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  1. Indeed! You're not alone Something fishy, isn't it? They're killing us OMG I'm so so ded one day...!
  2. She keep updating it's a sign she's IN LOVE to LSG now . OMG waiting for announcement soon (finger crossed)! haha
  3. Exactly! I feel you.. Those shy and sweet gesture towards each other and that's pretty OBVIOUS their EYE'S DON'T LIE too it's remind me of SS cpl..OMG why I'm feeling so excited and it looks like I'm waiting for any announcement soon.(Finger crossed)! Haha
  4. Sure will do. They just need some privacy and time first before they announce it on public haha we should ready ourselves for surprises
  5. Yes we're on the same ship here. Actually, I've never been so vocal with song2 before and I just used to pray that they ended up together lol. But then when I start knowing SEUNGYEON couple and yes I had watched and know LSG dramas and leading lady yet his chemistry and spark with OYS are so REAL and they can't deny that on us! That's why it makes me crazy on shipping them as well haha
  6. Agreed! My first otp was song2 and they are my next couple, it's because I could sense that there's something going on between them and I trust my instinct. Hehe
  7. I guess they are just very private and careful this time since both of them have past issue before but then how long could they take to hide btw? Lol just like how SSC and they even compliment as brother/sister during their interviews. I'm pretty sure they got the same path as well (crossed-finger). Fighting!