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  1. This is it! All our hard work in the past few months with voting for lsg and oys for best couple. I smell victory Regardless, if winning this poll lead us to seeing them walk down the red carpet together or seeing them in one more drama together or nothing , we shippers are their soldiers and fighting for them. There is no doubt in our mind that the two of them executed SOG and JSM characters flawlessly and brought the relationship to live by oozing with chemistry and passionate kisses. They win my vote for best k-drama couple award and will always have a special place in my heart ..... guess, we now have nothing (well we have all 20 episodes to re-watch over and over again heehee) but to wait and see where destiny brings them.....Fighting!
  2. awwww wonder if that also cross lsg’s mind as well (or another real life situation with oys haha)
  3. I I can't wait to see them walk down the red carpet together and holding hands!!!! Hopefully, by that time, at least dating or marriage news that they are together you rock!!!! hope you feel better and get some rest.
  4. I'm waking up this morning so happy to see many new pages on this thread. Thanks chingus for keeping this thread alive and moving along. I know you guys will exceed the 300 pages before OYS fm later lol. Keep the conversation coming, all the videos and gifs. I do hope to see videos, pictures and maybe a special guest at OYS fm as well. Please share if you are attending the event.
  5. Chingu! The gap went from 14K to now at 11K. They are going at it very aggressively. Please continue to vote until the very end 5/15. Let's do it for our 503 couple. Once we slip, they will beat us and win.
  6. Happy weekend! Reminder to continue to vote! We put in too much effort not to win lol...they are working hard to reduce the gap again. Fighting!