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  1. Credit to kenh14.vn Credit to owner
  2. I ship both WangSun and ShinTak too Well, maybe I like ShinTak a little more, but I adore WangSun as well
  3. It's true that I still listen to the soundtrack everyday. And still loving it very much. So dear @gutibear, your OTP must be Wang Sun, I presume!?
  4. I was skimming through the pages (again... for the nth times ) and I found this specific post. I've wanted to talk about this topic since ages ago; but always found myself neglecting it (for the lack of words, short in thought.....); but now I finally decided to speak my mind. So, the flower in discussion here is the buckwheat flower. Like above, I couldn't find the meaning "Lover" of buckwheat flower mentioned anywhere (other than quotation from this drama). As herbs and greens could have different meanings in different countries and cultures, and since I don't speak Korean, I couldn't found references in Korean regarding this matter; all I did was searching at google in English; so I can't be 100% sure that my thoughts are right. The common meanings of buckwheat flower that I could find (throgh googling) are protection and wealth. Food made of buckwheat is really healthy and that's how it is also called "food for the heart", as it helps to protect against heart disease. The annual buckwheat flower festival is also held in first half of September, usually from 9 - 13 Sept yearly.... Connecting to our drama, Euntak was born during this festival time; and I think there's reason why writer chose this specific month to be her birthday (other than she and her mom were saved by dokkaebi in February and she should be born 7 months later) - you can trace back to the Reaper first deceased case and Reaper-Goblin first encounter to verify my point. Back to the buckwheat flower's meaning - protection, the meaning links to our drama in its own official title : GUARDIAN For him who protects, for him who guards, also it's him who loves! Some posters already linked Kim Shin himself as lover in the buckwheat flower's meaning in this drama universe. And when he gave her the buckwheat flower at that causeway, it symbolizes him giving himself to her. Source
  5. @mouse007 I'm so glad to see old poster coming to re-visit this thread; like this drama still has power to touch on people heart; though it finished almost 2 years now....
  6. From what I knew, the director cut DVD contains the uncut version of the hotel kiss in episode 15. Other than that, there're plenty of behind the sences footages which was not on tvN official YouTube channel. So yeah, I recommend you to purchase it.
  7. @ling7up welcome I'm so glad to see new post on this thread. This drama is so special to me I guess you're only new to this thread, since you re-watched the drama so many times The comments in this thread are such gems.... I learnt so much from all these wonderful posts. Welcome welcome
  8. michiyo90

    [Drama 2016] Descendants of the Sun 태양의 후예

    I heard that 'Descendants of the Sun' would get a Vietnamese version in this September. Anyone knew about this news?
  9. It's September 13th! Happy birthday, Ji Eun Tak Hope all of best things for you, my girl!
  10. Oh, the causeway scene, that's is very adorable to me. I just loved the footsteps here, very symbolic
  11. @Cecentre Oh well, the age-gap problem... You know, our prejudice were shaped by our society and education. I feel like as we grow older, we become harder to accept things that fall out of society common standards. When I was a child, my innocent self would believe that as long as two people're in love, then age doesn't matter, ages are just numbers. Then I grew up and joined society, learnt more about the common standards. These common standards suggest that people from diffirent generations and ages, diffirent status in life and profession are hard to understand each other; therefore romantic relationship between younger female and older male (& vice versa) are hard to establish. If a young female pairs up with an old male, then there must be something other than love between them - that's how society formed that kind of prejudice in me (against my innocent child belief). Like how we used to believe in fairytales as children and stopped believing in them when growing up. And we presume that older man with more experiences in life might be dominant in that relationship with the young woman with less years lived in life, hence the sense of the woman being taken advantage of..... In K-drama history, they usually pair up actor and actress from the same age range (in term of appearance) to avoid the age-gap rant from viewers. Even with dramas that touched in such subject, they would have created a loveline between a cheerful older female lead and a hurtful, jarred younger male lead to decrease “ick” factor that might arise (I've seen a handful of dramas with over 30s female teacher in relationship with 17s male student - while the teacher looks young and the student looks old; so they'd be accordant) In Goblin's case, I used to wonder why the production team didn't go this route to avoid the rant. Eun Tak is a 19 year old highschool senior who looks her age and Shin is 939 year old Goblin who is frozen in a mid 30s look. This was predictable beforehand that it would receive disapproval from mass viewers and critics just by reading the synopsis. It proved throughout the drama that Eun Tak became more and more feminine and mature-looking as the story progressed while Shin was getting younger and younger by the episode. By the time they got to when she's 29, no one could ever rant about the age difference between them anymore; though the gap was still there. They were just closer in appearance. In reality, who would believe that a well-known general as Kim Shin at such a time, never even interacted with any other woman than his sister and never got married....? In time like that, if you think in a realistic way; it's almost impossible. But in the meta world of Goblin - the drama; it happened. Kim Shin might be a being who have lived for over 900 years, he might be experient in many things, but when it comes to love department, he - as well as Euntak - is a newcomer. I dare to say that Shin is Eun Tak's firstlove as well as Eun Tak is his.
  12. Good morning @packmule3, from my side of the globe I think you are a master in drama reviewing and analyzing, your posts are so informative and I learnt a great deal from them. At first, I thought of re-writing those ideas from the scene I posted about in episode 3; but then I couldn't write as beautiful words as yours so I had to back-read many pages to get your exact post. With many good dramas currently on air, it's hard to re-watch 1 single drama, but the atmosphere in Quebec in this drama alone is really right for the fall season
  13. @Sejabin If you are at ep3, can you share with me your favorite scene this time round!? Mine is when they were lying on the tables missing each other, their images merged together There was a really beautiful insight post in this thread in airing time about the meaning of the tables they were lying on too
  14. @Sejabin your word reminded me of a song named "Killing me to love you".... For him, loving her meant dying for her too... But to be able to love and be loved, that in itself is a blessing! For such a poor creature as himself, it's really a HUGE blessing