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  1. Yes, finally out of her t-shirt and jeans mode lol... she’s gonna look stunning like always even in “rags” lol
  2. What about “one more half of the news” part? I’m eagerly waiting for her next project updates! Well said
  3. so many new developments!! I’ve been watching that OBC acct and keep asking about the 27 so maybe this is all tying in lol. Such a mysterious person. Is the shirt a branded shirt or personalize? Can someone translate celltroin post? Are we expecting more news about oys?
  4. Welcome back chingu! Been missing your long messages and observations. That's a very good observation on LSG's reaction to being teased by the ladies on My little Old Boy. Can't wait to watch the full ep on it.
  5. OYS acct is no longer private hopefully, we get an update soon! Must have been set up on private by mistake...someone is up late to make this change lol
  6. OYS updated IG with photos taken from her bday session today. She’s so stunning! Even though it's an old photo but so nice to see the update. Sorry my photo got removed because it seems like OYS account turned into private...hmmmm wonder if she got hacked again???!?!?!?
  7. Hahahaha reminds me of the jealousy scene. Whether in fantasy or reality, only Hongki is aware of our oys feeling lol
  8. LSG looks like a little kid there with that hairstyle. So young and HOTTT heehee.....
  9. Heeheee thx for that hint chingu awww our pretty oys is definitely having a blast with great friends!