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  1. A Drama of Lee Sang Yoon from MITH. There're so much BTS of the main couple in video released by tvN. Why BTS of our 503C was so rare?
  2. Anyone who cares, pls support our couple in the last 10 days until the Final day 31/5 1. LSG: Leading https://namesns.com/entertainer/star_room.html?star_num=171 2. OYS: Top 3 https://namesns.com/entertainer/star_room.html?star_num=172
  3. Congrats our 503C to become The Best Kdama Couple 2018 And, whenever you have some free time, pls support for our couple & our Kdrama: Hwayugi/A Korean Odyssey 1. The Best Kdrama 2018 https://namesns.com/entertainer/star_room.html?star_num=178 2. The Best KDRAMA Actress 2018 https://namesns.com/entertainer/star_room.html?star_num=604 3. The Best KDRAMA Actor 2018 https://namesns.com/entertainer/star_room.html?star_num=603
  4. Only 8 last days to reach the cup and we have 22k gap now. But they don't give up, they still stubbornly chase us. And, we still must fight with them until the final day 15/5 Keep voting pls https://namesns.com/entertainer/star_room.html?star_num=569
  5. Please keep supporting our couple in the last 10 days until the final day 15/5 Whenever you have free time during the day, pls vote even 10 times/day Only 10 days left to finish the poll, we have 14k gap now, why can't we be the Winner. Victory is very close to us, don't waste our effort in 2 past months And, our couple will become The best couple 2018 Keep voting pls https://namesns.com/entertainer/star_room.html?star_num=569
  6. Pls keep voting because of safe gap. We made 14.000 gap. They're chasing fast. Let's go https://namesns.com/m/entertainer/star_room.html?star_num=569
  7. They almost overwhelmed us until you guys got into support and they stopped. It's really like a voting storm. Many thanks for all your support very timely They're planning to narrow the gap. Nearly the final day (15/5) they chase away very fast. Today they have narrowed down 1,000 gaps, we need to keep the safe distance of 10,000 gaps. This is the first and maybe the last time I participated in a voting. It really takes lots of time and effort. Because I love our couple so much then I won't give up. Please continue to support and vote for our couple. And, has anyone know about the reputation of Namesns. If our couple win, how will it be? I heard people say idols don't know about it and they're just profiting from us. I really don't want to be a fool Finally, sorry if I have something to bother you
  8. I think so, they're too crazy. They're already married and pls give the chance to other couple because there maybe a next wedding, who knows They're angry because they always want to be the leading in all polls. And look, we're only interested in the best couple poll. Because of winning an award isn't thing we aim for, the real meaning behind is that we want to support our couple to have a chance together. It's our dream and we have worked hard to make it come true. It's not easy to fight with fanatics, we all have put in much efforts to vote because of it's true meaning. Keep supporting and voting for our couple. Fighting
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