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  1. michiyo90

    [Drama 2016] Descendants of the Sun 태양의 후예

    I heard that 'Descendants of the Sun' would get a Vietnamese version in this September. Anyone knew about this news?
  2. It's September 13th! Happy birthday, Ji Eun Tak Hope all of best things for you, my girl!
  3. Oh, the causeway scene, that's is very adorable to me. I just loved the footsteps here, very symbolic
  4. @Cecentre Oh well, the age-gap problem... You know, our prejudice were shaped by our society and education. I feel like as we grow older, we become harder to accept things that fall out of society common standards. When I was a child, my innocent self would believe that as long as two people're in love, then age doesn't matter, ages are just numbers. Then I grew up and joined society, learnt more about the common standards. These common standards suggest that people from diffirent generations and ages, diffirent status in life and profession are hard to understand each other; therefore romantic relationship between younger female and older male (& vice versa) are hard to establish. If a young female pairs up with an old male, then there must be something other than love between them - that's how society formed that kind of prejudice in me (against my innocent child belief). Like how we used to believe in fairytales as children and stopped believing in them when growing up. And we presume that older man with more experiences in life might be dominant in that relationship with the young woman with less years lived in life, hence the sense of the woman being taken advantage of..... In K-drama history, they usually pair up actor and actress from the same age range (in term of appearance) to avoid the age-gap rant from viewers. Even with dramas that touched in such subject, they would have created a loveline between a cheerful older female lead and a hurtful, jarred younger male lead to decrease “ick” factor that might arise (I've seen a handful of dramas with over 30s female teacher in relationship with 17s male student - while the teacher looks young and the student looks old; so they'd be accordant) In Goblin's case, I used to wonder why the production team didn't go this route to avoid the rant. Eun Tak is a 19 year old highschool senior who looks her age and Shin is 939 year old Goblin who is frozen in a mid 30s look. This was predictable beforehand that it would receive disapproval from mass viewers and critics just by reading the synopsis. It proved throughout the drama that Eun Tak became more and more feminine and mature-looking as the story progressed while Shin was getting younger and younger by the episode. By the time they got to when she's 29, no one could ever rant about the age difference between them anymore; though the gap was still there. They were just closer in appearance. In reality, who would believe that a well-known general as Kim Shin at such a time, never even interacted with any other woman than his sister and never got married....? In time like that, if you think in a realistic way; it's almost impossible. But in the meta world of Goblin - the drama; it happened. Kim Shin might be a being who have lived for over 900 years, he might be experient in many things, but when it comes to love department, he - as well as Euntak - is a newcomer. I dare to say that Shin is Eun Tak's firstlove as well as Eun Tak is his.
  5. Good morning @packmule3, from my side of the globe I think you are a master in drama reviewing and analyzing, your posts are so informative and I learnt a great deal from them. At first, I thought of re-writing those ideas from the scene I posted about in episode 3; but then I couldn't write as beautiful words as yours so I had to back-read many pages to get your exact post. With many good dramas currently on air, it's hard to re-watch 1 single drama, but the atmosphere in Quebec in this drama alone is really right for the fall season
  6. @Sejabin If you are at ep3, can you share with me your favorite scene this time round!? Mine is when they were lying on the tables missing each other, their images merged together There was a really beautiful insight post in this thread in airing time about the meaning of the tables they were lying on too
  7. @Sejabin your word reminded me of a song named "Killing me to love you".... For him, loving her meant dying for her too... But to be able to love and be loved, that in itself is a blessing! For such a poor creature as himself, it's really a HUGE blessing
  8. @pilovalov Oh, welcome.... I'm very glad that someone is interested in starting this drama anew even though it ended almost 2 years now. I can't say whether or not you will like it but it's perfect in my book (exculed some inperfect factors ) Please watch the drama till the end and let me know your thought on this I'm very happy to see someone still take interested in this drama and this thread
