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  1. Alila Nguyen

    [Official Thread] Yang Mi 杨幂

    Isn’t it the wrong year for TMOPB? But then idk how this award work, so maybe not accessing each year like normal awards
  2. Well the last rumour said they are still very much together, and will proceed with the wedding plan, however, she is going to withdraw from acting. China is a funny country, anyone who shows support to her might get on the bad side with the government, and they will get into troubles until proven innocence unlike the western world, where you are treated innocent until proven guilty. So it’s understandable why he kept silence.
  3. i actually saw the song mv before watching the drama lol
  4. Welcome to the club xD not many gets this drama, but a few that do, appreciate it was made xD
  5. Alila Nguyen

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

    I like what you said regarding FY, many thumbs up regarding LGX, I actually like him since drama go go go lol. That’s where I first know him. I actually enjoyed god of war, Zhao Yun, even though there are many things wrong with it. And I know PA fans keeps chanting LGX’s chemistry with ZLY was better than with Yoona, but I enjoyed their relationship. There were two scenes in there I love: one where he held Yoona’s hand to do a fly kick while the two of them lock eyes on each other, it was not long but it’s like the old wuxia, where Yang Guo caught XLN mid air, slowly descent and lock eyes on each other. And another where he met the new Yoona and she fell into his arms and you can see how seeing her shake him to the core. And if it wasn’t for LGX, I would totally drop PA, I think starting from 26? Or 32, it was a chore to continue, and this is when I just had a baby and lot of time in my hands >_> (headphone or low/no sound as I read sub while rocking the baby to sleep or feeding him lol).
  6. Yea saw that one. Also saw sleepless fashion and two wrongs make a right. I love the song in two wrongs make a right, and I feel bubbly watching it lol
  7. Alila Nguyen

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

    I just feel that the second part for PA will mean not much but draggy plot, more second couple (new) than the lead couple to drag the drama even longer! Tbqh, instead of having that crappy middle in PA, they should just cut that bit, replace with 10ep of ZLY moves on and be with LGX, I will personally not watch the second part as much as I love LGX, and I agree they do have great chemistry but the amount of quality scenes between the leads is just not worth the time invested in it!
  8. Lol lurking the forum for a worthwhile series to watch lol
  9. Oh dear, if you don’t like vic I’m not sure you can handle it until the end lol. Also different opinion, but I never found Chen Xiao good looking. For Yang yang, he’s too expensive for this production lol, also he doesn’t have a feminine look? Anyway, the flame’s daughter is the 2nd highest web drama behind the story of Yanxi’s palace, yay
  10. Yea, all speculation even the version I read said the wife noticed Qianlong like her, and kinda leading him on in a way/doesn’t mind the attention he gave her. i don’t think the timing is off. It was said that the queen’s heart (her love for Qianlong) die after realising her husband vanished with her brother’s wife, then the multiple dead of her sons did her in. It’s totally understandable if your husband won’t let go of any woman of his desires and the children you love die before you. And it’s not just one child for her, it’s three, and some was so young. I would be heartbroken if that happens to me
  11. In history though, it’s said that Qianlong purposely used the queen to create a party, to get her brother’s wife into the palace, then make her drunk, and slept with her. This day one would call it R, anyway, the queen found out, so she was heartbroken then her last son also die, double heartbreak were what cause her death (obviously I only read off a site, whether this is true, not sure)
  12. Alila Nguyen

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

    I don’t think so? As I mentioned in my previous posts, all female artist get criticised one way or another. I haven’t seen anyone goes un-bashed lol! Except for Sun Li and male actors i even went back to the article about Ethan’s career is revived because of Fuyao, and there are two comments regarding YM: 1 - her acting is stagnant, 2 - she’s a good business woman and her acting is ok. Would you call those bashing? anyway, Jaynestar doesn’t have much articles so it doesn’t take long to check every week lol. And it rarely have more than one 30 comments article, so easy to keep track lol. People there seems to pretty nice, there are a few trolls but they get banned quite quick, and the comments tend to be reasonable enough. Just for more example: Tavia Yeung (she is my favourite HK actress) - always have her nose mentioned disregard of her acting skill which is always solid (her nose is so distracting I just can’t enjoy her character), grace chan/Linda Chung/all the young one - go have kids and never come back to acting. So as you can see YM didn’t get it worst lol.
  13. Lol I think you are pretty safe. I know people who have seen to 40 and they said no boring bit! And I haven’t seen one bad article about Yanxi lol, not in term of plot drag or predictable or stalemate
  14. Alila Nguyen

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

    Uhm, it seems we have different views on the set of people commenting on Jaynestar. Regarding LSS, it’s a common consensus that while her acting is decent, she’s as boring as a plank of wood, they are so bored of her they just don’t bother. Regarding LYF, she’s beautiful but her acting is down right terrible. They constantly bashing LYF way more than YM, however only on acting as everyone can see LYF’s face is as natural as it can be. i love YM most in term of Chinese actress, but I can see she changes quite a bit within the 10yrs plus I know her, while LYF and say ruby Lin or Vicky Zhao, barely change! So in term of bad negative opinion, it’s acting and look, and with YM gets to work with their biases, they are sceptical and obviously looking at her as a weak link that is gonna ruin the drama. Obviously as fans, you hate people critic your star, however, it’s also a forum about news so people just say what they feel and in a sense, I appreciate it as I know whether to check out a series or not. Because getting recommendations from the fans is just not accurate, and you can’t say otherwise to the fans because they will tell you that you must keep watching to the end to see what a treasure it is. Everyone’s life is busy, and they have other things than watching your favourite artist and marvel at them the same way you do? i don’t think Jaynestar ever mention Suzy? And if they do, I don’t think they would praise her either. So you can’t say the people on Jaynestar only bashing YM, I think the people on Jaynestar bash everyone (well only group that don’t get bashed are male actors) lawl! Because it’s a lot less about the fans and more about the news and your opinions rather than the collective fans’ opinions. As a matter of fact, people can say they love their actress, love the drama and most people on Jaynestar would not say you are wrong? and finally, no one mention DD because Jaynestar barely runs article on her, and she’s mostly team up with new actors, so unless the dramas were interesting to Jaynestar’s readers, they wouldn’t really know about her to bash her. While YM constantly pair with their bias, Wallace Huo is the big one, everyone on Jaynestar loves him. anyway, point is I don’t agree that the readers of Jaynestar praise LSS, LYF, and Suzy while only bashing YM. They bash all actresses except for Sun Li, all the HK female veterans >50?, and male actors heck, even Charmaine got slightly critic even though her drama is creating storm!