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  1. @chic-chic Hahahaha... yeeah at least..a hand will do for desperados like us (desperate for her news)...hahaha Think this was taken a month ago.. Meaning she's still around...still going out and hanging out with friends... Only no appearance on SNS... Why i keep thinking that this is their agreement/promise...during hubby in military... She usually will post pictures when hanging out with friends... Our man is missing now...is he on leave/break? Are they allowed to take leave/break after the training? I know taecyeon always take leave but havent heard about jun-k.
  2. click on the picture and see who has been tagged..
  3. look at the backgrnd decoration.... do you gals remember this kind of decoration??? hehehe my eyes keep staring at those chbby n sexy thighs..
  4. just knew that guy wearing hand watch..is an idol from bigflo group or ex bigflo group. So wy has friend from same industry.
  5. why not so many photo during the ceremony... arghhh..frustated...hehehe
  6. So he graduated today...congratulation... For the past 5weeks..he never failed to 'get in touched" with us... updating his activity in the camp.. https://www.instagram.com/stories/bomi_20/
  7. They looked happy and celebrating something. The training completed maybe.. It has been 5weeks.
  8. Last time I said ...good.. we can see him every week.. But now..seem we are going to see him everyday....hehehehe. @chic-chic looks like the photographer purposely took his picture. I think wy is sending a message to someone...the wifey maybe...hehehe They cannot send email as it can be trace by hottest. I saw hottest screen captured emails sent to wy. How come they can see who send the emails. Is the message/email box system (in that military system) open to public to check?
  9. More wy photos.. Its already a month since he joined the army and he will be 'graduate' next week...after 5weeks of training. Time running so fast. Felt like he just joined it last week...hehehe Looks like he enjoyed his army life.. Maybe a message to wifey...honey do i looked cool? do i looked like a real man?
  10. Wow...we have a lof of his photos and videos since he enlisted. Ermm...is the cameraman/lady a hottest? or his/her sibling a hottest?...hehehe Make me curious why he/she took so many photo of him.. I don't remember saw his hyungs' photo as much as this during the training Btw...it is good coz we can see him every week Thnk u to the cameraman/lady..
  11. I wonder if he wrote to sy too...ermm..u better did wy..hahaha If he did..wonder what would be the content....hehehe Sy's birthday has passed... Last appearance was on April when she attended a theater... Now August..still no show... mayb they/sy had made a promise/agreement b4 wy went to enlistment. like as per @Gerry58 said.. 'temporary retire' until wy out from the army...coz hubby doesnt want she has kissing part while he's away..(lol)
  12. Look at their arms and neck.. i see... It's black, it's white It's tough for you to get by It's black, it's white, whoo.. hoo..hoo.. But, if you're thinking about my brother It doesnt matter if hes black or white ... -MJ-