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  1. Well, judging from her most recent drama ending in "Goblin", I can't quite say that her dramas always end happily. In fact, I still has a hard time considering whether ending in Goblin is happy or not. An open ending is most likely. Mr Sunshine is (as far as I know) her first historical drama (as in based on real historical characters and events), so It's possible that she might try her first sad ending in Mr Sunshine. Given the story timeline, I don't think of how this drama would end on good note. Migrating to US for Ae Shin is not a happy ending in my POV. Living the life of a fugitive, abandoning her country, how is that a happy ending?
  2. Re-watching ep3! And I found this scene really symbolic Does anyone notice the footsteps from afar in the end? They told me more about Shin's complex feeling when he found Eun Tak. In this particular scene, the camera didn't focus to those two, but it focused to these footsteps on the sand. There were footsteps from afar, meaning someone was walking toward her from the distance. And as that "someone" can teleport, he could easily go to her place in a blink of an eye - when he saw her at the end of that causeway. Then why bother to walk from afar? On one hand, he wanted to find her so badly, that he went to so many places they'd been together before. (He even went to Quebec At that point, he was so messed up about not being able to find her that all of his logical thinkings went out of the window ... I mean, how could someone as poor as her go abroad without money or even a passport ) Not finding her anywhere, his final hope was that causeway where she first summoned him. Before going there, he took along an umbrella, since he knew it'd rain hadn't he found her. On the other hand, he didn't go straight to her place when he found her there. Why? Because he didn't want to bid her goodbye. At that point, he already felt so attached to her that deep down, he didn't want to leave. He was sad the whole time, but just until she started to cry, did the rain pour down. The sadness he was holding in, bursted out along with her tears. Having found her, his mood was better, so it stopped raining. And then, when he said that he had to go in the next day, the rain which we thought stopped, pouring down again. That indicated how sad he was, having to say goodbye to her, also because he saw her about to cry (again) when he said he would leave. These two were just too stubburn to come clean about their affection for each others at that moment.
  3. @dotonlyMy beloved character is also Shin... He might have walked the earth for more than a millennium now, but he never actually lived until he met Eun Tak, Reaper or Duk Hwa.... His life as a general, he had never.... ever lived for himself, it was all about responsibilities, loyalty to his country, his family and his king. He never got married, and never got a taste of first love. I think he joined the army at young age, constantly trained and fought in countless wars. That's why he never got to live his youth. Being from a low ranked warrior family, being a thorn in the king's eyes (who got bad influent from that evil minister), it was obviously that he wasn't the best candidate for the royal families or noble officials to set up relationship through marriage. And with the fact that he constanly had to fight for his life in so many wars, move from one battlefield to the next, in order to defend the border IN THE KING'S NAME, never to stay in one place long enough to settle down; thing such as LOVE didn't even slip his mind; when the very thing that he could think of was to stay alive for one more day. Yet he got back stabbed by that one king who he swore to protect with his life. Can't you imagine his rage at that dying moment as Kim Shin - the mortal!? After he was turned into goblin, again he wasn't living at all. His ultimate goal was to die, thus he was roaming the earth to find a bride to accomplish that. He was just an outsider, as in he never got himself involved with human too much; just occasionally act as their guardian, offered them half a foot-long, or half a baguette; like he was sharing his miracle to them. He was fine (minus some moments when he tried to pulled the sword out by himself) inside his comfort zone for nearly a millennium, then came Eun Tak. The only one who could get him out of that mushy place of his own, turn his entire world upside down There are so many things he first experienced when he's with her..... Thus he always said "This is really my first time...." That's why he so freak out when he realised that she is his first love - The one person who could melt that fossil heart, make it bounce from heaven to earth. The one who supposed to give you death, also give you a reason, "an excuse" to stay alive on this earth for one more day. Ironic, isn't it? OMG, I think I'm gonna go re-watch the serie now :))))))))))
  4. @dotonly who's your most favorite character in this drama? Is there a couple that you're rooting for? Whether it'd be ShinTak, WangSun or Goblin-Reaper.... And there's a downside of seeing actors as their characters I guess. I got so attached to these characters that I can not watch the actors' other works
  5. @dotonly oh yeah, if you mean the first scene that made me fall for this drama and decide to invest 100% emotionally to it, then It'd be the first time Eun Tak summoning Shin to the causeway. It just gave me a really magical vibe, the scenery was so magictics, and with these two people, made me wonder how their story would progress. I didn't even know the casts' names back then (except for Yoo In Na as I watched her before in Queen Inhyun's man), so I just wanted to immersed myself in the story that writer want to tell, with all the characters: Kim Shin, Ji Eun Tak, the Reaper, Sunny, Yoo Duk Hwa.... And didn't bother too much about whether it was played by A list or B list actors, or all the other distractions. To me, the actors and actresses in this drama are their characters.
