actor/normal human being will not be sexually aroused (there I said it...) or intentionally involves tongue during the shooting. Unintentional/subtle tongue play maybe possible, the line is just not that clear there. But even if that’s the case, the scene may not survive director’s editing or will be simply declared NG and get re shoot. Bottom line, the kiss scenes are already as smoking hot as they can be comparing to any Korea drama. “Tongue” or not, it does not affecting my opinion. They must have feelings towards each other and more importantly, they’re willing the subtly show/explore them by being so invested and passionate while shooting the kiss scenes.
  10. You explained my mind! Yes, it’s not the window frame but some whitish/pinkish reflection. How to insert gif here in the post? I have a blown up gif that shows it more clearly. Perve me, I dig it out and watch another ten times! Anyway, if it’s tongue, it should not be whitish/pinkish, the color should be darker, like their lips, not as white as OYS’s face..
  11. I would like to writing down another piece of my thoughts here and then go back to lurking mode~ ha...... Somebody in a few pages ago wondered whether on each kiss scene, the script writer gives all the details or just simply put, for example, “passionate kiss in front of the window” and allow the actors & directors the leeway to create whatever scene they deemed most appropriate within the frame work of the story and character and alas, the chemistry between the actors. My opinion is: it’s the latter. Directors and actors has the freedom to create their own version of the kiss scene within the framework specified by the writer. And that is why some kiss scenes are soooo hot and the others are just lukewarm and even appeared awkward... and in respect to the hoooot kiss scene portrait by 503, I think the credit goes to the actors instead of the director. Bcoz let me be honest, I think the director is lacking in skill/imagination in some of the cuts, not just limiting in the kiss scene, but in general... and I remembered reading somewhere on the official drama Facebook that the SG and YS actively discussed how to make the most memorable kiss scene for the library kiss. P.s., LGS saying that it was one of his favorite scene is totally understandable. It’s not just the where OG got confirmation that SJ reciprocate the feelings he has, it’s also the scene where SG realized that YS must like him back coz she is way too “cooperating” on the kiss scene than any normal actress will do... this observation leads two the second point I would lie to share. How the script writers decided how far the loveline goes and how many kiss scenes they want to put into certain drama. I have to bring up a very ship here I am afraid. The last serious ship I boarded was Yoo Inna and Chi Hyeon Woo, in Queen In Hyeon’s Man. (Am I spell them correctly?) it was so long ago, back in 2012, also on TvN... after the drama ended, there was a kind of ask & share session with the writer. The write confessed that the loveline was never meant to start early in the drama and not as intense, but after she visited the set and witness the undeniable chemistry and love vibe between actors (they announced their romantic relationship on Yoo’s radio program after the drama), she decided to intensify the loveline and put less emphasis on the suspense element of the drama. So, in a way, the story line and kiss scene will be adjusted depending on the chemistry between the lead actors. Of course, not all writers visits the set during shooting, some rely on whatever set personnel, say the director or the photographer or other staff member, feedback to them about the on set chemi. Nevertheless, writers do adjust the script play to better suit the circumstances. If the chemi is great, then they tend to give the pair more intimate scene, especially kiss scene. if the chemi is just lukewarm, then they may put less emphasis on the loveline and try to find some other way to capture viewers attention. So my point is, the fact that hwayugi has way more kiss scene than most other Korea drama is itself a proof of the great chemistry between LSG and OYS. And they are the ones who created those steamy hot kiss scenes, not the director nor the writer. Somehow they decided that, ok let’s make the kiss scenes so intense and passionate so they will be memorable by viewers ( and enjoy them ourselves alone the way...) sorry, the last part is my delulu shippers heart screaming. Well I’ll that pretty much sums up my thoughts here. I am done now. Thanks for your patience~ love you~
  12. Oh my! Can’t believe I am doing this... i knew soompi forum since my university days and I came back to visits every now and then. But never had I felt compelled to comment on a topic until now. I even registered an account to do so!!! Allow me to put my thoughts out there: about the kiss gif: not meant to be my first thought, but since everyone is so crazy about it... I have watched the gif right away after ep 18, out of suspicion of tongue play, when some one uploaded a bunch of gif to the DC cafe of the drama. Initially I thought it’s OYS tongue, but then I realized it’s actually the white window frame in the background... coz nobody’s tongue is white... that being said, OYS was still very inviting with the first kiss. She opened her mouth and was taking charge of the flow of that first kiss. There is not many kiss scenes in Korean drama that have the actress initiating the kiss and let alone so passionately. OYS, great job! Please do let me know if I have mistaken here. Would love to be corrected. Other than that, I am generally in agreement with all the other kiss analysis your ladies shared here. Two thumbs up for your effort and diligence! You are the best.
  13. Ladies, how to delete my post here? I pressed “submit” prematurely... this ajunma is way out of touch with posting on forums... T_T