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  1. wy attended a wedding..(not sure whose wedding) btw..he took off day again?
  2. maybe he's giving a hint?? hehehe
  3. Think About` Chu ENGLISH TRANSLATION From some point We didn’t really need to say much We spent countless nights together So beautiful days are coming We were just attracted to each other Like magnets Your beautiful hands When I first held them I felt the love between you and me oh baby ye oh ye ho baby baby baby baby baby I love you baby baby baby baby Think about’chu My baby is you? just you at me tonight? ooh ye I was alone for so many days Days that were cold as ice When I felt your smile for me My heart was already a burning summer There were times we hated each other baby To the point where I didn’t know if we were even dating But every time, we listened to this song Looked at each other’s faces and smiled Those memories Our love I feel them, I feel them once again Tonight baby ho baby baby baby baby baby I love you baby baby baby baby oh baby. all light Think about’chu baby and the 'Chu' remind me of this 'Chu'...hehehe
  4. i think they already know whos gonna win..thats why she didnt turn up.. And Money Flower's cast did not win any award too ... too bad Anyway... congratulation chan chan...hehehe
  5. I hope these two win.....plezzzzzzzzz Excellence Award, Actor Hwang Chan-sung – What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Excellence Award, Actress Park Se-young – Money Flower
  6. The 1st cut of wy remind me of their date...busan date. Playing with sea/wave... 'negotiated'/persuaded him not to go into the cold water... eventho it was only 1% of knowing him...was enough for her to love him....hahaha....so sweet Hope to see them playing together again...
  7. Congratulation Sy... Really hope she will win
  8. The signature... is like 'Love...wSy' or mayb... 'Love w(with) S(se) y(young)'...hehehehe.. eheemmm.... excuse for my delulus... Well the trans at the bottom are: [TRANS] Hope you have an overflowing ‘moment’ of Chuseok with people that you love Bye!
  9. @justpm well i heard on google translate... 프로미스 is pronounce as pluo-mis-sey junho said pe-ro-mis-SE at 16:48 and teacy also said 'SE' and wy replied with sese..srttt...srtttt.. mayb the word spells as SU but the pronunciation is SE..
  10. So its chuseok holiday in korea now. No wonder he is on leave/took leave. Wonder if our couple had spend time together before he leave to hometown. Wish they did...
  11. I think he went to a dental clinic base on the gal's uniform. I think few celebrities also went to this clinic.. Btw...at 1st i thot it is an antenatal clinic..hahaha
  12. Oh mann....she looks chubby and cute... (Wy also put on weight before went to military...guess they both love eating together) @Gerry58 correct.. very coincidentally..Wy showed up, then followed by Sy.. like old times.. The 'chemistry' is still there..hehehehe
  13. Btw..i was watching this old radio interview and can somebody confirm if Chansung was mentioning 'Seyoung' at 17:24 (you need to watch from 16:45 where Wy started the acrostic poem with P-Ro-Mi-Se) and you need to put your speaker louder.
  14. Glad that finally we see Wy..after a long but i prefer to see him while doing duty..in his army attire