  6. I have to say I love Hina in the Western dress more than in a Kimono How can I say, her side profile is just gorgeous credit to owner
  7. @dotonly There are so many memorable scenes in this drama for me. But the most of them, I guess - is their reunion in episode 14 I remained a sobbing mess watching this scene (in fact, I remembered crying throughout the first half of episode 14, up until when Shin was at Reaper's tearoom.) I couldn't (and still can't) bear the sight of Shin like that, being in that "in-between world" (more like purgatory to me), holding on to that contract dearly, keeping walking forward with nothing in sight. Such a complete solitude, such a complete deadly silence. And when that contract got swept out of his hand, he run and fell down trying to catch it; and then you can see the helplessness in his eyes, almost like he's about to give in. At that very moment, her voice came to him - a desperate voice pleaing for someone to come to her rescue. It was the only thing that saved him. Her blowing that candle is like her calling him home, saving him from that horrible place, back to her side (although unconciously) He wouldn't know when and if she could still summon him. He was just being in that place, while forsaking his long-awaited "so called peace"; just for the sake of occasionally come to her in form of rain or first snow. That's why when she's in front of him, he couldn't help but march toward her and embrace her, to feel her inside his tight embrace. That's something beyond his dream.
  8. @dotonly No, I am neither. Can you believe that all of the above infor, I learnt from this very thread!!? I did study Japanese once but quit long time ago. But since I think that Japanese and Korean are very alike in term of grammar, honorifics..... so I figure some of the words by myself and do lots of googling. I don't even like historical drama, but I did research infor regarding that time mentioned in this one (because I'm one Goblin trash you might say :))))) ) This writer is known for inserting many poetic and subtle lines, and characters in her works tend to say things that shouldn't be taken literally. There're always hidden or double meaning and reason in what they said. Or so I thought :)))))))
  9. From episode 3, when Shin found Eun Tak at the causeway, she told him that he doesn't have to "fell bad" (watchasian's sub version described it as "STAB of remose"). He then told her not to speak that word, because it pronounce like "stab" - The word he hate the most (since, of course, he was stabbed with a sword). It can be interpreted as a way for Eun Tak to probe him (for him to reveal more about himself and the "sword" that she'd been able to see from the get-go) As well as the famous words "five millions" 오백 (obaeg) and "confession" 고백 (gobaeg) which was used in episode 3 and 5 (In episode 3 - when Shin said that "he won't give her 5 millions", and Euntak misheard as "he won't confess his felling to her" ; in episode 5 - after listening to Eun Tak's story of misfortune, Reaper told Shin to "give her 5 millions"; and it led Shin to recall to when She first misheard it - "5 millions" to "confession" ) Also there's a small hint about Reaper's true identity in episode 3 (related to this homophones matter) - when Shin & Reaper was drinking together: Shin told Reaper that he was a general when he's still human. Then Reaper asked him that whether Shin knew who he was in his human day (so that he wouldn't talk down to him)... Then he - Reaper calls himself 짐 (Jim) (it's how an emperor calls himself in Goryeo) - but then he paused and changed it to luggage [ 짐 (Jim) can also be referred to luggage] as that day was supposed to be Shin's last day in Korea, and he should pack all his belongings for 20 years of exodus
  10. yeah, since Korean (much alike with Japanese) tends to skip honorifics and subjects while talking, so it's very confusing to figure out who's referring to whom. But based on the content, he definitely referred to her.
  11. @Wotad I think viki has better sub. Drama fever version is quite... strange and kinda word by word translated. On ep 4, after Euntak pointed out that she'd seen Shin's sword on his chest right from the start, he freaked and asked Reaper to take her (soul) to the after life, so that she couldn't pull out his sword anymore Reaper was referring to Euntak as someone who must be taken a long time ago - not goblin. At least that how my sub version explained.
  12. @Sunset90 whoah, so you're expecting. Congrats to you! I think recent show such as the rom-com "What's wrong with secretary Kim" is quite fun and light-hearted, you should check it out As for writer-nim current work "Mr. Sunshine", I found it a little bit heavy on the plot and I'm not really into historical drama, so I've kinda hesitated to give it full attention as I once gave to Goblin. But I just hope that writer-nim could somehow mention something related to Goblin in Mr. Sunshine. Better yet, It's be awesome if she could write the explanation of my drama ending. It'd help me to coop with my withdrawal symptoms (yes, I shamelessly admit that till this very day, I still have it)
  13. @Sunset90 I agree with you totally. But maybe I’m kinda sensitive so when I read something negative about my ShinTak, I can’t help but feeling sad. I’m so invested in this couple emotionally. And I am so glad to see some familiar names revisiting this place after so long (familiar as in those who followed this drama while it’s airing)
  14. michiyo90

    [Official] GOBLIN COUPLE | Kim Go Eun x Gong Yoo

    hi, don't know is it the right place to post this... @ghia : welcome, It's never to late to watch this masterpiece (well, for me at least ). This ship is quite hard and hardly sailing at all. But I'll gladly ship it anyway