  9. Somehow this is much much much more hurtful for him (and for me) because when Chairman Yoo past away, EunTak was there to embrace him, lend him a shoulder to cry on, wipe away his tears. She's the one and only that he was comfortable enough to show his vulnerable side to. Now with her gone, he retreated back to his lonely shell; there's no-one in this whole world that could consoled him the way she did. Sure there were Reaper & Duk-Hwa; but they could never fill the hole left inside his heart created by her demise. And it was so cruel for him that the whole sound of the crash was transferred completely to him on the other side of the phone.... It's so devastating that no matter how powerful he is, he was so powerless at that moment, the one moment when he had to hear her dying last breath as his beloved Ji Eun Tak over the phone, and he could do nothing but watching her walk through that door; watching his happiness slowly leave him. I couldn't imagine how hard it must have been for him to even enter that tea room. While with chairman Yoo, he declined to go to his funeral because he couldn't bear the separation while facing with the demise. Then the demise one was his wife (for-a-day). How could he gather courage to face that cruel fact!? Then he broke down on the floor, crying out his most agonising lost in all of his 900+ years; that was the moment when he fell from heaven to hell; just in one single split moment. Right, she did mourn for him when he turned to ashes, it's only fair that he also mourned for her when she died. But I considered him to be luckier than her. When he died; until the very last moment, the sight before his eyes was all her. Then when she died as Ji Eun Tak, she was all alone; with just image of him on her mind. Oh my beautiful yet pitiful couple
  10. The same goes with me I watch this drama like 1 year ago (when the high for this drama has offically dead), and still have withdrawal symptom eversince. I somehow just can't let go of this masterpiece Strangely that most of ShinTak FMVs that I found on Youtube were sad It doesn't help to take my mind off the ending which I was first dissatisfied of
  11. @Cecentre Soompi ate my words I want to submit more but maybe my internet was down so I lost my reply to you about WangSun and ShinTak They are the visual stunning couple of the show..... I also like this couple as well. I think Dong Wook & Inna did a really good job potraiting their character and despair of a little screen time they had together, they were able to show the viewer a love transcending time, no matter how many lifetime there were, they just got drawn to each other. Their story were very diffirent from that of Goblin couple. Theirs were kinda love from first sight. From the moment Wang Yeo laid eyes on Kim Sun when he was spying on her training to prepair to become Queen, to become his wife; I thought they already fell for each other. And that attraction followed them to this present time, and so on to the next life as well. I'm glad that at Sunny's 4th life, they would just speed things up and get together like immediately without waiting or missing each other like they did in the life of Sunny. I'm happy for them honestly! Our ShinTak.... The ending at first felt like and open ending with so little flavor of sweet in it for me! I remembered bawling my eyes out while watching Shin step foot into that tearoom to find his beloved wife's soul sitting there. He was numb. The tragedy happened when he least expected. While minutes ago, he was so happy buying flower bouquet & groceries. On top of everything, she died the day after their wedding. The happiness they had was so fragile, despite of how much they fought to be together. It broke my heart with the mere thought of after Eun Tak's 4 life cycle is over, she won't be coming back to earth, leaving Shin all alone for an eternity to go by; without anyone beside him, only memories to accompany him till the very bitter end (which who knows when because his life just keeps being without an end) - I was scared of that thought. In the beginning of the drama, he avoided to interact with other, in the fear of after getting himself attached to them, then the amount of heart-break he has to endure when they leave would be unbearable. Then he opened up, found friendship, love, tolerance, peace of mind.... And once he got a taste of them all, he again lost them all. I was really angry at how injustice the ending did to my Shin. But.... After letting the ending sinking for a few week, did I come to accept it. I chose to believe that his soul is now tied to hers. I chose to believe that his waiting time is bearable. I chose to believe that in her remaining lifetimes, they would be more happy and would stay with each other longer than in their first time Sure, there are still the whole adversity of "she ages while he doesn't" but I'm sure they will work it out together. After all, it's their souls that they'd fallen in love with; not their face ! I chose to believe that after her 4th lifetime is over, he can take her hand and walk out of that tearoom together like WangSun did. In the end of it all, this show is about human's choices and belief. So as long as you has faith, God wouldn't say no to your sincere prayer!
