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  1. Happy New Year Everyone ..im new in this thread but have been a member on soompi for a while love reading all your posts and spoilers im a sucker for spoilers I love being spoiled with spoilers it doesn't interfere with my viewing as I want to see the outcome with my eyes..lol Completly loving this series love the leads especially them being married in real life watching them fall in love in the series will be more special as the looks that they will give each other will be real love.. Anyway thanks for all the updates and discussion have a blessed 2019 everyone
  2. Hahahaha , They say ships sail in many ports until they sail at their finale destination No more to say on this subject i just wish her well and lets all just continue to have fun as many are saying until we hear weeding bells. We should still post many lovely GIFs , there is always hope at the end of the Rainbow. Group Hug ...
  3. @huhuhahahihi i just saw that as well today is full of surprises, fingers crossed he decided to do it and maybe a certain person can play the female lead ... so theres a thread created for this up coming drama
  4. Well she is old enough to choose we can't protect everyones bad choices ..hopefully it will workout but its only early days ..they may break up in a month or two who knows a year his last relationship lasted 7 months his still friends with her
  5. Its ok guys ..yes we are all heart broken but i really do wish them well ..still early stages anything can happen ..many people have dated others then find them selfs gravitating back towards the one that is meant to be in their lives so if its not know it may be in the future HUGS TO ALL.
  6. But i have to say , guys are generally the best on goofing off especially when there are ladies present its also their competitive nature to show off ....they are too funny those dance moves
  7. This thread is so addictive, thanks to all you guys ..i should be in bed it's like 3.30 am here in Australia and i need to be awake at 7 am getting ready for work , hahaha I bid you all a good night and a good day Happy posting
  8. Ok all you lovely gifted posters ..start spreading the love start posting some GIF, pictures what ever will create positive vibe....Im waiting..
  9. I have to say thou she looked especially beautiful in these scene....OHH LSG you were in trouble from the get go. How could he not fall with someone with such beauty.
  10. Well i thought that if an actor has not met their costar and are not able to meet before production dont they get given information like files links etc to see bio concerning the actors especially if one is not familiar with their work....so like us he may have googled her
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