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  1. Talking about Wy, there was no news about him recently... He didnt take leave for last month??
  2. She plays as a mother too in the upcoming drama..
  3. Oh noooo..... Must be Sy didnt tell the whole story to Mr.NoKiss?? hahahaha
  4. @Gerry58 Oh yes... a divorcee role.. so no kiss kiss...(hopefully) I think thats why she accepted the offer and after got approval from Mr.NoKiss..hehehe @chic-chic i likeee it.. if it really in the news... wish it will become reality this year..
  5. She accepted?? Great....so we gonna watch her this year... After year of resting and pampering herself and that 'army kiddo' ..(just my delulu) hehehe .. finally she makes a comeback Does this drama has kissing part?? ehemmm....hope the kiddo's camp does not has tv....hahaha
  6. Happy New Year YY Nation.. Also wishing our couple a happiness and still deeply in love... and hope we will get good news from them..
  7. her face is getting slimmer rite?? preparing for next project?? hopefully..
  8. Wy was on leave last weekend..i believed and spend time with Seoul Vinyl friends.. Last month he took leave around the same time...and attended Dara's birthday party B4 that...he attended a wedding..and b4 that..he went to a dentist.. I guess he will take leave around the same time next month...hehehe But why he didnt go back to hometown during the short leave.... How long we have to wait for Despatch 'caught' them...hehehehe...
  9. Wow.. her round face and chubby cheeks... Mayb she colored her hair so that people will not recognize her when she need to go to Wy house...hehehe
  10. Konnichiwa... Just came back from holiday.. Well...still now news from Sy?? Wow...she really took long rest....wonder what is she up to? When can we see this couple together again...hmmm... Miss them so much... Im actually missing them as a couple more than as individual..hehehe Miss the sweetness, honesty, loving and everything....about them..
  11. Yeah ..I read about that. But there was one fashion show event where Dara was doing live on her tv (Dara's tv) and suddenly bumped with Wy. Wy called Dara.. noona.. So I hold to that..hehehe
  12. OMG...he took leave again?? Wy attended Dara's birthday. Seem every month he took leave..
  13. remember this 'face'?? miss this moment..
  14. Wonder..what was junk.k teasing him...that made him 'mad'.. hehehe My guess : jun.k : where is ur button? did Sy forget to put it back after she 'undo' you.. hahahaha
  15. @chic-chic it make me re-think..was she there or in the labour room??? hahaha yes..he looks good n happy.. mayb because he was really happy met his hyeong jun.k