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  1. dydrawer

    SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    "Hey, have you seen my wallet?"
  2. I would just like to compliment the composer once again. At the end of episode 9 when CSH was driving, the bgm was marvelously crafted. Based on the theme in Johann Pachelbel's Canon -- a theme that I've always associated with pure and ardent love -- the bgm accurately conveys the notion that through their time apart, their feelings for each other have perhaps distilled into something deeper than just attraction. However, the melody was also broken and mixed with dissonance at times. These imperfections invoke feelings of foreboding and urgency, which mirrors their situation: CSH was hurried looking for KJH, and their relationship is expected to be riddled with difficulties and challenges. Music here was so well done. I had a major "told you" moment when I saw this scene, as it supported what I said earlier in this thread, and why ex-hubby was such an interesting character. You kinda feel for him, but you also know that he deserved what he got. This is a sign of a well written character.
  3. dydrawer

    SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    I'm of the opinion that the guy in question is not KJK. If you look carefully KJK didn't look too happy after the story.
  4. Based on impression alone, when actor couples "get caught" they usually admit without much struggle. Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk quickly admitted after she was "caught" (not even by the press but by fans on Instagram LOL). Park Shin-hye also admitted to her relationship relatively quickly after reports broke. Same with Lee Joon and Jung So-min. Just a couple of days ago, Lee Kwang-soo also admitted to reports of him dating Lee Sun-bin -- although they had been open already in front of friends and I feel the timing was deliberate as a direct response to the intense teasing he got at the SBS Entertainment Awards.
  5. dydrawer

    SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    Notice how JK looked quite unhappy after JH's story with her ex. His smile looked forced, his arms were circled, and he was also resolutely staring at his shoe even when his partner was talking. LOL jealousy much?
  6. dydrawer

    SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    To my knowledge, real life couples don't tend to win this award, so if you really think about it, this is more of a cause for celebration.
  7. Kudos to the production for their meticulous attention to details. For example, that essay "Cuba's Future Hospitality and Tourism Business: Opportunities and Obstacles" that CSH was reading in EP7 was an actual paper: Thomas, J. H., Kitterlin-Lynch, M., & Lorenzo Del Valle, D. (2015). Cuba’s future hospitality and tourism business: Opportunities and obstacles [Electronic article]. Cornell Hospitality Reports, 15(11), 6-16. The drama has been quite enjoyable. I was faulting Park Bo-gum's performance a little early on, but I think as the series progressed (and as his character faced more adversity) he's found his groove. Song Hye-kyo's performance was flawless, as always.
  8. This is why I like this character so much, because he is paradoxical. He loves CSH since she's like a breath of fresh air in a heavily perfumed room, but he doesn't know how to love her. He does a lot for her, but doesn't understand what she needs. He admires and even shares her desire to escape, but he is too cowardly, too attached to his position of power, and too ingrained in the concepts of status and propriety to follow. He wants her to be with him, but refuses to cause her unhappiness by forcing her back. You wonder why it is difficult for him to confess his love? Look at who raised him. Look at what environment he's been in. He lives in a world of clandestine. Every word has to be carefully construed and analyzed for hidden meanings and intentions. The tenderness of real emotions is a weakness for your foes to exploit. Love means jack all in a household that values status and power above all else. Thus, confessing his love runs counter to every instinct that was fostered in him growing up under Chairman Kim. There is nothing stopping him from confessing his love, other than his own flaws, his upbringing and his decisions. This makes him interesting. It gives an almost Shakespearean air to what appears to be a tragic ending that he's heading towards.
  9. Can't wait for Busted 2. Being more of a follower of variety shows than dramas, this was the show that first put PMY on the radar for me. Also haven't given up on a PSJ cameo in Busted 2 yet lol.
  10. The last part of Ep 3 and the beginning of Ep 4 somehow portrayed KJH as a little desperate and creepy, that's my biggest beef. Logically, it's the surprise factor of hearing that particular song on the radio which ushers in this rush of emotion, which is supposed to be powerful and touching. However, this vibe was missed. On the other hand, they did a good job of acknowledging that it was too rushed and a little scary, which can potentially set up his character's arc, so I will reserve further judgment. Outside of this complaint, I must say that the other characters are very well crafted. I find CSH's mixture of toughness and vulnerability to be relatable and likable. Secretary Jang, and CSH's ex-husband JWS are two supporting characters that stood out to me. Kwak Sun-Young gave a very charming performance as Secretary Jang, and I thoroughly enjoy her scenes. In particular, her little "cola sass" was soo well done. JWS will no doubt play a significant role down the line, and his relationship with his ex-wife is very intriguing to me. To me, conflicting desires and motivations will always make a character intriguing, and this is no different.
  11. dydrawer

    SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    Now, trying to be objective and the devil's advocate: The back hug thing could be becuz they were looking at hints and he was trying to prevent anybody from stealing hints. JK handing his stuff to JH is not out of place as a close friend. But this one above, that's a good catch. Yeah, looks like he was reminding JH that she was blocking the camera and should therefore stand back. But that's not where one touches to let her know if they're "just friends". Kudos to whoever spotted this.
  12. But that's not what the term "networking" means. Networking means you are building rapport and forming professional connections. It means expressing interests for cooperation. It means acquainting to the key players of the industry, and being on the look out for potential opportunities. None of these needs a lot of time. Ten or fifteen minute conversations are what you're expecting here. Negotiating details of a deal is quite a few steps ahead of "networking". Now, showbiz might operate completely differently from the field that I work in, but based on my experience I find the networking explanation plausible.
  13. Alright now I've watched episode 2 (at a time other than 4 AM, no less), I have a better formed opinion. Song Hye-kyo is absolutely amazing. Performance was perfectly on point, measured and disciplined. Also her beauty... Song Joong-ki goes home to this? Lucky bastard. I'm gong to have to echo a comment I saw earlier about Park Bo-gum overacting a little with the cuteness. It's not a huge issue, but it's definitely there. However, I also agree with a sentiment from above that there is no other actor that I see in his place. I cannot think of anyone else that mixes boyish charm, positivity and gentleness. The cinematography was some of the best I've ever seen in a K-drama. In fact, it was so good, it almost felt like a movie at times (especially the scenes in Cuba). Whoever was behind that camera had great eyes for beauty. The sunset scene, with the most perfect music in the world -- simply seraphic. Speaking of music, the OST was also noteworthy, not just in the high quality, but also how it transcends K-pop genre conventions. Thanks to the scenes Cuba, you do hear Latin and folk music elements. There were also distinctly classical elements. Combined with the usual genre tropes, and you get this strangely original and organic body of OST. Two episodes in and I'm impressed. Keep up the good work, and they will be in good shape. BTW: was CSH's mother played by the same actress that played Song Hye-kyo's mother in DOTS?
  14. Just watched the first episode (can't watch the 2nd one now cuz it's 4 AM and I feel like I'm gonna die), but I must say the cinematography was amazing (as expected). The OST was so good. Mixing in Latin elements into K-pop themes was a success. Acting wise, Song Hye-kyo was perfect. She really succeeded in depicting the depth of her character. Very measured. Class act. Park Bo-gum on the other hand, felt just a little bit too much on the excessive side. However, it was still a satisfactory performance, and I'm intrigued to where he's going to take the character next.