  12. @Cecentre Ah, welcome, welcome, I'm so glad to find new post here. I thought I'm the only one to ramble here all by myself in this already dead thread To tell you the truth, age-gap was the first thing that made me curious about that drama (yeah, I'm that weird ) As I was curious to check out this drama to see how the main leads' romance would proceed. And it's surprisingly good and it has hooked me ever since. Funny thing was the very thing that critics ranted about on this drama - the age gap was deliberately intended on the production team's part... The choice of warobe for 19 years old Euntak, constantly mentioning of her age (compare to Shin), even he denied how big a gap in age he and his bride were. And lastly, the community's approval of their relationship (the gangster on bicycle, the aunty in the food tent in episode 10). Also, she had to be 19 because it's when her life was on the line as a missing soul. And basically, they're both newbies in love department, also the fact that Eun Tak always took lead in their relationship, made our ShinTak even more endearing. It helped that her groom was acting like teenage from time to time due to his lack of teenagehood experience. Romantic lines plus Gong Yoo's (Kim Shin) honey voice = the best combo ever (I even cut his monologues and listen to them everyday - without knowing the language. That's how good his voice sounds to me, so soothing) Me too Oh I can't tell you how much I adore that scene. Such magical vibe that was! As one of the poster and ShinTak shipper in this thread ( @maryofbethany) once said.... "Our Goblin wooed with his intense gazes". I fell in love with series of his gazed to his bride, I did honestly.... (Although I wish there were more skinships.... But I also satisfied with what I was given ) Their love story is unique in its own way to me. What can I say, it's just strangely beautiful. Oh, these 3 dorks were the comedy relief of the drama. Put them in a room and I can guarantee a good laugh from you all. I love how contradictory Goblin and Reaper were. One got power to see the past and the other one to see the future. And Duk Hwa handled them quite well I must say (though his charisma was a rich chaebol with infinite love for credit card)
  13. michiyo90

    [Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인

    Well, judging from her most recent drama ending in "Goblin", I can't quite say that her dramas always end happily. In fact, I still has a hard time considering whether ending in Goblin is happy or not. An open ending is most likely. Mr Sunshine is (as far as I know) her first historical drama (as in based on real historical characters and events), so It's possible that she might try her first sad ending in Mr Sunshine. Given the story timeline, I don't think of how this drama would end on good note. Migrating to US for Ae Shin is not a happy ending in my POV. Living the life of a fugitive, abandoning her country, how is that a happy ending?
  14. Re-watching ep3! And I found this scene really symbolic Does anyone notice the footsteps from afar in the end? They told me more about Shin's complex feeling when he found Eun Tak. In this particular scene, the camera didn't focus to those two, but it focused to these footsteps on the sand. There were footsteps from afar, meaning someone was walking toward her from the distance. And as that "someone" can teleport, he could easily go to her place in a blink of an eye - when he saw her at the end of that causeway. Then why bother to walk from afar? On one hand, he wanted to find her so badly, that he went to so many places they'd been together before. (He even went to Quebec At that point, he was so messed up about not being able to find her that all of his logical thinkings went out of the window ... I mean, how could someone as poor as her go abroad without money or even a passport ) Not finding her anywhere, his final hope was that causeway where she first summoned him. Before going there, he took along an umbrella, since he knew it'd rain hadn't he found her. On the other hand, he didn't go straight to her place when he found her there. Why? Because he didn't want to bid her goodbye. At that point, he already felt so attached to her that deep down, he didn't want to leave. He was sad the whole time, but just until she started to cry, did the rain pour down. The sadness he was holding in, bursted out along with her tears. Having found her, his mood was better, so it stopped raining. And then, when he said that he had to go in the next day, the rain which we thought stopped, pouring down again. That indicated how sad he was, having to say goodbye to her, also because he saw her about to cry (again) when he said he would leave. These two were just too stubburn to come clean about their affection for each others at that moment.